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Quaker City Shootout (Part 2)
Tuesday, 01 May 2007

By Brian Crownover
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Here is a look at some more of the players from the inaugural Quaker City Shootout in Philadelphia. 

Rhode Island Hawks Black

Michael Culpo (2008, 6-2 PG/SG)
Michael is a very aggressive point guard. He has a solid build and can finish in the lane. He hit a nice floater in traffic early on. He doesnít have an explosive first step, but Michael is a sound ball handler who can get to the hoop fairly quickly. The attacking guard has a knack for driving with his left hand. On one occasion, he drove and finished with the left hand. On another, he found a teammate on a good pass for a score. Michael has a pretty good pull up jumper too when he decides to use it. He used a head fake to knock down a pull up three pointer. He likes uses hesitation moves to free himself for a good look. Michael is a very solid mid major prospect right now.

Ben Crenca (2009, 6-9 PF)
Ben is a very skilled wide bodied post player. The youngster has good hands and is nimble on his feet for his size. He displayed good touch and he draws a lot of contact and gets to the foul line. At the line, he has a nice shot and converts at a high rate for a big man. He rebounds well too. After showing all of that in the first game he brought out even more in the semifinal contest. He had several excellent passes from the high post to cutting teams. He also showed some ability to put the ball on the floor as he drove by his man and hit a shot 7 foot jumper. Ben even extended his range on his shot out to the foul line. He would benefit from dropping some weight or adding some muscle. Ben already has a well rounded game for a young post player and should only get better.

David Rufful (2007, 6-4 SG)
David was another active guard for the Rhode Island Hawks. Heís a smooth spot up shooter who can hit from beyond the arc. He also has a solid mid range game. David moves well without the ball, but had some difficulty finishing. He can play some with his back to the basket too. He hit a turnaround jumper from beyond the foul line in the first playoff game. David is a solid all around player.

Mike Marra (2009, 6-4 SG)
Mike is a very talented young guard. Early on in the first game it looked like he was just a spot shooter. He has a smooth shot, but does a lot of other things as well. Heís a very skilled ball handler who can take his man off the dribble. He has good vision and can find open teammates after breaking his man down. Mike really caught my attention the most though when he threw down two alley oop dunks. He didnít appear to have that type of athleticism up to that point. Mike also moves very well without the ball and that was part of the reason for the dunks. In the semifinal loss, he really struggled with his jumper from three. He mightíve taken double digit shot attempts from beyond the arc and missed all of them. He certainly needs to be less streaky than that. While he did shoot poorly most of Mikeís misses were open shots so he wasnít forcing anything.


Dominic Morris (2009, 6-6 PF)
Dominic is a strong, physical presence in the low block. He combines that with good hands and a soft touch around the hoop. He moves well for his size and is an aggressive rebounder. Dominic was solid scoring in the post, but didnít dominate on the inside in the championship game. I love his skill level and itíll be interesting to see if he grows. If that happens, heíll become that much better prospect.

Rakeem Brookins (2010, 5-10 PG)
Rakeem is a talented young guard. Heís an aggressive scorer who loves to attack. He can get past his man off the dribble and score in the lane. As Rakeem progresses, heíll have to show he can distribute the ball a bit more. Either that or heíll have to grow into more of a shooting guard size.

Camden Boys & Girls Club

Gary Simmons (2008, 6-2 PG)
Gary is a slashing point guard who loves to get into the lane. Heís a quick ball handler who uses a crossover move as his bread and butter. He is able to absorb contact when getting into to traffic. He runs the floor well and scores in transition. Gary is a solid passer, but certainly more of a scoring point guard than a setup man. He was relatively quiet from the perimeter, missing the few jumpers he took. 

Aaron Walton (2009, 6-3 SG)
Aaron is a solidly built guard. Perhaps he doesnít have a particular strength to his game, but he does do a lot of things well. In this contest, he showed solid ball handling skills, rebounded well and also distributed the ball. He actually is a very good passer. Aaron went inside and posted up several times as well. His shot wasnít fall with all that much frequency in this game though.

Leap Forward

Tyler Hines (2008, 6-6 PF)
With so many big men nowadays wanted to play like guards, itís refreshing to see an undersized player willing to battle in the post. Thatís exactly what Tyler did in this contest. He uses his quickness to beat defenders down in the low block. He played so well with either hand around the basket that Iím not even sure which is his dominant hand. Tyler uses a nice jump hook and has soft touch. He also plays out on the wing, but even then he looks to drive the ball inside and score with his back to the basket. He was very active on the offensive glass as well. While I love the way Tyler plays, heíll have to show more of a perimeter game. He took virtually no jumpers in this game. Tyler is a treat to watch work on the inside though.

YIL Jameer Nelson

Issa Mase (2008, 6-5 SF)
Mase is a long-armed forward that stood out right away due to his size. He opened the game by hitting a three and displayed a smooth stroke. He also showed soft touch on a putback attempt. He rebounded well and does a good job of keeping the ball high after rebounds. Issa is thin and would certainly benefit from some added weight. As the game went on and his shot stopped falling, Issa was less impressive. He looks like he should be more dominant that he is with his natural abilities. He appears to be more of a prospect than a player right now.

New Jersey Wildcats

Stephen Spinella (2008, 6-5 SF/PF)
Itís not always easy to notice someone when their team is getting destroyed, but Spinella stood out in the loss to Team Odom. He has good size for a wing player and some skills to go along with it. Stephen showed the ability to knock down the three point shot on several occasions. Heís not explosive, but a solid ball handler who was effective getting into the lane. 

Team Philly 16s

Shaquille Duncan (2010, 6-8 PF)
Shaquille made an impression last month as a role player in the state championship game. The young freshman stood out even more amongst his age group. He is extremely long for such a young player. He has soft hands and a gentle touch around the basket. He does need to get stronger and play more physical, although he did throw down a couple of dunks. The talented big man also altered several shots. He has a bright future ahead of him.

Brandon Fulton (2010, 6-4 SF)
Brandon is a physical face up forward. He has a solid build and can get into the lane off the dribble. He also showed he was unselfish in this game.

Zahir Allen (2010, 6-2 SG)
Zahir is a quick ball handling young guard. He has good size for a freshman. In this game, he had some difficulty scoring because his jumper wasnít falling. He is definitely a good young prospect though.

JB Hoops 16s

Mark Bevacqua (2010, 6-6 PF)
Mark didnít get a lot of touches in the post, but looks to be fairly skilled for a freshman interior player. He showed a nice left handed finish in the paint. He is also capable of putting the ball on the floor in the low block and creating space for himself. Mark also rebounded well and blocked a few shots.

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