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Eastern Invitational Session 4
Tuesday, 31 July 2007

By Brian Crownover
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{mosImage}The crazy month of July concluded with another strong session of the Eastern Invitational.  Not even rain could slow down Sunday's action.  Here's a look at some of the players on hand at the College of New Jersey.

Devon Curry (2007, 6-0 PG) 
Devon had one of the better games that we witnessed all day. The talented guard has a well rounded game. Heís very quick off the bounce and doesnít waste much time getting into the lane. He has a good crossover move and is a slick ball handler. Devon can drive left or right and often likes to dribble between his legs. He has a good perimeter game as well. Because of his smooth shot, he was able to bury several threes. He runs the floor well and had a nice coast to coast drive. Devon also added a dunk in transition. He showed he can distribute the ball too. He made crisp passes, including a nice no look pass. Devon mixed in a floater in the lane. He can really score and pass and his game stood out despite the loss.

Brandon Romain (2008, 6-2 SG)
Brandon is a guard who can flat out score. The lefty doesnít have the smoothest game, but is effective. He seems to throw his body towards the basket on his jumper. Heís still good from the perimeter though and can hit out to three point range. Brandon can put the ball on the floor as well. He had a nice drive and crossover move on one play and he was able to draw a foul. For some reason the lefty elected not to use his left hand for the lay-up on the left side of the basket. Brandon was also very effective running the floor and converted on a nice dunk attempt. He is no doubt a talented scorer.

Temidayo Adebayo (2008, 7-0 C)
Temidayo is one of the more intriguing players around. Heís still very raw on the offensive end, but has a lot of upside. The long post presence has one of the best sets of hands youíll find and catches just about everything thrown in his direction. He moves pretty well and does a good job of keeping the ball high. Temidayo is a great offensive rebounder. Where he really struggles right now is finishing. He doesnít seem to have developed a feel around the hoop yet. He missed a very easy put back attempt and struggled to convert much on the offensive end. Temidayo also needs to add strength to be more effective and that way he can overpower defenders rather than trying to shoot over them. He certainly needs work, but itís hard to ignore Temidayoís natural gifts.

Chris Gaston (2008, 6-7 210 PF)
Chris is a skilled face up forward. He had a nice offensive rebound put back and was solid on the boards. He handles the ball pretty well for his size. Chris had a good drive and dish play in the game. He can get to the rim off the dribble. He missed on a three point attempt and turned the ball over on a long outlet pass. Overall though, Chris put together a solid game.

Allan Chaney (2008, 6-9 SF/PF)
Few people have had a more productive July than Allan. At this event he just added the exclamation point to his month. He did just about everything you could ask. The big man got it going early with a three pointer. He followed that up with a steal and dunk. Allan blocked a shot. He then went inside and used a quick spin move in the post to score on a dunk. The very skilled combo forward buried another three pointer to close the period. He did have trouble finishing from time to time, but was very persistent and kept battling for offensive rebounds. As if that wasnít enough, Allan concluded the game with an assist in transition followed by a pull up three off of the dribble. July is a statement month and Allan made one of the biggest ones of them all.

Jamil Goodwin (2008, 6-3 SG)
Jamil scored early and often after offensive rebounds. The forward is well built with broad shoulders. He can finish on the inside and is active around the bucket. Jamil also showed good hustle as he went after a loose ball.

Clayton Sterling (2008, 6-1 PG/SG)
Clayton is another of the talented players from Boys & Girls High School. He opened the game up with a deep jumper. He also got his teammates involved with a nice behind the back dribble and dish play. After a good start, Clayton was rather quiet. He showed a little of what he can do though throughout the contest.

Jon Marsh (2008, 6-0 PG)
Jon is incredibly thin, but the bouncy guard can really play. Heís quick and gets into the paint with ease. His size did hurt him from time to time finishing though. Jon also can distribute the ball. He had a nice drive and dish after a spin move. Although he passed well, most of his assists came on teammatesí jumpers. He didnít exactly free them up for easy shots. Jon can drive in either direction off the dribble. He also hit a nice pull up jumper, but he was streaky from the outside (including an airball). Jon is a solid lead guard though and was instrumental in his teamís double overtime victory. He scored all five points in the second extra session.

Patrick Jackson (2008, 6-6 SG/SF)
Patrick is playing at a high level right now. He seems to look better and better with each viewing. He did most of his damage on the perimeter where he knocked down three pointer after three pointer. The long striding guard also had no trouble getting into the lane off the bounce. He finished well, although he couldíve used his off hand for one conversion. Patrick is a very talented player and among the best in this entire camp.

Osman Olol (2009, 6-8 PF)
Osman is a skilled forward. He has good touch and a nice set of hands. He plays a very smooth game and can battle inside or step outside and knock down the three ball. Osman is long, but quite thin and would benefit by hitting the weight room. He also added in a good pass from the high post. Heís able to survey over the defense due to his size. 

Julius Brooks (2009, 6-9 PF/C)
Julius is a big and athletic post player. He has good hands and likes to bang on the boards. He had a nice dunk the game we watched. Julius could stand to improve his ball handling some.

Rakeem Brookins (2010, 5-10 PG)
We have really liked Rakeemís progress since last year. When we first saw him he was quite small and mostly a scorer. Heís really improved his passing skills and also has grown a bit. He still showed some of his scoring ability with a nice scoop finish. Itíll be interesting to see how Rakeem continues to develop.

Justin Wilson (2008, 6-0 PG)
Justin opened with a nice drive and dish play. He hit a pair of three pointers in the contest too. He really likes the pull up jumper and is quite effective with that area of his game.

Elijah Matthews (2010, 6-0 SG)
Elijah is a talented young player. The strong guard is quick off the dribble. He scored on a nice floater as well as an offensive rebound follow up of a teammateís miss.

Joel Wright (2010, 6-5 SG/SF)
Joel has good size for a young guard. He caught our attention by nailing a three pointer. He followed that up with a nice pass to a teammate. Joel is a quick ball handler too and can get into the lane with relative ease.

Ferguson Myrick (2009, 6-5 PF)
Ferguson didnít have good game, but was solid. The skilled forward got it done on both ends of the court. He scored on a beautiful floater in the lane. He also blocked a shot on the defensive end.

Will Adams (2009, 6-3 SG)
Will was quite effective getting into the lane, particularly with the crossover move. Because of that, he frequently found himself at the charity stripe. He was quiet from the perimeter during the game we watched, but Will can shoot the ball too.

Khalil McDonald (2007, 6-2 SG)
Khalil had a solid outing. He hit a beautiful pull up jumper. He can really score and is a very smooth shooter. He was at his best on the perimeter on this day, but he can get to the hoop too.

Jordan Henriquez (2008, 6-9 PF/C)
Jordan did his usual thing. The lanky post had several blocks and was great on the glass as usual. He missed badly on a put back attempt and had few other offensive touches.

Trenton Epps (2008, 6-6 SF)
Trenton is a big forward with a pretty good handle. He showed a nice crossover move. He also scored on an offensive rebound put back. He did miss a jumper badly on one of his few outside shot attempts.

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