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Home arrow Recruiting News arrow Mid Atlantic AAU Championship
Mid Atlantic AAU Championship
Monday, 21 May 2007

By Brian Crownover

Charles White
On Sunday evening, the Mid Atlantic AAU Tournament came to a close at Cheyney University. In the 16 and under division, the South Jersey Jazz defeated the Keystone Blazers 50-45. In the 17 and under finals Cuttino Mobley snuck out a hard fought 74-69 overtime win. In the consolation game, the Bartrum Beacon Blazers defeated the Franklin Force 74-69. Here is a look at some of the standout performers.

Cuttino Mobley 

Charles White (2008, 6-1 170 PG/SG)
This was the best game that Iíve seen from Charles in awhile. The scoring guard drained an early three and was aggressive driving to the basket. He buried another three later in the contest as well. He also continued to attack and was particularly effective in the transition game. Charles possesses quick ball handling skills and a smooth jump shot. The biggest improvement in his game since the last few times Iíve seen him was his shot selection and decision making. He can make difficult shots, but tends to take too many bad shots. Every shot he took today was a good look. Charles also didnít have much trouble against pressure in this contest. He was very instrumental in leading Cuttino Mobley to the title.  

Andrew Randall (2008, 6-5 SF/PF)
Andrew is productive every time out. Heís able to score with such ease that itís fun to watch. On several occasions, he used a tough turn around, fade away jumper from the deep post. His shot is so smooth and he used hit several threes as well. His perimeter shot seems to have really improved lately. He also buried a very difficult deep pull up jumper in the contest. Andrew was very efficient scoring the ball in this game. My only complaint is that he didnít look to score often enough. He was unstoppable on this day and didnít fully take advantage of it. Andrew has sure been playing some fantastic basketball this spring. 

Larry Loughery (2008, 6-5 SF/PF)
Larry had a solid outing for Cuttino Mobley. He opened the second half with a deep two. He also blocked a shot and rebounded well. Larry didnít put up big offensive numbers, but still had a decent game.

Sammy Givens (2008, 6-5 SG/SF)
Sammy is a joy to watch because heís so competitive. Heís not a dynamite player, but he really understands how to play to his strengths. He always seems to want to the ball in his hands. He was at his best on the attack in this game. Sammy isnít super explosive, but is an efficient dribbler who also uses hesitation moves to freeze defenders. He had a nice behind the back move and he absorbs contact well around the basket. Sammy found himself on the line quite frequently in this contest. He loves to push the ball and convert easy baskets. He also moves well without the ball and forces you to defend him for the entire possession. Sammy was very aggressive on the offensive boards as well. He did have some trouble finishing on this day, but kept battling. It would be nice to see more of a perimeter game from him, but heís very effective at what he does so thereís no reason to change that until he gets to the next level.

Shannon Givens (2009, 5-10 PG)
Shannon opened with a beautiful left handed scoop finish around the bucket. Heís very proficient at beating his man off the dribble with the left hand. It wasnít his best day scoring near the hoop, but he ran the floor a lot and did produce a number of easy baskets. He also hit a difficult, off balance floater in the lane. Shannon distributed the ball fairly well. He was actually rather quiet from the perimeter. Shannon wasnít at the top of his game, but was still pretty productive in this affair.  

Bartrum Beacon Blazers

Lamar Jackson (2008, 5-10 PG)
Lamar really set the tone for the Bartrum team. The small point guard was able to get into the lane often with his slick ball handling ability. Heís capable of using either had and knows how to finish around the big men. Lamar has an excellent crossover move that he uses to blow by defenders. He also showed his versatility by hit on several three point attempts. Lamar played a very efficient game and was really under control. He rarely turned the ball over in this contest.

Novar Gadson (2008, 6-4 SF)
Novar is such a naturally talented ball handler. The lefty is very smooth and has great hands and long arms. He has an array of moves that he uses to get to the hoop and often favors the spin move. He is shifty around the basket and finishes well. Novar can drive and finish with either hand. He hit a nice mid range jumper and the form on his shot is pretty good. He really needs more repetition from the perimeter though. He started off erratic in this contest, firing up and bricking three point attempt after three point attempt. He has to learn how to play to the strength of his game, which right now is clearly driving. Once he settled in and started attacking of the dribble, he became much more effective and was able to help his team to victory. 

Franklin Force

Dameatric Scott (2008, 6-6 SF)
Dameatric is a deadly spot up shooter. The long forward was an impressive 5-7 from behind the arc. He was at his best doing just that. Dameatric showed some pretty good ball handling in the open court, but elected not to use those skills much in the halfcourt game. Itís hard to argue when he shoots as well as he did, itís just tough to evaluate everything he can do when he stands on the perimeter the entire game. If nothing else, I wouldíve like to seen him shoot off the dribble. Dameatric is also pretty strong and rebounded fairly well in this contest. He definitely put on a strong shooting performance and is tough to stop in that area with his size. 

Byron Johnson (2009, 6-6 SF/PF)
Byron is a well built young forward. He plays mostly a face up game, but can go back to the basket as well. He pulled down a very strong one handed rebound and grabbed numerous boards throughout the evening. In the post, Byron hit a bank shot from several feet out. He made most of his offensive impact by scoring off of rebounds. He does need to develop some of his other skills, but is a solid player nonetheless.

Keystone Blazers 16s

Aaric Murray (2009, 6-9 C)
Facing constant double teams, Aaric was still relatively productive. He threw down a dunk on the break. He also had several nice post moves, although he was often forced to kick the ball back out. One of his best plays was a spin move into a hook shot. Aaric continued to be aggressive, despite the constant pressure. He was solid on the boards. He didnít get nearly enough touches though to really help his team win. 

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