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Home arrow Recruiting News arrow Rumble in the Bronx (Part 2)
Rumble in the Bronx (Part 2)
Thursday, 19 June 2008

by Brian Crownover
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Winston Graham
This past weekend, New York's premier AAU tournament took place.  The Rumble in the Bronx brought some of the top players from the city as well as several strong teams from other regions of the country.  Here is a look at some more of the best players.

NY Panthers

Winston Graham (2009, 6-2 SG)
This smooth shooting guard really got going early. He opened with a pair of three pointers. Winston later hit a tough fall away jumper and several more difficult jumpers. Heís a quick ball handler who got into the lane with ease on the bounce. He drew several fouls when attacking, but Winston opted to play on the perimeter a lot. He ran the floor well and had a nice alley oop pass on one play. Winston was terrific in this huge win for the Panthers.

Brian Wilson (2009, 6-7 PF)
This big man proved to be solid inside. He converted on a dunk and an offensive rebound put back plus a foul. Brian also showed a good stroke at the line as he buried a pair of free throws. On this talented team, his opportunities were limited. Defensively, Brian mixed in a blocked shot too.  

Paul Bilbo (2009, 6-8 PF)
Paul didnít have a huge game, but he made a couple plays. Among his baskets, in his limited touches, was a hook shot in the post. The lefty also pulled down several rebounds.

NY Gauchos

Russell Smith (2009, 5-11 PG/SG)
This playmaking guard put together a good game. He got into the lane with ease due to his quick handle. Russ had several nice drives that ended in baskets or fouls. He had a couple nice passes, including one to the interior. Russ hit a three pointer, but heís very streaky from the perimeter. He airballed another long shot. Russ is a gifted player and he showed that in this contest.

James Stukes (2009, 6-7 PF)
James has been pretty active this AAU season. Heís comfortable putting the ball on the floor and attacking from the wing. He also runs the floor well and can finish in transition. James was active on the boards too. He would benefit by adding a jumper to his arsenal, but James does seem to be progressing nicely.

Brooklyn Ballers

Lamont Samuels (2009, 6-3 180 SG/SF)
The Brooklyn Ballers were a late replacement team in this tournament. They had a tough match-up against the Gauchos, but still were impressive. Lamont was the best player for this squad. The guard had several beautiful drives left and assists to teammates. He was aggressive attacking off the bounce and often went left. He likes using spin moves, although it didnít always accomplish a lot for him. Lamont ran the floor and had a nice adjustment on the break on one play. He scored on an old fashioned three point play and knocked down a shot from behind the arc too. He did airball another three pointer though. Lamont played a strong game though.

Dion Waiters (2009, 6-3 165 SG/SF)
Not to be confused with the future Syracuse player, the ďother Dion WaitersĒ is pretty good too. The lanky guard hit a pull up mid range jumper early. He then attacked off the bounced. He had a drive and finish with contact. He also got out and ran the floor. Dion did miss on a couple floaters, but overall was solid when getting into the lane. He had a nice spin move baseline and kick out to a teammate for a jumper too. Dion is another talented guard on this Brooklyn team.

Gavin Scott (2009, 6-5 190 SG/SF)
This left handed wing proved to be a good scorer. He hit several three pointers, including an impressive pull up after a crossover move. He was a bit streaky from the perimeter though. Gavin showed a solid handle and the ability to get into the lane. He converted on a scoop finish. He also scored on the inside and blocked a shot. Gavin looks to be a gifted player.

Team Final

Shannon Givens (2009, 5-10 PG)
Shannon made several good plays. He hit a rare turn around post jumper. He also drove in both directions and finished, once using a scoop shot. Shannon ran the floor too. He was quiet from the outside and in the passing column. 

Calvin Newell (2009, 6-0 SG)
On the outside, Calvin hit a pull up three pointer. He had several other nice plays, including a pass inside. He attacked some off the dribble and either drew a foul or kicked the ball out for an assist. Calvin did pick off several passes on the defensive end too.

Andre "Scooter" Gillette (2009, 6-8 PF)
Scooter had a good game on the interior. He finished very well around the rim. On several occasions, it was even after contact from a defender. One of his plays, was an athletic dunk off a nice pass. He did benefit from a couple nice feeds, but we also have to give him credit for obtaining good position inside. 

DC Assault

Daryl Traynham (2010, 5-9 PG)
This playmaking guard always seems to impress. He had the pull up jumper working and buried several of those. He used his quick handle to drive in both directions and finish. Daryl had several nice passes, including an alley oop as well as a spin move and kick out to the perimeter. Size might be the only thing that will hurt Daryl as he progresses. Other than that, heís a fantastic player.

Javorn Farrell (2009, 6-4 SG)
Javorn did most of his damage on the boards. He grabbed several rebounds at both ends of the court. He missed a jumper and was rather quiet in the scoring column.

Georgia Elite

Jerome Hamilton (2009, 6-7 PF/C)
When you are big and active, itís easy to get noticed. That was certainly the case for Jerome. He really worked hard inside. He had numerous tip in and lay ins. Jerome was a monster on the boards at both ends. He likes using the glass as he showed with several post bank shots. He made a nice pass out of a double team in the post too. The lefty has a solid build. He blocked a shot too. Jerome was definitely a surprise player at this event. 

Javon Dawson (2009, 6-6 PF)
Javon was also solid on the interior for the Georgia Elite. Heís a little shorter and wider than Hamilton. He also had several tip ins around the basket. Javon showed some ability to put the ball on the floor. He rebounded well in the contest.


Madut Bol (2009, 6-8 C)
We took a peak at the Playaz game and naturally the big man caught our attention. Madut had a very athletic block. He also put together a strong game on the boards. He really struggled finishing around the rim though. His touch needs improvement and he must get stronger. Madut does possess good hands. Heís a work in progress and is worth keeping an eye on. 

City Rocks 16s

Pat Moore (2010, 6-3 SG)
The City Rocks always seem to bring out a strong shooter. Pat was just that for the younger team. He has a very smooth stroke and showed it off by burying three in a row from beyond the arc. Pat displayed the ability to put the ball on the floor too. He had a nice drive left and finish back to the right. He had a nice cut and finish and pulled down several rebounds too. Pat had a solid outing. 

Brice Kofane (2010, 6-8 PF/C)
This lanky big man certainly has potential. Offensively, he stood out with a very athletic jam. He was at his best on the boards though, where he dominated. Brice blocked a shot and had a steal too. He could benefit by getting stronger and we would like to see more plays out of him on the offensive end. Brice certainly has some talent though.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 19 June 2008 )
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