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Sonny Hill Future Stars Tournament Day 4 (Part 2)
Tuesday, 21 August 2007

By Brian Crownover

{mosImage}Here is a look at some more of Saturday's action from the Sonny Hill Future Stars Tournament.

Jersey Shore Warriors

Ryan Woods (2008, 6-3 SG)

Ryan may not be a top prospect here, but he played one of the best games of the day and is a very good player in his own right. The skilled guard has a very good pull up game and hit often in that fashion. He buried a three pointer to end the half and hit a couple other deep shots as well. Ryan isnít super explosive, but he has a solid handle and a good court sense. He loves to get into the mid range area off the bounce and shoot from those spots. Ryan dished off a few assists as well and ran the floor too. He even scored on an old fashioned three point play. Ryan put together a strong outing and was a major key to victory for the Warriors.  

Kyle Smyth (2008, 6-3 SG)
Kyle flashed his passing skills early on. He found an open teammate for a lay-up after faking a shot attempt. He later had a steal and another assist. He passed very well throughout the game. Kyle did struggle putting the ball in the hoop though as his jumper just wasnít falling. He still played an unselfish brand of basketball and helped his team to victory.

Dan Robinson (2008, 6-6 PF)
Offensively, Dan is most comfortable attacking the basket off the dribble. Heís not the smoothest ball handler, but is still efficient in that area. He runs the floor well and gets rewarded for doing so. Dan is also a very active rebounder. He is aggressive and really goes after the ball. He had an impressive sequence where he strung together a pair of rebounds, a lay-up and a block on just several trips up and down the court. Dan is a skilled big man who had a solid outing.

Grassroots Canada

Devoe Joseph (2008, 6-3 170 SG)
Devoe is a guard who can get up and down the court. He scored early and often in transition. Heís a quick ball handler who can get into the lane. He is also unselfish and will involve his teammates. The talented Canadian struggled to find his outside shot, but his mechanics looked good. His most impressive play of the day was a beautifully timed one handed follow up lay-up. He is thin and could benefit by getting stronger. Devoe is a gifted player from up north.

Junior Cadougan (2009, 6-0 189 PG)
Junior is a big bodied guard with an excellent skill sets. His game is very reminiscent of former Connecticut guard Khalid El-Amin. Heís quick off the dribble and has great body control around the bucket. He can score off the dribble or drive and dish. Junior has strong court vision and a very good feel for the game. He hit an incredibly deep three point shot, but missed on several other attempts from the perimeter. Juniorís skills make him a tough match-up for any opponent. 

Cory Joseph (2008, 6-2 SG)
Cory is an impressive young guard. He has good size and is very quick off the dribble. He can get into the lane in half court sets or run the floor and score in transition. He can distribute the ball some too.

Hamilton Wildcats

Tyrone Watson (2009, 6-4 SG)
I went to watch one of the surprise players of Thursdayís action, Will Barrett, and found another unknown talent in Tyrone. He really likes to push the basketball and get others involved. Heís a guard with good size who is capable of getting into the lane due to his quick handle. Tyrone sees the court well and looks to pass quite often. He can hit the three point shot, but was inconsistent in that area. He has a low release point on his shot too that makes in harder to get off. Tyrone didnít force shots though and displayed good decision making ability.

Team Final

Dion Waiters (2010, 6-0 PG/SG)
Dion missed an early pull up jumper.  The talented young guard then geared up and took the game over.  He finished with his left hand around the rim and was fouled.  This slasher can really create off the dribble.  On one play, he started off on the right side, but changed directions and finished with the left hand.  He also really caught my attention with a high flying alley oop attempt.  I didn't realize how well Dion can get off the ground.  He is an explosive guard who can really slice through the lane and compliments that with fantastic finishing ability.  He mixed in a beautiful stop and go move as well.  Just for good measure, Dion fed a teammate with a great assist after breaking down his man on one occasion.  Make no mistake about it though, he is a score first guard.  Not suprisingly, Dion also ran the floor well.  He might be heading to Connecticut next year, but he might've already moved to the head of his class in Philly before leaving. 

George Harper (2010, 6-7 PF)
George strung together a solid game. He scored on several short jumpers in the low post, including an old fashioned three point play. He also had a dunk thanks to a nice feed from a teammate. On the defensive end, George blocked a shot and grabbed a few rebounds. He looks to us like he has added some muscle too. 

Andre "Scooter" Gillette (2009, 6-8 PF)
This big man really cleaned up on the offensive glass. He scored several times in that fashion. Heís comfortable with his back to the basket and has a sturdy frame too.

Bartrum Beacon Blazers

Novar Gadson (2008, 6-4 SF)
This was an up and down game and that suits Novarís style. The smooth lefty can really get out and run the floor. Heís a good finisher with solid ball handling skills. He works well in traffic in the open court. Novar was quiet from the outside, but still played well.  He doesn't put it together game in and game out, but when he's on, Novar is quite an impressive player. 

Brandon Penn (2008, 6-7 SF/PF)
This bouncy forward had an excellent game in transition. He really looked to push the ball up the court. He scored in transition and also dished off a nice assist. Brandon can put the ball on the floor and get by defenders too. He converted an old fashioned three point play as well. Brandon is pretty athletic and has a solid skill set to match.

Keystone Blazers

Sam Prescott (2009, 6-3 SG)
Sam is a talented local player who I hadnít seen prior to this event. He is a smooth jump shooter who can hit out to three point land. He also showed a nice pull up game and buried shot after shot. Heís a solid ball handler who can drive into the lane as well, but the jump shot is clearly his specialty. Sam did get caught in the air and turned the ball over late. He also forced up a few difficult shots with his team behind. Sam was very productive throughout the game though.

Cecil Kirk

Kim English (2008, 6-6 210 SF)
Kim scored early on a tough lay-up in traffic. He then buried a three pointer, but missed a step back jumper. Kim can flat out score. On another play, he used an outstanding spin move to free himself for another lay-up. 

Anthony Anderson (2008, 6-8 PF/C)
Iím really glad I caught Anthony during the right game at the Reebok Summer Championship. On that day, Anthony displayed some nice skills. In the two games since then, his touches on the offensive end have been limited. Anthony had to do most of his damage on the glass during this game. Hopefully next time out, weíll get to see more of his offensive game. 

Terrance Jones (2008, 6-2 PG/SG)
Terrance is a big guard who is quick off the bounce. He gets into the lane with ease and loves to do so with the crossover move. He did struggle some to finish in this game though.

Worldwide Renegades

Jelan Kendrick (2010, 6-5 SG/SF)
Jelan is a young player who showed a fantastic all around game.  He has good size and runs the floor very well.  He's already a very sound ball handler who can drive in either direction.  On one play, he drove left and came back right to finish with a scoop shot.  He is quick off the bounce and can get to the rim and finish.  He likes to use the crossover move.  The big guard pulled down a number of rebounds and could often be found going coast to coast afterwards.  Jelan caused a lot of matchup problems and thus found himself at the line quite frequently.  He is also a proficient three point shooter too.  Jelan is more of a scoring guard, but played the point guard position for this team and did a decent job of distributing the basketball.  He was instrumental in his team's comeback victory.  He hit a runner in the with time running out to force overtime.  In the extra session, he hit another runner en route to victory.  Jelan had an excellent game and played like a national caliber player in this contest.  He has a bright future ahead of him.   

JerShon Cobb (2010, 6-4 SG)
JerShon is a talented young guard who can shoot the ball. He hit several three pointers throughout the game and possesses a smooth stroke. He is quick off the dribble and runs the floor well. JerShon hit a runner in the lane and also picked up an assist after a spin move in traffic. He likes to use the spin move off the dribble and banked in a shot following that move on another occasion. JaShon is a guard who can put points on the board.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 22 August 2007 )
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