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Bay Ball Classic Finals
Wednesday, 03 January 2007

By Brian Crownover
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Despite being a small state, Delaware is no stranger to big time holiday hoops tournament.  Some elite teams and players from as far away as California and Oklahoma were on hand this past week to take part in the Bay Ball Classic.  Here's a look at some of the top players in the finals.

National Bracket Final

Raleigh Egypt (TN) 75 St. Andrew’s (RI) 73

Raleigh Egypt

Maurice Miller – Georgia Tech (2007 6-2 180)
Maurice is a very good perimeter shooting guard.  He’s a solid ball and is also a nice passer.  He struggled from the foul line down the stretch and tended to settle for the three point shot too much.  Maurice is certainly a solid player.

St. Andrew’s

Rakim Sanders – Boston College (2007 6-6 190)
Rakim is a very athletic and skilled forward.  He is active around the basket and can score using his athletic ability and length.  He has good touch and smooth stroke on his jumper.  He can hit from three.  Rakim is an explosive transition player and good offensive rebounder as well.  He can even score in the post as he shown on quick spin move where he used a hook shot to convert.  Rakim could benefit from some added weight, but already looks to be a very talented all around player. 

Garrett Kissel – Vermont (2007 6-8 250)
Garrett is a big bodied low post player.  He moves fairly well for his size, although quickness isn’t the name of his game.  Garrett is quite skilled around the hoop.  He’s great at establishing position on the interior.  He has nice and good touch.  He uses the glass a lot and converts at a high rate.  Garrett is a physical rebounder as well.  He does almost all of his damage from inside of five feet from the cup.  He will have to extend his game farther from the hoop at the next level.  Garrett can certainly benefit by adding bulk.  He looks to be a very good pickup for the American East level and the Catamounts.

Joe Accaoui (2007 5-9)
Joe is a small guard who understand the game well.  He loves to fire pull up jumper and plays with a lot of energy.  He’s aggressive going towards the basket and doesn’t waste dribbles getting there.  He hit a nice runner in the lane as well as a key late three pointer. 

Michael Culpo (2008 6-2)
Michael is a good spot up three point shooter.  He can hit from very deep.  He hustles a lot and is aggressive going at the hoop.  Because of that, he gets to the line a lot.  Although he’s aggressive his ball handling ability could improve.

Andrew Hanson (2007 5-9 150)
This small guard is a good ball handler.  He has a nice crossover move and is great scoring in traffic.  He shoots the ball far away from the basket in the lane and thus his shot is tough to block.

Cape Ferry Bracket Final

Monsignor Bonner (PA) 55 Bishop Loughlin (NY) 52

Monsignor Bonner

Jeff Jones – Virginia (2007 6-4 180)
This future ACC player is a big time scorer.  He has a beautiful shot that he can hit from all over the floor.  He loves to hit pull up jumpers and has a well developed mid range game.  He is also very strong, although he prefers to hangout on the perimeter more often than driving to the hoop.  He is a good ball handler who sort of glides through the lane.  He also hit a ton of free throws in this game, including several key ones down the stretch.  Jeff is a bit streaky from the outside and doesn’t really do much other than score.  He can put points on the board in a hurry though and is a solid pickup for Virginia.  Jeff had 26 points in the contest.

Ligah Thompson (2009 6-7)
Ligah’s game has really come along way since I first saw him in the spring.  He still hasn’t developed a true low post game, but he’s very active around the hoop on the offensive end.  He followed up several misses in the game and was huge on the boards.  He also showed a little more athletic ability than I’m used to seeing including a nice dunk and block.

Bishop Loughlin

Kevin Phillips (2008 6-7)
Kevin is a long, athletic big man.  He has a solid build.  He plays more on the wing quite a bit.  Kevin has a nice mid range game and is a solid ball handler.  He’s also a good rebounder.  Kevin is a good finisher.  He scored 8 points and had 9 rebounds.

Jayvaughn Pinkston (2010 6-6)
Jayvaughn is an extremely talented young big man.  He already has an impressive body for a freshman and skills to go with it.  He’s athletic and also a good post scorer.  He can beat defenders by using his strength or going by them with quickness.  Jayvaughn already has developed a few post moves and has soft touch on the inside.  He should be a big time prospect for years to come.  He finished with 10 points and 4 rebounds.

Dan Jennings (2008 6-8)
This left handed big man is a solid interior presence.  He has a decent build with the ability to add muscle to his frame.  He has good hands and can finish around the basket.  He is also quite athletic.  Dan is a good rebounder as well.  He scored 7 points and 9 rebounds in this contest.

First State Bracket Final

Bloomfield Tech (NJ) 60 Archbishop Carroll (DC) 49

Bloomfield Tech

Wesley Jenkins – St. Peter’s (2007 6-1)
I’ve loved Wesley’s game ever since I first saw him play in the spring.  He’s a very good who has really stepped his game up.  He was the lone bright spot for Bloomfield Tech in the first half.  Wesley is a deadly three point shooter with a smooth stroke.  He’s also very good at finishing in transition.  He also rebounds well and can push the ball.  Wesley exploded for 30 points in this contest.

Rashon Dwight – Iona (2007 6-2)
Rashon had a solid game.  He had a tough first half, but finished strong.  He scored most of his points in transition.  Rashon didn’t get to the line as much as he usually does.  He played well on defense, but did turn the ball over too much.  He was very good on the boards.  Rashon finished with 10 points and 7 rebounds.

RJ Hall (2008 5-11)
RJ had a quiet game on this occasion.  He struggled to finish and did very little from the perimeter.  He still did a good job distributing the ball though as he finished with six assists and just one turnover.  RJ also forced several turnovers on the defensive end.

Archbishop Carroll

Kris Joseph (2008 6-7)
Kris is a good size forward with solid ball handling skills.  He is able to use that size well in traffic.  He plays mostly a face up style and gets to the line a lot (where he converts at a high rate).  He is an excellent rebounder too.  Kris scored 17 points and added 14 rebounds.

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