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Game Set 2
Thursday, 10 January 2008

by Brian Crownover
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Shannon Givens
CAA Insider continued our high school coverage with three games over the past week.  Here is a look at some of the top players in those games.


Academy of the New Church 53 St. Benedictís Prep 50
Neumann-Goretti 76 Monsignor Bonner 53
Norristown 54 Central Bucks South 29 

Academy of the New Church

Shannon Givens (2009, 5-10 PG)
Academy of the New Church had a game plan and Shannon Givens certainly held up his part of it in the upset victory. The quick and aggressive guard took full advantage of the space provided by the Lions offensive attack. Shannon regularly got by his man and into the lane. He did so by driving left numerous times. When Shannon wasnít finishing one on one around the hoop, he was dishing out beautiful assists. He had a nice banked runner among his many buckets. He finishes well against guards, but does have trouble with bigger defenders from time to time. In this game, he didnít have to face as many of them with the spread offense that ANC implemented. Shannon also rebounded very well and took a charge on the defensive end. His play in this game was enormous and ANC needed nearly every one of his 19 points.

Sammy Givens (2008, 6-5 SG/SF) Committed to Drexel
Sammy was a bit quiet in the scoring column, but was very important playing aggressive zone defense in the interior against the much bigger St. Benedictís frontline. He also had a strong game on the boards. He used his excellent hands to pull down several of those, including a few one handed ones. Sammy blocked a shot as well. He also was able to use his quickness to get by the bigger Gray Bees defenders who were guarding him. He then kicked out several nice passes to his teammates. Sammy did foul out in the fourth quarter. 

Larry Loughery (2008, 6-5 SF/PF)
Larry put together a nice outing in the half that we managed to see. He was most effective on the boards and kept several plays alive with offensive rebounds. He ran the floor and scored a key basket late. He also hit a mid range jumper. Much like Sammy, Larryís interior defense was huge. He blocked a shot among other things on that end. He finished with 11 points in the monumental victory.

Warren Gillis (2010, 6-1 SG)
Big upsets often occur when role players step up. That was certainly the case in this huge win as sophomore Warren Gillis was one of the keys to victory. The lefty is a pretty ball handler and he was aggressive going at the hoop. He was able to get to the free throw line often because of that style. Warrenís game is a bit reminiscent of Sammyís. Itíll be interesting to see how he develops.


Jamal Wilson (2008, 6-5 190 SG/SF) Committed to Rhode Island
This was one of the better shooting games weíve seen from Jamal. He was hitting his pull up jumper including a pair of threes and another inside the arc. He also hit another three and had a nice pass. He didnít make as many athletic plays as weíre used to.

Tyreek Duran (2010, 5-10 PG)
This quick youngster was solid off the bench again. He had several nice drives to the hoop. He also dished out an assist in transition.

Andre "Scooter" Gillette (2009, 6-8 PF)
Scooter did play better in this one than our first viewing of Neumann this year. Early on he drove to the basket and converted a three point play. It wasnít pretty, but it was effective. He has decent hands and pulled down several rebounds. Scooter also blocked a couple shots. He also had a nice drive and dish. It wasnít a huge night, but Scooter made some plays.

Monsignor Bonner

Ligah Thompson (2009, 6-7 PF)
Ligah is another junior big man from the area that is still in the developmental stage. He has made great strides from his freshman year where he wasnít at all a factor offensively, but he still has a bit of work to do. In this game, he was active on the offensive glass and scored most of his points facing the rim. He did put the ball on the floor a few times, but canít consistently beat his man off the dribble yet. Ligah did play more with his back to the basket than in the past, but still only had limited success. He had a nice bank shot inside, but was also blocked going left. Ligah also missed a deep jumper. Just when we were questioning some of his skills, he brought us back with an electrifying dunk. If he can combine his athletic ability with a well rounded skill set, Ligah could become a special player. He finished with 15 points in the loss.

Henry Smith (2009, 6-5 SF)
Henry did his usual thing shooting the ball from three. He knocked down several in a row over a short span to help Bonner get back into the game. Henry didnít have much of an impact elsewhere. 

Jamal Melvin (2010, 5-5 2010)
This young guard was fantastic at getting into the lane. Heís super quick off the dribble and very difficult to keep in front of you if you are a defender. He has pretty good vision and had several nice passes throughout the game. Jamal was able to convert near the hoop when he got enough space but his size hindered him when defenders were near by. How much he grows will go a long way towards where he plays at at the next level.

St. Benedictís Prep

Scott Machado (2008, 6-1 PG)
Academy of the New Church went to zone defense to slow down the St. Benedictís frontcourt. That left wide open jumpers for the Gray Bees. Machado missed everyone he took while we were there and it really hurt them. He can hit jumpers from time to time, but is really at his best when heís on the attack and can create for himself and his teammates. Scott finished with just 5 points.

Central Bucks South

Will Barrett (2009, 6-8 SF/PF)
Will really struggled offensively in this game. He has a nice all around skill set, but isnít really strong in any area yet. He really struggled with his jumper as he missed shot after shot. He has a lot of work to do to become a consistent wing player. Will did have a couple of nice drives and he can attack some off the dribble. He really struggled to finish in this game, even after offensive rebounds. He did do a good job on the boards. He had a block on defense, but does need to play more physical on that end of the court. Will didnít post up too often, but when he did he wasnít effective. He is clearly a developing player who will have better nights. He didnít even play in the final quarter and finished with a mere 4 points.


Khalif Wyatt (2009, 6-2 200 PG)
Khalif opened the game with his usual pull up jumper. He hit one from inside the arc as well as from three point range. He dished out a beautiful long pass and had a couple other decent passes. Heís still more of a score first guard, but Khalif did seem to be looking to pass more than in the past. It also appeared he has lost some weight and that can only help his game. Norristown rotates players in and out quite frequently because they are so deep and therefore it is hard to get into a good rhythm. Khalif managed a solid 9 points in the easy victory.

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