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Hoop Group Elite Camp: Monday
Wednesday, 09 July 2008

By Brian Crownover
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The Hoop Group Elite Camp continued on Monday.  CAA Insider was on hand for the strong evening session.  As players got used to each other, the action became more fast and furious.  Here is a look at some of the top players.

Francis Ashe (2009, 6-2 PG/SG)
Francis was a real surprise for us. He ended the first half with several impressive plays and continued that on into the second half. He drove the left and finished with a beautiful runner. He then stole the inbound pass and banked home a shot. Francis is a very quick ball handling lead guard who can change directly with ease. He displayed a good crossover move and got to the rim often. He can attack in either direction. Francis used a left handed finger roll finish after one drive. He converted on a floater in the lane. Not only did he score, but Francis made several nice passes after breaking down the defense too. He didnít shoot from the perimeter in this one. Thus far, Francis said his only interest was from Stony Brook and St. Francis (PA). If he played anywhere near this well throughout the camp, thatíll certainly change.

Jamee Jackson (2009, 6-8 PF/C)
Jamee is one of a handful of skilled big men in this camp. The lefty really goes to work around the rim. Heís a hustle player who can often be found attacking on the offensive glass. He had several put backs around the rim. Jamee converted inside on another play with contact. He moves well and has pretty good touch and a nice feel around the basket. He can also put the ball on the floor a little and had a nice spin move (even though he couldnít convert). Jamee tried to step outside, but missed on a jumper too. He is definitely a player to keep track of this summer though.

Mike McFadden (2009, 6-6 SF/PF)
 He possesses the shoulders of a linebacker. He handles the ball well in the open court and likes to get out and run. Mike is also unselfish and proved to be a very good passer. He had an athletic dunk and also finished with contact on one play (thanks in part to his size). Mike grabbed a few rebounds. Right now he appears to be in between a small forward and power forward. He can handle on the wing, but didnít shoot the ball from the outside. He has the size to play inside, but didnít really do so. Mike certainly showed heís a player though.

Jerry Cummings (2009, 6-6 SF)
Jerry is a very long forward who handles the rock well. He was most comfortable hanging around the perimeter and attacking the hoop. He had a nice drive and left handed finish on one play. Jerryís long strides help him get to the rim. He does tend to dribble the ball too high and he was dribbling around wasting dribbles at times throughout the game. The big man did pull down a number of rebounds during this contest.

Aishon White (2010, 6-2 SG)
This young guard was good on the first day and played well again.  He opened the game by hitting on a deep jumper.  Aishon used his quickness to get into the lane off the dribble.  He really got up and down the court and made plays in transition.  He had a steal and dunk on one such play.  Aishon also threw several fine passes.  He struggled with his jumper later in the contest, but still put together a nice game.

Sam Prescott (2009, 6-3 SG)
Sam put together a quality game. The talented guard played very quick and aggressive. He was always looking to get out and run and make plays in the open court. He did just that in this one too. Sam had a beautiful left handed finish on the break and also hit a scoop shot. He hit on a couple runners in the lane too. He has a quick handle and doesnít waste time dribbling in the backcourt. He goes right at the hoop. Sam had a nice drive and dish play as well. Where he did struggle was with his perimeter jump shot. We loved Samís aggression and confidence though.

William Harrison (2008, 6-5 SG/SF)
This bouncy wing made a few plays. He had an acrobatic scoop finish and got up and down the court. Heís gets into the lane quickly off the dribble. William drew a foul while attacking and had a follow up play on the offensive boards. He grabbed a few other boards too. William was somewhat quiet from the outside though.

Dondre Whitmore (2010, 5-9 155 PG)
Dondre actually played with the second unit, but was outside.  He's small, but super quick.  He's superb in the open court and getting up and down very quickly.  Dondre is also a fantastic change of direction dribbler.  He can score from the outside as he showed with a pair of pull up jumpers.  He was unselfish and made a few nice passes too.  Dondre was aggressive defensively and picked up a couple steals.  He is quite the talent.

Justin Crosgile (2009, 5-11 PG/SG) committed to St. Joe's
Justin played a decent game, but it wasnít one of his better outings.  The quick guard handles the ball well and can get into the lane. He also runs the floor well. Justin converted with an impressive scoop finish plus a foul. He had a nice bounce pass on one fastbreak. Where Justin struggled in this contest was with his jumper. He missed several times from the outside. It was still a solid outing though for this guard.

Austin Alecxih (2009, 6-4 SG)
Austin is a good sized wing who can handle the ball. He used his size to hit on a runner over a defender. He also hit a pull up jumper. He was a little inconsistent from the outside though as he missed on a few other perimeter shot attempts.

Deon Jones (2011, 6-4 SG)
Deon is a talented Delaware youngster. This guard already possesses good size for his position. He hit a runner in the lane and he handles the ball pretty well. Deon also had a steal in this contest. Heíll team up with Trevor Cooney to be a force in the First State for years to come.

Devon Saddler (2009, 6-2 SG)
Devon is a strong off guard that we were eager to see. He handles the ball pretty well and likes to use spin moves to free himself from the defense. He also had a steal and dished off a good pass on the break. Devon didnít show much from the perimeter in this one. Heís been getting some good reviews at this camp, but Devon didnít play up to par in this contest.

Ron Spencer (2009, 6-8 PF)
This lanky big man had a couple lay-ins around the hoop. He has decent touch. Ron also grabbed a few boards. He does need to add some strength to be more effective.

Mike Accaoui (2009, 5-8 PG)
Mike is small, but does handle the ball fairly well. He drove to the rim and drew a foul on one play. He displayed several nice passes. Mike missed on a pull up jumper from the outside.

Stephen Spinella (2009, 6-5 SF/PF)
Stephen handles the ball well. The skilled forward also made several nice passes. He hit a pull up jumper, but also missed on another attempt.

Dominique Raney (2011, 6-2 SG/SF)
Dominique was very active on the glass. He had several put backs. He also ran the floor and showed his athletic ability on a jam. This youngster is worth keeping an eye on (although heís from Oklahoma).

Cleveland Melvin (2009, 6-8 PF)
This big man made a few plays. He showed he can handle a little. He also ran the floor and scored in transition. Cleveland grabbed a few boards as well.

Dave Johnson (2009, 5-9 PG)
Dave is a small, but quick lead guard. He does a fine job of getting to the hoop or setting up teammates. Heíll need to get stronger at the next level.

Markese Tucker (2010, 6-5 PF)
After he played well when we saw him during the high school season, we were hoping to see a lot from Markese. He made some plays here and there. During this game, he showed some nice ball handling. He grabbed a steal as well. Markese is a well built forward. He missed on a jumper in this contest.

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