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Southern Invitational Extended Coverage - Part 3
Friday, 22 May 2009

By Bill Martin
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Here is part 3 of our continued (delayed) coverage from the Southern Invitational.

Cecil Kirk

Cleveland Melvin (2010, 6-8 PF)
It was a tale of 2 games for Cleveland Melvin.  In the first game he absolutely dominated and was by far the most athletic player on the floor.  In the second contest he went up against a very strong, talented, athletic frontline and really struggled. 

From start to finish Cleveland impressed in the first game.  He came out and hit two nifty hook shots around the rim.  After this he really put his leaping ability on display.  On a 2 on 1 fast break, his teammate threw him a lob pass, which he slammed home.  There was another time where he got out on the fast break, but this time he was all alone and threw down a tomahawk jam.  In an impressive series of events, he blocked a shot on the defensive end and his team got the ball and immediately started pushing the ball up court.  Cleveland ran up the court as well following behind the break and was rewarded with a pass back in the lane, which he then dunked again.  Yet still he had 2 more impressive dunks.  One of these he caught the ball in the post took a dribble and found himself directly under the rim.  He then took one more step out, turned and threw it down.  His most impressive dunk was a one-hand jam directly over a defender and he was fouled.  He did miss the free throw attempt.

Early on in the second game Cleveland struggled mightily.  He missed a pair of short jump shots and was stuffed on a highflying dunk attempt.  This seemed to discourage him and he was much less aggressive until later in the game.  He did then get it going some as he had a dunk and hit a midrange jumper.  His most impressive play of this game was a one-hand shot coming right out of a post spin move.  Cleveland also tipped in a teammates miss and blocked a shot on the defensive end.

You have to love Cleveland’s athletic ability and his dominance in the first game.  It would have been nice to see him play up to his competition more in the second game, but he still showed a ton of ability and potential.

Antoine Myers (2010, 6-3 SG)
Antoine made a couple impressive plays over the course of two games.  On one possession he sliced across the lane and hit a layup on the opposite side of the hoop.  He also buried a pull up jumper from right around the foul line.  On an actual trip to the charity stripe, Antoine hit both of his free throw attempts.

Durand Johnson (2010, 6-5 SG/SF)
While Durand was very quiet in the first game we saw, he just went off in the second game.  Durand knocked down at least 4 shots from behind the arc and these were not easy looks.  He hit a pull up three off the dribble, one from NBA range, and another where as soon as he caught a pass he fired up the shot, despite having a hand in his face.  Besides his impressive 3 point shooting, Durand also scored on a pull up jump shot in the lane and hit a running 1 hander in the lane as well.  Durand looked like a big time player in this second game.

Kesse Kouassi (2010, 6-9 PF/C)
While Kesse does have impressive size he was very quiet in 2 games.  His contributions came mainly off the boards, but he did have a couple buckets.  He scored on a put back after grabbing an offensive rebound.  His most impressive basket was a midrange jumper.  In order to get himself open to take this shot, Kesse gave his man a pump fake then took a single dribble to the right and then shot.

Kendall Madison

Marcus Hunter (2009, 6-5 SF)
Marcus was strong on the boards despite giving up a lot of size to the taller opposition.  He was also able to score on a couple put backs.

Donyell Marshall

Jeff Davis (2010, 6-7 PF)
What immediately stood out about Jeff's game was his leaping ability.  He seemingly attempted to block everything within his range.  While he did block a few shots he also goal tended twice.  His leaping ability also worked to his benefit rebounding the ball.  When we saw him he did not do much offensively, but he did go 2-2 from the free throw line after being fouled on a put back attempt.

Chall Montgomery (2010, 6-3 SG)
Out all alone on a fast break Chall displayed his athletic ability by throwing down a dunk.  He was also able to drain a shot from behind the arc and went 2-2 from the free throw line.

Reggie Lewis (2010, 6-2 SG)
Reggie spread a number of strong takes out over the course of the game and buried a pair of 3's as well.

Boo Williams II

DJ Covington (2010, 6-7 PF)
This was a strong game on the boards for Darius.  Offensively he had some impressive finishes around the hoop.  After catching the ball in the post, he backed his man down and then made a drop step under the hoop and hit a reverse layup.  Again he got the ball under the hoop but this time he was more open and just threw down a dunk.

Antonio Bryer (2010, 6-5 SF)
Antonio's jump shot was on in our viewing and he shot from a variety of distances.  He knocked down a 3 pointer as well as a 10 foot shot from the corner that he banked in.  On another possession Antonio pump faked from behind the arc to get his man in the air.  He then proceeded to take a step forward over the line and buried the long 2 pointer.

Ovie Soko (2010, 6-8 SF/PF)
Ovie made some very impressive plays when we saw him and also displayed a high level of athleticism.  Defensively he soared in to make a block from behind to prevent a fast break layup and had another block as well.  On the offensive side, Ovie made a step back mid range jumper but air-balled a 3 pointer.  Closer to the hoop he adjusted midair to get a one handed shot off right over a defender off the glass.  On a fast break Ovie went up for a dunk and was fouled.  The dunk did not go down but the ball managed to roll in anyway and he hit the ensuing free throw.  Ovie also made a nice pass from the perimeter into the post.  Ovie's athleticism and ability to hit difficult shots definitely made him stand out.

VA Assault

Justin Burrell (2010, 5-8 PG) committed to Mount St. Mary's
This small compact guard was able to score himself and distribute the ball some.  At times he drove into the lane and kicked out to an open man.  He also made a beautiful no look pass off the dribble, that resulted in an easy layup.  When he took the ball himself he was able to get the hoop and draw contact.  Only once did he convert while being fouled and on that occasion he beat the defense to the hoop and was barely hit from behind.  He missed this free throw attempt but was solid from the line otherwise, going 5-7 for the game.  One of the times he got himself to the line was on a 3 on 1 fast break.  Justin probably should have passed it off to one of his other teammates for an easy layup but instead chose to take a very difficult layup himself.  As far as his perimeter game goes, Justin did not show much.  He did hit a pull up jumper from a step behind the foul line corner, but did not attempt many other shots.  On defense Justin displayed quick hand tipping a number of passes away.  Overall Justin was solid but we would definitely like to see more of his outside game.

Omari Grier (2010, 6-3 SG)
Omari does not have the quickest release or the smoothest stroke, but he does shoot with high arc and proved to be quality shooter.  He hit at least 3 shots from behind the arc and mixed in a couple midrange jumpers as well.  Omari was also able to score on a reverse layup.  The other aspect of his game that stood out was his ability to see the floor.  He made a number of fine passes including one from the perimeter to an open man under the hoop.

Chris Burton (2010, 6-5 SF)
Chris finished very well around the hoop and made a couple highlight reel worthy plays.  He had two great takes to the hoop including one where he spun past his man and coming immediately out of the spin hit a finger roll.  Another impressive play of his was when he hit a beautiful reverse layup just narrowly avoiding a block.  Chris also dunked the ball out on the break and went up high to block a shot playing help defense.

NC Gators East

Monroe Faulkner (2011, 6-4 SF)
Monroe did a great job of moving without the ball and was able to score as a result of this.  Twice he cut along the baseline then got a pass and proceeded to convert on the layup.  He also got himself open from behind the arc and knocked down two open looks from that distance.  Monroe was also able to score when he tipped in a teammate’s miss and he had an athletic dunk out on the break.  He did not show all that much off the dribble but did shoot a pull up jumper that he just barely missed from just inside the foul line.

Alberto Munoz (2010)
When we watched Alberto, it seemed like all his points were scored on the move.  On one play he slashed to the hoop and then he hit a 1 handed shot off the glass. He hit another runner off the glass as well.  Alberto also pulled up off the dribble and knocked down a jumper.

Aaron Law (2010, 5-11 PG)
Early in Aaron’s game that we watched, he hit 2 awkward looking off balance shots, one from beyond the arc that rolled around and hit the glass before falling in, and the other from midrange.  At first it seemed that these shots were lucky to drop, but he hit a similar shot form midrange later in the game.  Besides these shots Aaron was able to get to the hoop and converted on a layup after gaining just enough space on his defender.  Aaron displayed quickness off the dribble and changed directions well.  He also made a number of quality passes.

Mike Mayer (2010, 6-6 PF)
This long thin post player did not do all that much offensively but he still managed to make an impression.  Mike rebounded the ball well and was able to convert on a put back while being fouled.  He did however miss the free throw.  On a fast break he went up for a dunk and just barely was able to put it down.  Mike also drew a charge.

Douglas Clark III (2010)
Douglas contributed by hitting a number of shots from beyond the arc.

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