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Interview with Army commit KJ Brown
Tuesday, 07 October 2008

By Bill Martin
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The Army basketball team has received a verbal commitment from KJ Brown out of Living Faith Christian Academy in Cherry Hill, NJ.  CAA Insider caught up with KJ to discuss his commitment to West Point.

CAA Insider: How did Coach Crews make West Point seem like the right place for you to continue your basketball career? 

KJ Brown: I was really impressed by his character; he's definitely a man of principle, and that's what I aim to be.  It was about more than basketball. I want to be around the best and brightest, but I wouldn't mind winning the Patriot league a couple times.

CAA Insider: What were some other factors in your decision to play for West Point?

KJ Brown: I really like the team, they're a tight unit. They run a motion offense, one I think I値l thrive in. The patriot league is a competitive league, and it's a great degree.

CAA Insider: What opportunity does a degree from West Point offer that you could not get at another school?

KJ Brown: One thing Coach Crews said on my visit, I値l never forget, he asked "if a Harvard grad walked in the room, what would you immediately know about him?" I said well you'd know they're bright and more than able-minded.  He went on to say a West Point grad, is distinguished by those same kind of smarts, but also strong leadership qualities, they池e good men.

CAA Insider: How do you think your college experience will be different going to West Point rather than another school that is not military based?

KJ Brown: You'd think it'd be really rigid, but it's not. I値l have a lot of the same experiences any other college kid would, but I値l be trained to be a great leader all the while.

CAA Insider: Will you have any military obligation after graduation?

KJ Brown: Yes, five years, but that doesn't mean I値l be in a humvee in Iraq.  Everyone seems to think that.  I could spend those years on campus as a grad assistant or stationed in Japan. The way I see it, I know where I値l be ten years from now, employed and well off.

CAA Insider: What did you do on your visit to the campus?

KJ Brown: I saw the campus; it's beautiful and has a lot of history. Had lunch with the staff, met the team and spoke with Coach Crews for a good two hours.
CAA Insider: What did you and Coach Crews discuss during that two hour conversation?

KJ Brown: We spoke about how big of a commitment it was.  He was really straightforward. We talked about the sets they run, what I plan to major in, how challenging the academic side is at the Point. We talked about everything.

CAA Insider: Do you know what you are going to major in?

KJ Brown: No, haven't decided yet.

CAA Insider: When it came down to your final decision, what schools did you pass on in favor of West Point?

KJ Brown: Lehigh, Lafayette, and Liberty.
CAA Insider: Which of these schools did you have offers from?

KJ Brown: Didn稚 wait on them, they were on the way, though.

CAA Insider: When did the Army coaching staff first see you play and when did they really start recruiting you hard?

KJ Brown: They started actively recruiting me in June and followed the whole summer, as did Liberty, Lafayette and NJIT.

CAA Insider: What are the strengths of your game? 

KJ Brown: Shooting, handling and vision.

CAA Insider: What areas of your game do you need to work on the most?    

KJ Brown: Explosiveness, being consistent on the defensive end, and leading.

CAA Insider: What was the best game you have ever played in your basketball career, at any level?

KJ Brown: So many choices (laughs).  This April at the National Christian Invitational I posted a light 36 points and nine assists in an OT win to advance to the semis.

CAA Insider: Who has had the greatest influence on your basketball career?

KJ Brown: My dad and Terrell Baker. My dad introduced me to the game really.  I get my heart from him. T-Bake showed me what it takes to be a really good ballplayer: efficiency and smarts. He's my trainer and a lot more, like an uncle. He played at Florida State and overseas.

CAA Insider: What do you like to do when you are not on the basketball court?

KJ Brown: Read, text, eat good food and watch movies.

CAA Insider: Thank you for your time, and good luck next season.

KJ Brown: Thanks Bill.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 27 November 2008 )
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