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Charm City Challenge MAAC & CAA Prospects
Wednesday, 04 April 2007

By Bill Martin
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I only got a chance to see the second game at the Charm City Challenge, which pitted the Baltimore All-Stars against All-Stars from around the country.  This was a fast paced, high scoring game loaded with talent and when all was said and done the Baltimore All-Stars came out on top 116-113.  With commits from Virginia Tech, Maryland and Syracuse the touches were somewhat limited for some of the other players.  Here is analysis of a few MAAC and CAA prospects from the game.

Baltimore All-Stars

Johnny Higgins (2007, 6-1 PG)
This was definitely not Johnny’s best game.  He looked to distribute the ball early and made some beautiful passes but also turned the ball over a good few times.  Where Johnny really struggled was from behind the three-point line.  He missed all 5 of his shot attempts from behind the arc.  Johnny also struggled early in the game to finish around the hoop.  He was not protecting the ball well and was blocked on more than one occasion.  As the game went on he adjusted his game to better shield the ball from the defense, and made some extremely difficult lay-ups.  His performance from the free throw line was also less than impressive.  Johnny is a better player than this game would suggest, he would be a nice pick up for most teams this late in the game.

Darrell Bryant (2007, 6-4 SF) Committed to James Madison (Football)
Bryant did not have a great game offensively but did make a few spectacular plays.  He had an incredible one-handed dunk in transition over a defender. Bryant also blocked a very strong dunk attempt by Loyola commit Isaac Reid.

US All-Stars

Isaac Reid (2007, 6-5 SF/PF) Committed to Loyola
Isaac already has the build of a college player; he is very strong and is a good athlete.   Isaac utilizes his strength and leaping ability to grab rebounds but his hands are not the best, so he will occasionally fumble away rebounds.  His hands also resulted in a turnover when a teammate passed him the ball with no one defending and he simply lost the ball out of bounds.  Isaac did not show much of an outside game in this contest.  He attempted one pull up jumper in the game but it came up very short and did not hit anything.  Watching Isaac warm up you could see that his jump shot needs improvement.  He was mainly practicing from behind the three-point line and barely hit any shots. I know it is just warm ups, but you could see that his jump shot is not his strongest asset. 

What stood out about Isaac was his leaping ability.  He caught a pass in the post, took one drop step and found himself wide-open right under the hoop.  Without any kind of running start, Isaac jumped off two feet and threw down a two handed forceful dunk.  He attempted one other dunk going right over Darrell Bryant but Darrell rejected the attempt.  Isaac is too small to play power forward but is strong enough to battle in the paint.  He appears to have the athleticism and quickness to play out on the wing but his skill set is not there yet. 

Ricardo Brown (2007, 6-5 SF) Committed to Towson
Ricardo showed some of his versatility in this game.  He started the game off right, knocking down two wide-open three pointers.  On both attempts he took his time and displayed excellent shooting form and a smooth stroke.  He released the ball high and shot with a high arc, which makes his shot hard to block.  When Ricardo was guarded more closely his three-point accuracy dropped significantly.  He tried shooting a couple threes off the dribble and over a defender, but his shot looked rush and he did hit any of these attempts.  When he gets his feet set he is a much better shooter.  Ricardo is especially aggressive on the boards and on defense.  He attacks the ball at full speed, which makes him a pretty good rebounder.  However, this aggressive style paired with his big frame lead to some extremely hard fouls. 

One of Ricardo’s struggles in this game was his ball handling.  He only put the ball on the floor a couple times, but when he did he did not seem fully in control.  Ricardo also was not doing a good job of getting back on defense in this game, but the lack of effort could have been due to the All-Star game atmosphere.   Late in the game Ricardo had the ball, went to drive in and lost the ball.  The Baltimore team took it down the court but turned it back over.  Ricardo had not run to get back on defense so he was left open on the other side of the court.  His teammate threw him a long pass; he caught it, took it up strong and was fouled hard by a full sprinting defender.  Ricardo made the shot and converted the three-point play.  He was not pleased with how hard the foul was so he talked some trash to the kid who fouled him, his coach quickly sent him to the bench.      

Aric Brooks (2007, 6-6 SF)
Aric played a great game making the most out of all of his touches.  He scored a good number of his 24 points in transition and threw down a couple impressive dunks. 

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