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Digging through the Archives: Donofrio Classic Part 1
Friday, 21 July 2006

By Brian Crownover
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I would first like to start off by thanking everyone for visiting our site lately.  Due to the large increase in hits, I decided to post the first article that I wrote earlier this spring.  It will be released as a 3 part series due to the depth of the article.  It is the same article that was posted on the original site for those who have been with us from the beginning.  The article summarizes one of Philly’s most recognized local tournaments, the Donofrio Classic.  Nearly every top player in the City of Brotherly Love plays in this tournament.  I attended nearly every session of the event and broken down numerous prospects.  Thanks a lot to all the new visitors.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the site and continue to keep coming back.  For any of the Maryland/DC readers, I hope to improve my coverage of your area in the future so stay tuned.  If there’s any significant tournaments down there on the horizon please keep me informed.

3/27/06 Donofrio Classic


Keon Lawrence – Weequahic (6-2 175 SR)
At first glance this Missouri signee doesn’t look like a division one player.  He is small and extremely thin.  After seeing him play a few minutes you can see why he is not only a D1 player, but a high major signee as well.  He’s a good ball handler with incredible leaping ability.  He has a pretty solid jump shot to go along with that.  He finished well in this game, although I think he’d have a bit more trouble scoring against the physical big men he’ll face in the Big 12.  He will definitely have to add a few pounds to have a good college career.  Someone compared him to Hofstra’s Loren Stokes and that seems to be a fair comparison, especially when you see the floater he can hit in the middle of the lane.  He is so quick, smooth and electrifying.

Corey Chandler – East Side Newark (6-1 170 JR)
Chandler is another very good athlete and smooth player.  He’s bigger than Lawrence (even though not listed as such), but is not quite as athletic.  This Rutgers signee appeared to more of a perimeter player than Lawrence.  Both played well together and should help this team progress throughout the tournament.

Yves Mbala – St. Patrick’s (6-6 185 SR)
He’s an excellent athlete and a solid pickup for La Salle.  However, he seemed uninterested tonight and was virtually invisible.  He had no electrifying players like the ones that made him MVP of the New Jersey Tournament of Champions last week.  He certainly has more ability that he showed in this game.

John Marciano – Seton Hall Prep (7-0 275 JR)
This kid is a huge physical presence, but unfortunately his game needs a lot of work.  He did score a few times, but at his size he should absolutely dominated the undersized players he was facing.  He looked slow all night, even when going after rebounds.  Despite being big, he didn’t play all that physical.  He’s only a junior so he still has time to develop, but he looks like he could really use some good coaching.  As is typical with any seven footer, he’s drawing some interest from a few major schools.  He may be more suited for the mid major level though.  If he does go to the high major level he’ll certainly be a project.

Del-Val Air
Andrew Randall – Communications Technology (6-5 SO)
Randall was a first team all Public League player and it’s easy to see why.  He has a pretty solid frame and good athletic ability.  He also showed good ball handling skills.  His stroke on his jump shot looked pretty good, but he didn’t hit those shots with much frequency.  He looked okay posting up, but could certainly stand to improve in that area.  He appeared to do a lot different things good, but nothing great.  With some more work over the next two years he can become a complete player. The question is will he grow into more of a PF position or will he remain a SF?   

 3/29/06 Donofrio Classic       

Team Philly

Malik Alvin – Simon Gratz (5-11 160 SR)
I can’t say enough about this future UTEP guard.  It is just too bad he didn’t sign closer to Philly so we could watch his game develop.  He ran the offense so well and always seemed to know where to go with the ball.  He’s very quick and an exceptional ball handler.  In fact, Malik has the best ball skills on this guarded dominated team.  He has good vision and was able to set up teammates very well.  He also displayed a solid jump shot to round out his game.

Tyrone Lewis – Truman (6-0 SR)
Attack, attack, attack is the name of Lewis’ game.  He’s very good in traffic and finishes well.  He also has incredible leaping ability.  Tyrone didn’t take many jump shots, so it is unclear how developed that part of his game is.  He reminds me a bit of Kyle Lowry with his style of play.  At his size, he is probably going to have to play point guard at the next level.  In order to do that he’ll need to show that he is capable of setting up his teammates.

Dan Geriot – Springfield (6-8 210 SR)
He is a solid inside/outside threat.  Unfortunately, playing with such quick and talented guards on this Philly team didn’t allow him to show all of his skills.  He struggled in every aspect of his game on this night.  It was certainly not one of the better performances by this future Richmond Spider.

Josh Martin – Prep Charter (6-2 JR)
Yet another small, but quick guard for team Philly.  As if it’s not obvious by now, they are a very effective transition team.  Josh has a nice stroke, but his shot wasn’t falling much tonight.  He’s not an exceptional athlete, but a good ball player nonetheless.  He seems to do a lot of things good, but none great.  After transferring to Prep Charter this year, Josh has been overshadowed by some talented teammates.  He could slip through the cracks and become a real steal for some college program.

Khalil Mumford – Cardinal Dougherty (5-11 JR)
This kid is certainly a very good scorer.  He has a sweet left handed stroke which he used to burry several three points.  He is also smooth off the dribble and finished well in the open court.  With his small frame, he isn’t able to score around the bucket as well in the half court game as someone like Lewis.  It’s unclear where he will end up.  He appears to have the game of a mid major shooting guard, but the body of a point guard.

Waterview I

Michael Eric – Church Farm (6-9 JR)
This is an interesting prospect.  I hadn’t heard of him prior to this game, but I came away quite impressed.  He is very long, lean and athletic.  He had a solid game rebounding, but his offensive game clearly needs work.  I was surprised he didn’t block more shots.  Michael is still very inexperienced (played only two years organized) and raw, but looks to have a lot of upside.  He doesn’t have a high major game yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of those schools find a scholarship for him.

DeStefano Electric

Garret Williamson – Lower Merion (6-4 SR)
I don’t understand how this kid flew under the radar so much.  He has an incredibly skinny frame (think Tayshaun Prince), but not many weaknesses in his game.  If he was 25 lbs heavier with these skills, every top college in the country would be interested.  Garrett is an excellent athlete as he displayed with several spectacular dunks.  He ran well in the open court and did a good job of finding teammates, specifically Ryan Brooks.  Garrett also is very fluid with the ball and showed the ability to step outside and shoot threes as well.

Ryan Brooks – Lower Merion (6-4 SR)
This kid can just flat out play.  He loves to play physical inside, but can also step outside and knock down a jumper.  He was a monster on the boards in this game.  It seemed like he picked up nearly every defensive rebound.  He has decent ball handling skills, but could improve in the area before he gets to college.  It’s tough to really say where he fits in at that level.  He’s too small to play inside in D1, but needs to improve his perimeter skills a bit to play SG.  He’s probably best suited as a SF, where he can combine some of his inside skills with his perimeter skills.

3/30/06 Donofrio Classic

Filly Sol

Dalton Pepper – Pennsbury (6-6 FR)
I spent the last week watching quite a few players who will be playing D1 basketball next year.  Yet after all that I came away most impressed with a freshman.  Pepper already has the body and athletic ability to be a good college SF.  He showed excellent range as he knocked down several three pointers.  He also showed strong finishing ability, including a one handed alley oop.  While he’s not lightning quick, his ball handling skills are superb for a freshman and he seems to always be under control.  His game is well rounded and you can tell he’s spent many hours in the gym working to improve it.  The question is whether he will grow to a PF’s size or will he remain a SF.  Either way, he has a bright future ahead of him and that’s why he’s one of the top freshmen in the country.

Greg Robbins – Lower Merion (6-5 FR)
Robbins is yet another nationally recognized freshman.  He is similar to Pepper in terms of ball handling and athletic ability as well as size.  Robbins appears to be a better passer, which should come as no surprise when he had teammates such a Williamson and Brooks to pass to all season long.  Robbins’ game is not quite at their level yet, but he’s not far behind.  That is quite impressive since both are probably capable of playing D1 basketball next year (although rumor has it they are headed to prep school).  Greg also showed the ability to knock down the three point shot, although he’s not as good a shooter as Pepper.

Nurideen Lindsey – Overbrook (6-2 FR)
Lindsey could be the next great point guard in Philly.  He has excellent size for his position, very similar to Mustafa Shakur.  He’s very smooth dribbling the ball and can finish well.  He showed solid passing skills, but could distribute the ball better.  He needs to improve his jump shot to take his game to the next level. 

George Harper – Roman Catholic (6-5 FR)
Harper is very long and athletic.  He also has a good frame which he used to finish effectively around the rim.

Ligah Thompson – Bonner (6-7 FR)
Thompson is another long and athletic player who is very similar to Harper.  Nearly everyone on the Filly Sol team has good size and athletic ability.

(Part 2, Part 3, All Tournament Teams)

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