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Donofrio Week 2 (Part 1)
Thursday, 03 April 2008

by Brian Crownover
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Action continued in the second week of the Donofrio Classic in Conshocken, Pennsylvania. Some of the top teams that had byes took the court for the first time. Here are the standout players.

Ferguson Myrick

Hunting Park I 106 Del Val Toros 103 (OT)
Positive Image I 96 James Fox 71
Mainstreet 117 Pizza Time 78 

Hunting Park I

Ferguson Myrick (2009, 6-5 PF)
Ferg is an active forward who put together a very impressive game. He ran the floor well and found himself in great position to finish off of teammates fine passes. He worked his way through traffic on the inside, including a nice up and under move. Ferg was very aggressive on the glass as he followed up several misses as well as pulling down some defensive rebounds. He scored via an old fashioned three point play. His three point shot was on too though as he buried several of those. Ferg attacked from short range on the inside off of the dribble, but didnít drive from the wing much. He actually sat for a good portion of the second half before the Del Val Toros came back. Shortly after his reentry, he was thrown out for being involved in a near fight. Ferg is a player who really looks poised to have a big spring. He finished with 32 points and 12 rebounds for the Warriors.

Lamar Trice (2008, 6-0 PG) committed to Mount St. Maryís
If thereís a better setup man in the area, we havenít seen him. Lamar is very quick and breaks down the defense off the dribble. Time and time again heíll dish off a pass that is right on the money. His most impressive dime was of the no look variety. His teammates were ready for his passes in this one so the Warriors took full advantage. Lamar did struggle finishing though. He also missed badly on a three pointer during a rare attempted jump shot. Lamar made an impact though with 10 points and 15 assists.

Malik Tinsley (2008, 6-5 SF)
Malik is a lanky wing who can score. Heíll get out and run. He can use long strides to get by defenders on the break. He had a steal and dunk among those baskets. He also scored on an old fashioned three point play. Malik hit a three pointer and grabbed several rebounds too. He has good hands and easily snatched the ball out of the air. He finished with 18 points and 11 rebounds. 

Alibaba Odd (2008, 6-2 SG)
Aliís shot was really on in this one. He knocked down three from behind the arc. After missing one, he began driving a little more and drew some fouls. He had a nice pass after pulling down a rebound. Most of his damage came from the perimeter though.

Tyree "Chuck" Harris (2009, 6-7 PF)
Chuck is a scrappy player. He did damage like usual crashing the boards on both ends of the floor. He runs the floor well and can score some on the break. He had a nice pass to a cutter. Chuck did most of his damage on the offensive glass.


Tyree Johnson (2010, 5-8 PG)
This quick young point guard put together a solid game. He has the ability to get into the lane off the dribble as well as score from the outside. He buried a pair of three pointers and a deep two pointer. Tyree can change directions off the dribble and had a nice stop and go move. Heís unselfish and distributed the ball quite often in this game. When we saw Tyree against Chester during the high school season, he showed a lot of talent, but was erratic. He was much steadier in this contest. We were also surprised at how well he meshed with Karon Burton who is a similar type of lead guard.

Duane Johnson (2009, 6-4 SF)
Duane is a lanky, athletic wing. He fits in well with this team that loves to run the floor. Most of his offensive plays are made on the break or around the rim. He had a nice dunk on one play. He also pulled down rebound after rebound. Duane is very active inside. He blocked two shots late on the defensive end. Heís a solid ball handler too. He does need to expand his game to the perimeter, but the natural ability is there for this kid.

Ron Giplaye (2010, 6-5 PF)
Ron was the surprise player of the event thus far. There usually arenít too many players here that we havenít seen or heard about that really stand out. Ron is an athletic forward with a solid frame. He was very active on the inside, pulling down boards and wreaking havoc. He scored on a nice bank shot inside as well as an offensive rebound tip in. He had a transition dunk. Ron made several nice passes and blocked a shot too. He needs to develop more away from the basket. This sophomore from Delaware has plenty of time to do that though.

Kevin Green-Germany (2008, 6-0 PG/SG)
Kevin carried over his strong play during the high school season on into the spring. He hit a step back jumper from 17 feet. He continued to stroke the ball well as he hit a couple more threes. He also ran the floor and scored or distributed in transition. He doesnít choose to attack much off the dribble, but Kevin is good enough to do so. 

Karon Burton (2008, 5-8 PG)
With his ability to take over the game, Karon could basically headline these articles anytime we see him. He put together another stellar outing. That seems to be the norm for this little guy. He plays with the toughness and style similar to the way Allen Iverson does at a higher level. He goes straight at the defenders and finishes well with contact. Karon scored plenty in transition as well as in the half court game in this one. He had several beautiful passes mixed in with his scoring. From the outside, he hit a pull up three pointer and several more from that range. He took a couple bad shots throughout the contest. Overall though, Karon played another terrific game. 

Rahlir Jefferson (2009, 6-6 SF/PF)
Rahlir put together a big time game. Heís a fantastic player in an up and down game which this certainly was at times. He handles the ball very well and is explosive in space. His most impressive play was a steal and high flying dunk. He showed he can drive to the left or right. Rahlir finished well throughout the game. He played on the wing more than he does with Chester. He hit a mid range jumper. Thatís an area of his game weíd really like to see more of. Rahlirís length causes all kind of problems on the defensive end. He disrupts the passing lanes with his long arms and can block shots around the rim. He had several steals that started fastbreak opportunities. Rahlir certainly stood out in this one.

Nafis Richardson (2008, 6-1 PG/SG)
Nafis is another fine first stater who made the trip up for this event. He can just score the basketball. He hit a pull up three pointer and later another from deep. He made an outstanding adjustment in traffic to score in transition. Heís a quick ball handler who can get into the lane off the dribble. He provided some nice depth off the bench for this very talented squad.

Positive Image I

Will Adams (2009, 6-3 SG)
Will had a strong high school season. Unfortunately, the couple times we saw him he didnít play very well. He was outstanding on this evening though. He has good size for a wing guard and can shoot from the perimeter. He was on fire from the outside as he dialed up four from long distance. Will also ran the floor and pulled down some rebounds too. He even surprised up with his athleticism on a dunk after a drive. Will ended with 26 points. 

Courtney Stanley (2008, 6-1 PG) Committed to Loyola-Chicago
What a difference playing without Maalik Wayns on the court makes for Courtney. The lead guard is clearly better when he has to run point than he is when he plays off the ball. He was aggressive all throughout the day on the offensive end. If he wasnít driving and scoring, he was making brilliant passes to teammates. Courtney also rebounded well and often looked to push it. He didnít do much from the outside in this one, but he didnít have to in order to have an impact.

Wes Kirkland (2008, 6-5 SF)
Wes had a solid outing. He was on from behind the arc and hit three from that area. He ran the floor a little too. Wes crashed the boards as well. He finished with 17 points and 10 rebounds.

Sam Prescott (2009, 6-3 PG/SG)
Sam has some quickness and smoothness to his game. He gets into the lane in a hurry off the dribble and is a solid finisher. He scored on an old fashioned three point play and had a couple other nice drives as well.

Del Val Toros

Maurice Briggs (2008, 6-5 SF/PF)
Maurice was invisible early on, but the long, athletic wing got it churning in the second half. He scored all of his 18 points in that session. He displayed a smooth jumper as he nailed a pair of threes and another deep jumper. Heís a solid ball handler who can drive some and will also battle inside. He did help his team climb back into it. Maurice was tossed for nearly fighting with several minutes left in the contest.

Tom Smith (2010, 6-1 SG/SF)
This young player has a solid build. Tom used his body to convert on an old fashioned three point play after a drive to the hoop. The lefty scored on a scoop finish later on. He got up and down the court and scored in transition. He hit an 8 foot jumper and threw a nice pass on the break too.

Russell Graham (2008, 6-0 PG)
Russell had several nice drives to the hoop and he also ran the floor and scored in transition. He had a steal and long assist and played good defensively. Russell did struggled to find his jumper though.

James Fox

Chris Cantino (2008, 6-6 SF)
Chris is a long forward who can play both inside and outside. He was at his best around the hoop. With his back to the basket, Chris scored on a turn around post jumper. He had several offensive rebound put backs and banked home another shot. He grabbed a number of rebounds on both ends of the floor. Chris does a good job of keeping the ball high in the post. He scored on a nice drive where he hit a floater and was fouled. He can attack off the dribble, but was quiet from the perimeter. 

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