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Monday, 20 August 2007
Name: George Harper
Position: PF
Height: 6-7
Year: 2010
Class: High School
School: American Christian Academy (PA)
AAU: Team Final

George is a long, athletic forward.  He has massive hands that engulf the ball and a soft touch to go along with it.  He's capable of knocking down jumpers from short range.  He is a good rebounder.  He's still a bit raw, but makes up for it because of his natural skills.  George is a player with a lot of upside.
Team Offer Commitment
 Seton Hall No None


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Game Analysis: 

Eastern Invitational Session 5 Fab Frosh/Super Soph All Star 

Donofrio Classic (3/30/06) 

Harper is very long and athletic.  He also has a good frame which he used to finish effectively around the rim.

Donofrio Classic (4/10/06)

Harper again showed great hands around the basket.  That combined with his long wingspan will make him a real force in the future.

Philly USA All-City Basketball Classic (6/2/06)

George is one of my favorite players in this class.  You can’t help but notice his long arms and good athlete ability.  He just looks like someone who will become an excellent player by his senior year.  I continue to have a hard time believing that he is not over 6’5”.  He is still raw at this point, but also naturally gifted enough to be effective.  He has huge hands that engulf the basketball and combines that with a nice soft tough.  He also can handle the ball quite well.  In this game, he took home defensive MVP honors for his hard work.

Sonny Hill League (7/13/06)

While no one will mistake him for a point guard, George did bring the ball up several times in the game.  He does handle the ball quite well for such a young big man.  He does dribble the ball too high though.  He makes a few plays here and there, but is still too raw to have a big impact at this point.   

Fall Hoop Classic (9/23/06)

Hoop Group Fall Jam Fest (9/30/06)

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