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High School Basketball Championship (NY Metro)
Monday, 25 June 2007

By Brian Crownover
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Sean Kilpatrick
Over the weekend, many of the top high school teams in New York and New Jersey battled it out at the Hoop Group High School Basketball Championship at Seton Hall University. Among the teams involved were perennial powers St. Patrickís, St. Anthonyís, St. Benedicts, Seton Hall Prep and St. Raymondís. Here is a look at some of the top competitors from the event.

White Plains

Sean Kilpatrick (2008, 6-3 200 SG)
After being somewhat quiet when we caught him last weekend, Sean made up for it at Seton Hall. The wing guard played a good all around game. Heís very strong and hustles up and down the court, thus setting himself up for easy baskets. The long strider can score around the rim due to his strength and sweet touch. He gets into the lane with a quick crossover move or dribbling between his legs. He tends to dribble on the side of the ball so that helps him with those moves, but he could tighten up his handle to add more of a straight line explosion to his game. Sean has a smooth stroke from the perimeter too. His range extends out to three and he can hit the pull up jumper as well. Like most players, Sean could be a little more consistent with the jumper though. In the first game, he showed he is very unselfish, often opting to find the open teammate rather than score. He doesnít make the difficult pass, but seems to make the right pass. Sean appears to be more of a production player than a flashy player, but the results are very good. 

Rashad James (2008, 6-1 PG/SG)
Rashad is an athletic guard who loves to go at the rim. Heís quick with the ball in his hands and can elevate or finish after absorbing contact. Rashad is excellent at using hesitation moves to freeze the defense. He has developed a nice crossover as well. He can distribute the ball from time to time, but is really more of a scoring guard. Rashad can also run the floor and score in the open court. He was relatively quiet from the perimeter though. Rashad was one of the surprise players of the day. 

Bobby Jones (2010, 6-2 SG)
Bobby is a long-armed young guard. Heís a quick ball handler who runs the floor well. Heís also fairly strong and can crash the boards too. 

St. Anthony's

Travon Woodall (2008, 5-11 160 PG) Committed to Pittsburgh
Travon had his perimeter game working throughout. He buried three pointer after three pointer. He was also effective at getting into the lane and scoring off the dribble. Heís very smooth with the ball in his hands and thus a real treat to watch. 

Jiovanny Fontan (2008, 5-11 PG) Committed to Fordham
With a few of his teammates missing, Jiovanny put together a strong game. Heís very quick at getting into the lane and always seems to be drawing contact. He scored off of a beautiful spin move in the paint. He had a nice drive and dish as well. Jiovanny plays hard on both ends of the court and thus is aggressive defensively as well. 

Tyshawn Taylor (2008, 6-3 SG)
Tyshawn followed up last weekendís fine play with another steady outing. He ran the floor and finished well, including once with his left hand. He elevated and scored on a dunk as well. Tyshawn has good size and can handle the ball too. Heís another one in the long line of good St. Anthonyís guards in the program right now.

A.J. Rogers (2008, 6-5 200 SF/PF) Committed to St. Joe's
A.J. was productive on the boards. He did score a few times in transition, but also failed to score on some other relatively easy attempts. He missed a mid range pull up jumper and a three point attempt. I thought A.J. would get more touches with two key guards missing for St. Anthonyís, but the Friars still have so much talent that his involvement in the offense is minimal. 

Madut Bol (2009, 6-8 C)
The son of a former NBA player, Madut has some great natural gifts. Heís long and thin, but a very active offensive rebounder. He also showed his athleticism by blocking a shot. Madut does need to learn how to use his body to shield defenders. He had the ball stripped on several occasions because he doesnít do so. Heís still raw on the offensive end, but does have potential.

St. Raymond's

Kevin Parrom (2009, 6-5 SF)
With several players graduating and another regular missing, Kevin really stepped up for St. Raymondís. The talented wing was able showcase his skills and he certainly did just that. He knocked down consecutive pull up jumper early from deep. He favors the pull up game and hits those types of shots with regularity. Kevin has good size and can get into the lane off the bounce too. The long strider can drive and finish or score by running the floor. Kevin threw a nice pass from the wing as well. He was somewhat streaky as he threw up an air ball on a three point attempt, but Kevin still had a very productive outing.  Look for him to really step up next year for the Ravens.

Darryl "Truck" Bryant (2008, 6-1 PG/SG)
Truck was solid yet again. He opened with a beautiful left handed pass to a teammate for a lay-up. He followed that up with one of his patented pull up fade away short jumper. He loves to drive and then pull up the lane for that shot. Truck looked to pass with more frequency than he normally does. 

St. Mary's

Scott Machado (2008, 6-1 PG)
Scott has played very well the last few weeks.  Heís a very good setup man who is always looking to get his teammates involved.  Scott is aggressive attacking off the bounce as well.  The lefty drove to the right several times and can really score after contact.  He uses power more than speed, but he does get into the lane fairly quickly because he doesnít waste dribbles.  Scott plays very hard and is aggressive on both ends of the court.  Heís often disrupting the passing lanes and converting steals into easy baskets.  At times, heíll take the ball in too deep and gets called for charges, but for the most part heís able to channel that aggression into positive plays.  Scott is a solid lead guard.   

Jerrell Lawrence (2008, 6-3 SG)
Jerrell is a long, athletic wing. He can nail the pull up three pointer. Heís also astute with the ball in his hands. He can drive either direction and uses the crossover move to his advantage. Jerrell also likes to freeze defenders with hesitation moves. He would benefit from adding some weight, but he is a good player nonetheless.

Jameel Flash (2010, 6-8 C)
Jameel is a long, thin young big man. The rising sophomore blocked a few shots and was steady on the boards. Heís still raw on the offensive end, but Jameel has loads of potential.

Don Bosco Prep

Kyle Smyth (2008, 6-3 SG)
Kyle is a good spot up three point shooter. His shot is very fluid. He is also a good transition player who hustles up and down the court. Kyle plays aggressive on the defensive end as well. He is solid ball handler, but wonít consistently blow by defenders. He does have pretty good size for his position and will definitely compete.

Ken Click (2009, 6-8 C)
Ken is a skilled back to the basket big man with an array of moves. Heíll shoot the hook shot with either hand. He has decent touch and solid hands. His moves arenít really quick, but he seems to know what he wants to do when he gets the ball. Ken also positions himself well and can even put the ball on the floor some. He should rebound better for a player of his size, but heís just not aggressive enough going after the ball. He also canít elevate much, although he did get up enough to block a shot. Ken also needs to get quicker defensively and had a lot of trouble playing help defense. Like many young big men, heíd benefit from adding strength. Ken is a skilled offensive player though who can put the ball in the basket.

Georgio Milligan (2008, 6-3 SG)
Georgio is a bullish guard who loves to attack. Heís excellent at scoring in traffic and welcomes contact. Not surprisingly he is a strong player who gets to the line a lot. He also loves to use the short pull up jump shot as well. Georgio is a good full court player and can also distribute the ball.

Academy of the New Church

Larry Loughery (2008, 6-5 SF/PF)
Larry looked very comfortable playing with his new team. He was making plays all over the court. He ran the floor very well and finished around the bucket. Larry was active near the rim, including a tip in, dunk and scoring a bucket after contact. He also blocked a shot and passed well. Larry looks like heís spent some time in the weight room too. He should fit in well at ANC.

Christian Brothers Academy (NJ)

Brian Neller (2009, 6-3 SG)
Brian is a skilled shooting guard.  He runs the floor well and can finish on the break. Heís a good passer who often looks to get his teammates involved. Brian has good size for his position. His team blew out the opposition so it was somewhat difficult to get a full read of what he can do though.

Monmouth Regional

Joe Wilman (2009, 6-5 SF/PF)
Joe is a skilled forward. He has good size and strong hands which allow him to finish well around the bucket. Heís a very good transition player who hustles up and down the court. Joe keeps the ball high when pulling down rebounds and he did a lot of damage on the offensive glass. He even showed some wing skills in this contest as he put the ball on the floor and attempted a three point shot (although he missed). Joe will definitely benefit by adding more of those skills to his arsenal as he moves forward. He even did an adequate job of guarding the other teamís point guard when asked to do so.

Winslow Twp.

Aaron Sallie (2008, 6-0 PG)
Aaron is a guard who can flat out score. He runs the floor very well. He can also hit from beyond the arc. Aaron also scored off of his own miss as well as draining a runner in the lane. He is a quick ball handler who is difficult to keep out of the lane. While he did have a nice pass, Aaron could look to setup his teammates more. He also does take some bad shots from time to time.

Newark Central

Fuquan Knight (2010, 5-7 PG)
Fuquan is a very quick, jitterbug point guard. The youngster has a good crossover move and handles the ball quite well. His speed causes nightmares for the opposition. Fuquan showed a beautiful pull up jumper after one of his crossover moves. He did force some shots throughout the game. He is also small right now, although heís still young. Fuquan looks to have a bright future ahead of him.

Scotch Plains Fanwood

Brian Dougher(2008, 6-1 SG)
Brian is a gritty guard. Heís aggressive drive to the hoop and can finish in traffic. He has a solid built that helps him in the lane. Brian really loves the quick pull up jumper, especially from three point land. He can also distribute the ball. Heís not super explosive, but Brian is still a solid player.

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