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Digging through the Archives: Donofrio Classic Part 2
Friday, 21 July 2006

By Brian Crownover
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4/5/06 Donofrio Classic

Sammy Zeglinski – Penn Charter (6-1 170 JR)
With a team as talented as the Playaz, it is tough to decide who to start with.  It would’ve been an easier decision if Wayne Ellington or Gerald Henderson was here, but they were off in Tennessee playing in an all start game.  Therefore, I guess I’ll just have to start with the guards.  Virginia is getting a very solid basketball player in Sammy Zeglinski.  He runs the offense very well and can both shoot and pass.  He has an excellent basketball IQ.  He is also deceptively quick off the dribble.  Perhaps the most impressive element of his game though is his aggressiveness, especially on the defensive end.  Sammy was on the floor numerous times diving after loose balls. He also added several steals as well.  In a tournament where offense typically dominates, Sammy was one of the few players whose defense really stood out.

Luis Guzman – Paramus Catholic (6-2 170 SR)
Guzman is another very sound point guard for the Playaz.  I first noticed him last year here when he buried several threes.  He has the ability to score, but is better suited to setup his talented teammates on this squad.  He isn’t incredibly athletic or quick, but his dribbling skills are very efficient.  He also has good vision and passing ability.  Luis usually makes sound decisions with the ball in his hands.  He should fit in well at Temple next year.

Antoine “Scoop” Jardine – Neumann (6-1 170 JR)
Scoop is a big time scorer both off the dribble and with his jump shot.  The stroke on his jumper is a bit awkward, but effective nonetheless.  He runs the floor well and can fill the stat sheet up in a hurry.  He is more athletic than teammates Zeglinski and Guzman.

Rick Jackson – Neumann (6-8 220 JR)
Rick Jackson is a very crafty left-handed big man.  He has excellent ball skills for a man of his size.  He also has some of the best hands I have seen from a forward.  Every pass just sticks to his hand like glue.  Rick’s ball skills make him really difficult to guard around the basket.  He has a soft touch and is very efficient in the paint.  He has a good amount of weight on his body, but that doesn’t slow him down when in motion.  He can extent his jumper to about 12 feet.  Rick is a solid signee for Syracuse.  If he spends some more time in the weight room (and he has the body to fill out), he can become a dominating Power Forward in the Big East.

Andrew Ott – Germantown Academy (6-10 205 SR)
Andrew showed pretty good athletic ability for his size as he threw down several dunks.  He also contributed with a few rebounds.  He had a very limited amount of touches down in the low post so it is difficult to evaluate how good he is offensively.  This is an up and down the court, fast paced tournament where guards dominate and big men can often get lost in the shuffle.  Centers here often have to make their impact either with rebounding or shot blocking.

Mike Yocum – Episcopal Academy (6-8 235 SR)
Mike is a slightly shorter and less athletic version of Ott.  He does have more size on his frame though.  Much like with Ott, Yocum’s contribution was limited mostly to rebounds and a few dunks.  Mike should be a good player for Albany in the America East Conference.

Jarrett Mann – Middleton DE (6-4 175 SO)
Despite being just a sophomore, Mann fit in very well with the Playaz team.  At first it appeared that all he could do was simply capitalize on his teammates good passes in transition.  Later on though, he showed the ability to knock down jumper and attack the basket.  He’s a good developing young talent and will only get better playing with this elite group of basketball players.

Waterview II

Vinny Simpson – Cardinal Dougherty (6-1 SR)
Vinny had the best individual single game performance of the tournament thus far.  After pouring in 36 points in the first round, there was no slowing down for Vinny against the talented Playaz squad.  He was nearly unstoppable as he knocked down three pointer after three pointer and was able to finish around the basket time and time again.  He also did an excellent job of finding his teammates for open jumpers (which they hit quite effectively).  Vinny plays with a high motor and that seemed to also be part of his downfall as both he and his team seemed to run out of energy late in the contest.  I must say I didn’t know anything about him prior to this tournament, but Vinny has been very impressive.  He appeared to be smaller than the 6-1 that he is listed at.  Even so, I find it hard to believe that I haven’t been able to find much D1 interest in him.

There was nothing really different to report when compared to their first game.

Positive Image I

Bradley Wannamaker – Roman Catholic (6-3 175 JR)
Wannamaker is a well built SF who looks like he’s spent a lot of time in the weight room.  He is a physical player who likes to attack the hoop.  He did show a decent jumper, but that doesn’t appear to be the strength of his game.

 4/6/06 Donofrio Classic

Positive Image II

Zahir Carrington – Masterman (6-7 205 SR)
Carrington has good size for a SF and appears to be a solid athlete.  He looked decent at most aspects of his game, but didn’t appear to be particularly strong in any phase.


Lewis Leonard – Frankford (6-3 SR)
Lewis was one of the top players in the Public League this year.  While he did score a bunch of points, I wasn’t all that impressed with his game.  He is a solid ball handler, but not very quick.  He also has poor form on his jump shot.  He did show a willingness to go to the hoop and seemed fairly effective finishing.

Sean Evans – Northeast (6-6 JR)
Sean is a good, strong player.  He was very aggressive and attacked the basket.  He displayed good touch inside, although he uses the finger roll more than I’d like to see from a physical player.  Sean is also a very good rebounder.  He has decent dribbling skills, but really needs to improve his jumper.

Hunting Park

Rodney Green – Prep Charter (6-5 195 SR)
Rodney is a very athletic guard.  He’s an excellent leaper who can really finish around the basket.  He is also an explosive open court player.  He can knock down the outside shot, but overall that area of his game could use more consistency.

Jason Love – Abington Friends (6-8 260 SR)
Love is a big, imposing presence in the low post.  He’s physical and will beat you with his size rather than skill.  He is also very good rebounder who eats up a lot of space in the paint.

Andrew Jones – Abington Friends (6-9 210 SR)
Jones is an athletic big man who prefers to play face up rather than with his back to the basket.  He has a good jumper out to the 12-15 foot range.  Andrew needs to become more physical and develop more of an interior game.

Markieff Morris – Prep Charter (6-8 210 JR)
Markieff is an inside player who made most of his impact in rebounding.  He has good athletic ability and moves well around the basket.

Marcus Morris – Prep Charter (6-8 195 JR)
Marcus is more of a perimeter player than his twin brother.  He knocked down several threes in the contest and also showed the ability to take his man off the dribble.

DJ Rivera – Neumann (6-2 170 SR)
DJ is probably a bigger version of Malik Alvin (see above).  He’s a very good ball handler that does an excellent job of setting up teammates.  He runs the break very well.  He also showed some scoring ability, including having the capability of knocking down the three.

Earl Pettis – Neumann (6-5 195 SR)
Earl is not quite as quick or athletic as his high school teammates Rivera and Jardine.  He has good long body with a solid build and is very efficient.  He can score both from the outside and off the dribble even though he isn’t explosive.

James Fox

Terrance Roderick – Allen (6-5 175 SR)
Terrance really struggled in this game against the talented Hunting Park squad.  He shot far too many jumpers and wasn’t able to hit them with any consistency.  Terrance has poor form on his shot.  He also turned the ball over several times in this game.  He showed decent athletic ability and looked to be a pretty good passer (although he didn’t appear comfortable with his teammates).

4/10/06 Donforio Classic

Team Philly

Reggie Redding – St. Joe’s Prep (6-4 180 SR)
Reggie Redding is similar to Earl Pettis in size and quickness.  He is long-bodied and a solid, but not exceptional athlete.  Where Pettis looks to be a slasher and open court player, Reggie looks to be more of a shooter.  He struggled to knock down the deep jump shot in this game, particularly in the first half.  He did heat up a bit in the second half from the perimeter.  Although his shots weren’t falling on this occasion, he probably has the best pure stroke that I’ve seen at this tournament.

Tyrone Lewis – Truman (6-0 SR)
I said last week that I’d like to see more of a jumper from Tyrone.  Well, he proceeded to hit his teams’ first two baskets of the game from behind the arc.  He then went back to normal style of attacking the basket and running the open court.  Once again, he looked like the best player on the court for a very good Team Philly squad.  Tyrone will have to transform his game to the perimeter a bit more in college, but he proved today that he can be successful at that as well.

Josh Martin – Prep Charter (6-2 JR)
Josh does have a solid all around game, but I’d really like to see him be more aggressive offensively.  He showed some great playground style ball handling skills in the game, but unfortunately he didn’t really use them enough to break down his opponents and create problems.

Malik Alvin – Simon Gratz (5-11 160 SR)
Once again Malik showed great vision and passing skills.  He did completely quit on a few rebounds and seemed frustrated a bit when his teammates didn’t get him the ball.  Those are some things that you don’t want to see out of your lead guard.  When he’s on his game, he is as tough to guard as almost anyone in this tournament.

Lavoy Allen – Pennsbury (6-8 210 JR)
Lavoy is a big bodied post player.  He was very strong on the boards and came up with at least 5 blocks.  He is a decent leaper, but a lot of those blocks game because of his height advantage.  They won’t be as easy to come by on the next level.  Early on in the game, he had some difficulty handling passes.  He showed better hands in the second half though and had a few nice finishes inside.  Lavoy has a lot of upside, especially if he starts hitting the weights and adds more definition to his body.

Old School Cavs

Tamir Johnson – Impotep (6-5 JR)
It’s difficult to say whether Tamir is a D1 player, but he is certainly a very good high school player.  You couldn’t help but notice the undersized power forward in the first half of this game.  He gave bigger, talented players like Dan Geriot and Lavoy Allen fits with his quickness.  He has good ball handling skills and finishes well around the bucket.  His game is more of a face up game than a post up game though.  To play at the next level, Tamir is probably going to have to add more of a perimeter game to his arsenal.

DeStefano Electric

Ryan Brooks – Lower Merion (6-4 SR)
Ryan continued to show why he is one of the best players in the state.  Talented teammate Garrett Williamson did not play in this game, so Brooks picked his game up another level (if that is even possible with how good he already is).  He set the tone early with a thunderous dunk to break open the slow paced contest.  Brooks is just so amazingly quick and aggressive that the young Sol team had no answer for him.  He also displayed good passing skills and decision making.  He did have some trouble defensively with Dalton Pepper, so that is a minor area of concern at the next level (although Dalton is a super talent).  While I can see some areas of his game that could be tweaked I still don’t understand why more schools weren’t after Ryan.  This kid can flat out play.

Filly Sol

Dalton Pepper – Pennsbury (6-6 FR)
On this team full of talented freshmen, Dalton once again stood out.  Ryan Brooks had no answer for Dalton’s game inside or outside.  This was easily the best back and forth individual matchup of the tournament thus far.  One area where Dalton could improve is defensively.  He didn’t move his feet quick enough and got beat by his man a few times.  He also didn’t play good help defense.  It would be nice to see him step in and take a charge every once in awhile.  Dalton is about as complete an offensive player I’ve seen in the tournament and has a bright future ahead of him.

Nurideen Lindsey – Overbrook (6-2 FR)
Nurideen certainly has a ton of talent and a nice build.  There are several areas I’d like to see him improve upon though.  He is a good slasher, but need to become a better jump shooter.  He also needs to learn how to play with his teammates better.  Another thing that bothered me is that Nurideen spent half of the game arguing with the officials.  He could learn a thing about that from Brooks too.  On one play, two guys ran over Brooks, but he just hustled back down the court after no call was made.

George Harper – Roman Catholic (6-5 FR)
Harper again showed great hands around the basket.  That combined with his long wingspan will make him a real force in the future.

Jamal Wilson – Neumann (6-5 SO)
Jamal is another long and lanky point guard like Lindsey.  He isn’t as much of an offensive threat as Nurideen, but the offense appeared to run better while he was on the court.

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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 25 July 2006 )
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