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All-City Classic (Philadelphia)
Monday, 04 June 2007

By Brian Crownover
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Maalik Wayns
On Friday evening, the top Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen in Philadelphia clashed in the Rasual Butler All-City Classic. Here is a look at some of the standout players.


FR: Non-Public 99, Public 87
SO: Public 99, Non-Public 89
JR:  Public 115, Non-Public 99

Sophomore Game

Maalik Wayns (2009, 6-1 PG)
Maalik cleared up any questions on whether or not heís the best sophomore in the city. The young point guard was fabulous and itís no wonder he has offers from several Big East powers. He is already the most electric ball handler in the city regardless of class. Maalik froze the defense and wowed the crowd on several occasions with his deadly crossover. He gets into the lane anytime he wants to. Heís equally as good at setting up teammates as he is scoring the ball. One of his more impressive moves was a quick left handed drive and finish with a left handed scoop shot. Maalik also hit a tough pull up three pointer. For his efforts, he was named MVP of his team. He finished with a game high 25 points.

Ligah Thompson (2009, 6-7 PF)
Ligah has quickly established himself as one of the cityís best big men. The lanky and athletic forward put together two earth shattering dunks. He brought the crowd to its feet not once, but twice. The first one was a follow up offense rebound that he slammed home over another player. The second time, he used a reverse dunk in traffic. Ligah still has yet to develop his game beyond a few feet from the hoop, but heís might be the cityís best player at or above the rim.

Tyree "Chuck" Harris (2009, 6-7 PF)
Chuck has been quite impressive. The long forward looks poised to step into a more prominent role at Prep Charter next season. He ran the floor well and finished consistently on this evening. He also stepped outside and buried a three pointer. Chuck finished with 16 points.

Jesse Morgan (2009, 6-4 PG)
Jesse had another solid outing. Jesse was his usual self driving and scoring around the basket. Perhaps the biggest strength of his game is his pull up jumper. He can hit that shot from anywhere on the court.

Junior Game

Andrew "Scootie" Randall (2008, 6-5 SF/PF)
Itís really hard to write anything more about Scootie that I haven't already mentioned. Heís played well every time out this spring. On this day, he scored 25 points with in a number of ways. He hit a tough pull up three pointer and several other jumpers. He also scored quite often in transition. Scootie is well rounded and showed that off with fine passing and a dominating game on the boards as well. He was MVP in victory. 

Jamal Wilson (2008, 6-5 190 SG/SF)
Jamal put together another strong outing. He did a great job of breaking down the defense of the dribble. After doing so, the long guard is very good at passing over the defenders. He had several assists to go along with his 16 points.

Sammy Givens (2008, 6-5 SG/SF)
Sammy might have as well rounded of a game as anyone in the city with the exception of Andrew Randall. In this game, he pulled down a number of rebounds and could be found immediately pushing the ball up the court. Sammy wasnít quite as aggressive as he typically is, but still managed to score 15 points. He continued to struggle with his jumper as well. Sammy was good on the defense end and won the Defensive Player of the Game.

Brandon Penn (2008, 6-7 SF/PF)
Brandon is a long, athletic forward. He runs the floor well and can score in transition. The face up forward also can handle the ball.  Brandon was strong on the boards as well. He is still a bit raw on the offensive end, but he does possess some very good natural skills. His jumper could use improvement. Brandon would also benefit by adding weight. He finished with 14 points.

Lenny Young (2008, 6-1 SG)
Lenny is a big bodied guard. Despite that, he is pretty quick off the bounce. He has a smooth shot and can hit from beyond the arc. He was inconsistent finishing in traffic amongst the big men. He also missed a few jumpers. Lenny scored 14 points in the game though.

Dwayne Davis (2008, 6-4 SG/SF)
Dwayne was great off the dribble as usual. He also passed pretty well. He had a good game finishing in transition and traffic.

Freshman Game

Daniel Stewart (2010, 6-6 SF)
Daniel is already quite the skilled combo forward. Heís tough around the hoop and can finish after contact. On the inside, he had a nice offensive rebound and follow up as well. In addition to being able to play physical on the interior, Daniel can step out to the wing. He can drain the deep jump shot. He runs the floor well and can handle the ball. Daniel is also a long and athletic leaper. He was named MVP after an 18 point performance. 

Deon Waiters (2010, 6-0 PG/SG)
Deon is one of the best players in the city and nationally in his class. He can just flat out score. He gets into the lane with ease thanks to his ability to handle the ball. When heís not finishing around the basket, Deon loves to hit deep pull up jumpers. On this evening, he was a little inconsistent from the perimeter, but still knocked down several shots. Deon was MVP and led all of the freshmen with 19 points.

Tony Chennault (2010, 6-2 PG/SG)
Tony has such a great feel for the game for such a young player. He distributed the ball very well early on. He did struggled with his jumper early on, but it improved as the game went on. Tony is very quick off the dribble and can score going at the basket or pulling up for a jumper. He also played some solid defense against Waiters. Tony was given an award for his unselfish play in this game and still managed to sprinkle in 13 points.

Tyrone Garland (2010, 5-11 PG)
Tyrone is a player that I was unfamiliar with, but came away quite impressed. The young point guard already has a pretty well rounded game. Heís quick with the rock in his hands. He also possesses a pretty good jumper. Tyrone setup his teammates a couple of times as he drove into the lane. He does force the occasional shot, but had a strong outing nonetheless.

Torrell Candelaria (2010, 6-0 SG)
Torrell is another talented young scorer. He has a smooth jumper which he can hit out to three. Heís solid of the dribble and can get into the lane, although he did have some trouble converting around the bucket. Torrell did have a nice left handed finish though. He scored 10 points in the game.

CJ Aiken (2010, 6-6 PF)
As usual, the long armed, young forward rebounded well and blocked a few shots. CJ showed some suprisingly good ball handling skills that I hadnít seen before. He also passed threw several nice passes in this contest. His upside is fantastic.

Rakeem Brookins (2010, 5-10 PG)
Rakeem is known as a scorer. During this game though, his scoring took a back seat to his passing ability. As he continues to move forward, adding this dimension to his game will be key. He looks like heís already on his way. 

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 20 June 2007 )
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