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Cherry Hill East Invitational
Tuesday, 19 February 2008

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Ryan Brooks
Over the weekend, a number of South Jersey's top teams battled it out in the Cherry Hill East Invitational.  In addition to some good South Jersey programs, St. Patrick's came down and the Celtics battled traditional power St. Augustine in Sunday's nightcap.  CAA Insider was on hand on Sunday.  Here is a look at some of the top performers.


Paul VI 66 Trenton Catholic 61
Holy Spirit 57 Cinnaminson 55
Camden Catholic 66 Atlantic City 53
St. Patrick's  79 St. Augustine 63

St. Patrickís

Jermel Jenkins (2008, 5-10 PG)
Jermel has really played a steady point guard spot lately. Heís very unselfish and looks to get his talented teammates involved. He opened by scoring on a runner in the lane. Jermel is a good setup man who had a number of drives and kick outs in this game. He has the quickness to get into the lane and he takes care of the ball. His jump shot is also very smooth too and he showed when he buried a couple three pointers. Heís clearly not the best player on this loaded team, but Jermel has been solid during his senior season.

Holy Spirit

Matt DeSouza (2008, 6-7 PF) Committed to Caldwell College (D-II)
Matt put together a solid game. The big bodied forward showed a unique ability to bury three pointers. He hit on five of them in this one. His stroke is very smooth and heís quite skilled. He also hit a 10 foot jumper and banked a shot in around the basket. Matt did fall in love with the perimeter shot and could utilize his size a little better on the inside. He did grab some boards and scored from time to time in the paint, but spent a lot of his time on the perimeter. Matt really needs to get in shape. If he can do that he could be a star at Caldwell. Even with the extra weight, Matt still has some skills. He led Holy Spirit with 24 points.

Ryan Brooks (2008, 6-8 PF) Committed to Rhode Island
Ryan is a lanky and athletic forward. He was double teamed throughout most of this game, but still had some impact offensively. He scored on a nice quick post spin move with a foul. Ryan made most of his impact crashing the offensive glass. He pulled down a number of rebounds on both ends of the floor. Ryan also blocked several shots on the defensive end. He has some muscle definition, but is still quite thin. He threw a couple nice passes too. Ryan finished with 11 points.

B.J. Bailey (2009, 6-3 SG)
B.J. has good size for a wing player. He is quite strong. He showed the ability to knock down the three point shot. He also had a nice pass and scored the go ahead lay-up in the close victory. He finished with 11 points.

Camden Catholic

Jasheer Bronson (2009, 5-10 PG)
Jahseer isnít super flashy, but rather a very steady point guard. He did a good job of distributing the ball in this one. He also showed the ability to score. He hit a three pointer and attacked quite often off of the dribble. Jahseer also ran the floor. He scored 17 points in this balanced Camden Catholic win. 

Tim Crawford (2010, 6-5 SF/PF)
This young sophomore moves well without the ball. He scored a lot on the interior after good cuts to the hoop. He was inconsistent finishing throughout the game, but got better as the contest wore on. He also had a nice high post pass to a cutter. He showed he can play on the perimeter as he buried a jump shot. Tim led the way with 18 points and 10 rebounds in this one.

Jerry Wixted (2010, 6-5 SF/PF)
Jerry is a fundamentally sound sophomore. He cuts well and gets lay-ups because of it. He did struggle to convert early on. Jerry did pick it up though. He had a reverse lay-up, banked in a shot and was fouled, and also displayed a short hook shot. He can put the ball on the floor some too, but wonít typically blow by his man. Jerry ended up with 16 points in the win.

St. Augustine

Josh Thompson (2008, 6-4 SG/SF) Committed to Wagner
Josh is such a fantastic athlete, particularly for the level heíll be playing at next year. On one play, he drove to the goal for an explosive dunk that got the crowd off their feet. Heís strong and athletic. He had several more nice drives to the hoop including a bank finish. Josh also threw an excellent pass where he left his feet to shoot, but found the open man. He did really struggle with his jumper in this one though and he doesnít have the smoothest form. Josh can certainly cause some match-up problems next season.

Isaiah Morton (2011, 5-8 PG)
Isaiah played a similar game as what we saw last week in the Primetime Shootout. The small guard is quick and can make a lot of plays, but still has to really learn how to play the point guard position. Thatís certainly no easy task as a freshman on one of South Jerseyís better teams. Once again his jumper wasnít falling. He did hit a three pointer and a shot here and there, but missed quite often from the outside. He ran the floor and made some plays in transition, but also tried to do things too quickly at times. Isaiah wound up with several turnovers. He did have a nice pass and we hope to see more of that from him in the future. 

Charlie Monaghan (2011, 6-4 SF/PF)
This freshman didnít have a huge impact for the Hermits, but he does start and has some skills. He has pretty good size and can put the ball on the floor. He does need to get stronger, but still crashed the boards pretty well in this one.

Bill Giberson (2009, 6-4 SF/PF)
This scrappy wing player really made some plays. He was very aggressive going at the St. Patís defense. He scored on a short post hook shot, several lay-ins and grabbed a couple boards as well. Heís undersized so his future is out on the wing. He did hit a three pointer in this one too. Bill isnít a player who stands out right away, but his production was outstanding. He led the Hermits with 24 points in the loss.

Trenton Catholic

Frantz Massenat (2010, 6-3 170 PG/SG)
Frantz had some fantastic finishes in this one. He drove left and scored, and also had a scoop finish later on. He can adjust well in traffic. Frantz ran the floor and on one occasion was rewarded with an old fashioned three point play. He ended with 11 points in this one.

Daquan Basnight (2009, 6-4 SF/PF)
Daquan was very active running the floor. He converted on a number of transition baskets. He also moved very well without the ball on the offensive end. He was able to get to the line a few times. His ball handling could use some improvement though. Daquan finished with 14 points in this contest.

Dondre Whitmore (2010, 5-9 155 PG)
Dondre is a quick guard who can get into the lane. He did that some in this one, but was at his best on the perimeter. He has a very smooth shot and a quick release. Dondre buried 5 three pointers in this contest. He made a very good long pass on the break and pushed the ball after a rebound on another occasion. Dondre came up huge defensively with 3 big steals in the closing moments, but he and his teammates couldn't take advantage on the other end. Dondre led the way for Trenton Catholic with 20 points.  

Paul VI

Will Campbell (2008, 5-10 PG)
Will is a small, but quick point guard. He can get into the lane off the dribble. He also showed the ability to hit the pull up jumper, although his shot wasnít too consistent. Will ran the floor a lot and was able to score because of it. We only managed to catch the second half of this one, but Will was solid. He finished with 25 points in the game.

Atlantic City

Rashaun Rasheed (2011, 6-5 SF)
This young left-handed wing player is quite impressive. Heís very smooth with the ball in his hands and can create off the dribble. He scored on a transition pull up jumper after a steal. He also converted a traditional three point play. His most impressive play was a bank shot with a defender draped on him. Rashaun also showed that he can shoot from the outside as he hit a pair of three pointers. He flashed his athletic ability too, even though he missed the high flying dunk. Rashaun is already quite talented and has a bright future. He finished with 15 points in this one.


T.J. DiLeo (2008, 6-3 PG/SG)
This combo guard flashed some very good skills. He has good size and is very aggressive attacking the basket. He can shoot or throw laser passes. T.J. had a very athletic dunk on the break. He also picked up a number of steals and transition baskets. He can drive in either direction and doesnít waste dribbles getting to the hoop. T.J. tied the game late with a dunk, but then missed a pull up jumper to tie it later on. While he buried a very tough long pull up three pointer, he did struggle overall to hit from the perimeter. T.J was certainly a surprise player in this one as the senior poured in 25 points in the loss.

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