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MALCOLM ELEBY (PG) committed to Northern Kentucky (D-II)
Wednesday, 20 September 2006
Name:  Malcolm Eleby
Position:  PG 
Height:  6-3
Year:  2010
Class:  College Transfer
School:  St. Bonaventure (NY)
AAU:  NJ All Stars

Malcolm is a long, well built point guard who’s quick, but not explosive.  He does a good job of penetrating and passing to open teammates or finishing around the rim.  He also is excellent at using his long arms to adjust around the basket and even can post up some.  Malcolm is also a very good free throw shooter which is a big plus due to how frequently he gets to the line.  He does need to improve his jump shooting.  With his size and ability, he looks like a mid to high major prospect.
 Team  Offer  Commitment
 Temple  Yes  None
 La Salle  Yes  None
 Drexel  Yes  None
 George Mason  Yes  None
 Toledo  Yes  None
 St. Bonaventure  Yes  Transferred
 Ohio  Yes  None
 Northern Kentucky (D-II)
 Yes  Signed LOI





Articles: ____________________________________________________Media Gallery 
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Philly Wide Open (7/13/06)
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Game Views/Game Analysis:

Coaches vs. Cancer All Star Game (4/25/06) 

Greater Philadelphia Summer League (5/31/06)

Malcolm was clearly the standout player in this game.  Early on, he broke down his opponents off the dribble and fed his teammates with some beautiful dishes.  He has a great court sense and throws a lot of no look passes.  Unfortuneatly, his teammates weren't of much help as they were unable to  convert on his good passes.  The team was more effective when Malcolm tried to score himself.  He doesn't have a quick first step, but has an array of dribbling moves that he uses to methodically breakdown the defenders.  Even though he's left handed, he is equally comfortable going either direction.  In fact, he seemed to like to go right more often.  Malcolm also displayed a nice spin move and even converted a ten foot jumper off of it.  He showed that he can knocked down the mid range jumper as he was 2 of 3 from there.  He has yet to display the ability to hit from behind the arc.  He does have a nice stroke that was evident has he made the majority of his free throws.  With his size and skills, I'm suprised more teams aren't after him.

Philly USA All-City Basketball Classic (6/2/06) 

Malcolm is another player who I enjoy watching.  He plays the point guard position the way it was meant to be played.  He’s an exceptional ball handler with an array of dribbling moves.  He loves to use a spin move and can even knock down a mid range jumper directly off of it.  Eleby can burn opponents with both his ability to finish and his passing skills when he’s on the attack.  He has long arms that allow him to adjust his shot around the hoop.  The one area that he really needs to improve is his perimeter shooting.  For his play, Malcolm was named the most unselfish player in the game. 

Sonny Hill League (6/16/06)

Malcolm had another solid game.  Obviously his lack of a jumper is a big area of concern.  I must say that I am less concerned as I watch how good his shot is from the free throw line.  I think it's a simple matter of working hard to improve his jump shot.

La Salle Team Camp (6/25/06)

Malcolm had another good game.  He was attacking the basket and getting to the line in typical fashion.  He looked to score much more in this game than I had seen from him lately.  He could've used more help from his teammates.  Malcolm also showed that he can knock down some mid range jumpers off the dribble.  I did notice that he does tend to shoot the ball off to the side a bit and ends up pushing it some on his jumper.  Due to this, he may have some difficulty extending his shot farther out.  The shots that he did take still looked pretty good. 

Sonny Hill League (7/13/06)

Malcolm had his usual solid scoring game.  One thing that he does well that I never really noticed before is post up.  He was matched up with a smaller guard and took him inside a few times.  Even when he doesn't post up in the true sense, he still often gets himself inside and shoots quick hook shots.

Sonny Hill League (8/8/06)

Sonny Hill Championship Game (8/14/06) 


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