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Game Tape Analysis: Metro Classic 2008
Thursday, 13 November 2008

By Bill Martin
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Back on October 26th some of better players in the state of New York came together to compete in the 2008 Metro Classic at the Island Garden Arena in West Hempstead, NY. 

In this annual contest the players from the suburbs (Burbs) take on the city kids (Boros).

After the first quarter the Burbs had jumped out to an early 16 point lead, but the Boros quickly closed the gap in the second quarter and the game remained close for the remainder of the contest. 

The game even went into overtime on a last second game tying shot.  In the end the Boros pulled out a victory by the score of 124-120.

There was a good deal of stand out individual performances in this game, as the style of play tended to lean towards one on one match ups.  The following are the player evaluations from the game.


Chaz Williams (2009, 5-8 PG) committed to Hofstra
Whenever we see Chaz he never fails to impress and this game was no exception.  While he got off to a bit of a slow start Chaz really turned it up after Durand Scott left the game in the third quarter with an injury.  Chaz finished the game with 34 points, scoring 16 in the fourth quarter and an additional 6 in overtime.  He was awarded the games MVP trophy and really fueled his teamís victory.

Chaz attacked the hoop constantly and got into the lane at will.  There was not a defender on the court who could keep Chaz in front of them, with his superior quickness and ball handling ability.  The move he used the most often had to be his crossover.  He left his man standing still on more then one occasion after crossing them up.  On one drive he crossed over to the left to get by his man, then crossed back over to the right to go by a second man and then hit the lay up.  Besides the crossover Chaz also utilized spin moves, dribble hesitation moves and jump stops to carve up the defense.

Most of his points came from him driving by defenders and hitting lay ups, including a couple spectacular reverses.  A great example of this was when Chaz drove the baseline and went right by his man.  He then missed a reverse attempt, but he got the ball right back and hit a reverse lay up on the other side of the hoop.  Chaz showed he could finish in traffic or out on the break.  He did not attempt many outside shots but he did hit one pull up three pointer when his defender gave him a little space. 

Not only did Chaz score a lot in this game but he also distributed the ball very well.  Once he broke down the defense off the dribble, he often found his teammates for open buckets.  Although Chaz was spectacular in this game he definitely was not perfect.  He struggled some from the free throw line, missing a couple late in the game.  Chaz also turned the ball over a few times trying to do too much or by throwing errant passes.  Overall though this was a fantastic game for Chaz and his play was the main reason the Boros pulled out a win.

Keith Spellman (2009, 6-2 SG)
Right off the bat Spellman crossed his man over just inside the arc and then hit a pull up jumper right in the defenders face.  Later in the game he hit an off balance jumper in the lane.  Other then these two shots Spellman struggled with his shot, especially from the perimeter.  He missed on at least 3 shots from behind the arc and did not hit another attempt.  Although he was struggling with his jumper Spellman did find other ways to score.  One way he scored was by grabbing offensive rebounds and hitting put backs.  Spellman also did a nice job of drawing contact around the hoop and getting himself to the charity stripe.  Once there he converted on his free throw attempts.

Sean Johnson (2009, 6-1 SG)
On his first shot attempt Sean came up short from behind the arc.  After that he did not attempt many outside shots but was able to score around the hoop.  His next two buckets were easy lay ups, one of which came when he caught a teammates air ball and hit the put back.  Later in the game Sean made a couple highlight worthy plays.  On one such play he drove the baseline, jumped up on the one side of the hoop and while on his way down on the other side of the hoop he put the ball in off the glass.  He hit another reverse lay up and on this one he was knocked to the ground as he scored.  He then proceeded to hit the ensuing free throw.  Sean had another great finish, when he ducked under his defender and hit an underhand shot high off the backboard.

Paul Bilbo (2009, 6-8 F) committed to Hofstra
Bilbo did not see a lot on minutes in this game but that was mainly his own doing.  In his first 2 minutes in the game he managed to pick up 3 fouls.  When he did get back in the game he displayed a couple post moves.  He caught the ball in the post and made a nifty spin move to get around his defender for a lay up.  Bilbo tried this exact move again the next time he got the ball, but this time could not convert.  Soon after that he picked up his fourth foul and did not get back on the court much after that.

Joel Wright (2010, SG/SF)
Throughout this entire game Joel fought on the rebounds and most of his points were a result of offensive rebound put backs.  When Joel was around the hoop he excelled at drawing contact, getting himself to the free throw line.  Only problem was that once he got to the line he really struggled to knock down his free throws.

Russell Smith (2009, 5-1 PG/SG)
Russell was at his best using his quickness to get out on the break or to attack the hoop.  He hit multiple finger rolls after driving down the middle of the lane and proved he could finish with contact.  He also hit a shot from behind the arc in this contest.


Jordan Lessane (2009, 5-11 PG)
Most of Jordanís points in this game were scored around the hoop.  He had a fast break lay up and a short shot in the lane that bounced in off the rim.  Jordan had one great drive where he went the length of the court through traffic and hit a running bank shot.  He did however really struggled from the free throw line.  By our count he went 1 for 6 from the charity stripe.

Sherrod Wright (2009, 6-4 SG)
If the Burbs had pulled out a victory in this contest then Sherrod would have mostly been named the games MVP.  He was outstanding throughout the entire game, scoring in a variety of ways.  Sherrod hit pull up jumper after pull up jumper.  He has a very smooth stroke on his shot and a high release point, which makes his shot very hard to defend.  His range extends out to beyond the arc as well.  Sherrod can also create his own shot off the dibble.  He displayed an effective crossover and also used a spin to blow right by his man and hit a lay up right out of the spin.  One of his better plays of the game started when he drove baseline.  As he was driving his defender knocked him off balance, yet as he was hit he was still able to hit a one handed shot.  He then went to the free throw line and converted on the old-fashioned three point play.  It was easy to see in this game why Sherrod is so highly regarded.

JJ Moore (2010, 6-5 SF)
Before this game we had never heard of JJ Moore, but he proved to be one of the most impressive players in the Metro Classic.  Only a junior, Moore is long, athletic and has a solid skill set.  Moore caught our attention right away by knocking down a three pointer and followed that up by driving into the lane and then took off for a one-hand slam.  He showed his ability to handle the basketball when he got a steal and then drove the length of the court finishing with an emphatic dunk.  Moore was also able to score as a result of him moving without the ball.  While he was cutting down the lane he managed to catch a pass that was tipped by a defender.  He bobbled the ball but gained control just as he leapt into the air and hit an underhand lay up.  On another possession he cut down the baseline and received a pass and was fouled on his scoring attempt.  He hit both of these free throw attempts and also hit most of his other free throws in the game.  By our count he hit 7 of his 8 attempts and the one he missed came early on.  Down 107 to 109, the Burbs needed a big time shot to send this one into overtime.  Moore had his number called and he delivered.  After catching a pass just inside the foul line, he hit a step back jump shot with only four seconds remaining in regulation, sending the game into overtime.  His last highlight of the day was another dunk that came right before time expired in the overtime.  It was just too bad his team was down 6 points at the time.

Ryan Creighton (2009, 6-4 SF)
Creighton has a thick build and looks as if he would be an undersized post player.  This is not the case however as Ryan is quicker than he appears and handles the ball surprisingly well.  He drove into the lane on multiple occasions.  On one occasion he hit a lay up after driving and on another play he made a fantastic pass to a baseline cutter for an easy bucket.  He did post up once but was fouled on his shot attempt and he converted both free throws.  Creighton also scored on a tip in off of a teammates miss.  He did attempt one shot from beyond the arc but could not get it to fall.

John Calarco (2009, 6-1 PG/SG)
As soon as Calarco stepped foot on the court he made his presence felt.  He started off by getting a steal and then scored on the resulting break away lay up.  Soon after that he caught a pass behind the arc and fired up a shot.  He faded away a bit on the shot but still knocked it down.  He struggled a bit with his jumper after that, missing a pair from mid range.  Later in the game John had another steal that resulted in a lay up right over a defender.  John handles the ball pretty well and displayed solid court vision.

George Beamon (2009, 6-5 SF)
George fired up a three pointer early and got it to fall after a high bounce off the rim.  After this he got a steal and went right at a taller defender and showed good elevation while scoring on a finger roll.  Later in the game he made another steal but this time he threw down a dunk in the open court.  He again showed off his leaping ability when he was thrown a lob pass, which he caught and since he was not in position to dunk he just hit a lay up.  After chasing down a loose ball in the lane George quickly put up and made a shot while being fouled.  He went to the line and hit his free throw and proved to be a good free throw shooter throughout this game.

Kamil Parzych (2010, 6-3 SG)
Kamil made a couple plays that stood out, including a three pointer early in the game.  On another possession Kamil caught a pass very close to the hoop, he then ducked under his man and found himself directly under the hoop.  From there he hit a scoop lay up high off the glass and with spin to compensate for the poor angle.  Kamil also made a heads up pass on a 2 on 1 break that resulted in an easy bucket for his teammate.

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