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The Rock Summer League: June 23rd
Thursday, 25 June 2009

By Brian Crownover
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Many of Maryland and DC's best high school players take the court throughout the summer at the Rock Summer League.  Recruit Recon was on hand for the action on Tuesday afternoon.  There were a number of new names to add to the mix.  Here is a look at some of the top players.


Georgetown Prep 63 Laurel 61 (OT)
Friendly 65 Paint Branch 52
DeMatha 60 Bullis 37
Blake 53 Parkville 38
KIMA 50 St. John's College 47


Jonathan Arledge (2010, 6-9 225 PF/C)
Talented big men don't just grow on trees so it's always refreshing when you find a good one.  That happened on Tuesday night in the form of 6-9 Jonathan Arledge of KIMA (DC).  Jonathan led the way in his team's hard fought 50-47 victory over St. John's College.  The lefty is long and athletic and mixes that with a developing skill set.

Jonathan does a fine job of establishing position on the inside.  His footwork is solid and his moves are pretty quick.  He possesses a nice set of hands and deft touch around the rim.  He'll often use the glass.  Jonathan has a good feel for where he is in relation to the hoop too.  The post hook shot his bread and butter move.  He'd benefit by developing it with his right hand as well though.

The right hand is an area of his game that needs improvement.  Too often he goes to the left when catching the ball in the post.  On one play where he actually turned right, Jonathan still finished with his left hand, even though he was a mere two feet from the hoop. 

He showed some of his arsenal away from the hoop as well.  He can handle the ball in short space.  Jonathan's jumper was very productive when he went to it.  He converted a pair of three pointers and a free throw line jumper.

He could rebound the ball better and isn't particularly active on the offensive glass.  Like most high school players, Jonathan could benefit by getting stronger.  Although his game needs some tweaking, he showed himself to already be a talented player at this stage of his development.  Jonathan has the potential to dominate at the next level if he puts it all together.    


Carlton Agwu (2010, 6-0 PG/SG)
A workhorse guard like Carlton makes a coaches job a lot easier.  He's a combo guard who is more than happy to do whatever his team needs to win.  Like many guards, he's a quick player who can get to the rim off the dribble and finish.  What makes Carlton standout though, is his ability to do other things.  Anytime you get mentioned in the opposition's huddle, that's a good sign.  That's exactly what happened after Carlton hustled and scored on several putbacks.

Carlton can attack with either hand and also finish with contact.  He converted on three old fashioned three point plays in the contest.  One was a left handed finish in traffic while another occurred as he buried a pull up jumper.  He didn't shoot much from the outside, but his production came in many other ways.  Carlton ran the floor often in this contest and was aggressive defensively, thus he picked up several steals. 

One of the other things that made this Blake team so successful is how well Carlton played in tandem with Ryan Frazier (see below).  Carlton was very unselfish and often found Ryan or any of their other teammates with good passes.  He showed himself as a solid all around player that will do whatever it takes to win.  Carlton is definitely a player to keep an eye on. 

Ryan Frazier (2011, 5-11 PG/SG)
Ryan is another quick slasher that plays well within the team concept.  He could often be found sharing the basketball.  He has a high basketball IQ and good court vision.  He's much more of a shooter than Carlton though.  Ryan was blessed with a smooth stroke and it was on display throughout the contest.  He hit from three point land and knocked down some pull up jumpers too.  When on the attack, Ryan more often looked for teammates than he did his own offense.  He proved to be a talented young player.


Victor Oladipo (2010, 6-4 SG)
Victor is a talented wing player with good size.  He scored early on some effort plays, including a putback and transition bucket.  He runs the floor well and is also quick off the bounce.  He showed his athletic ability on a dunk and also displayed a good crossover move.  Victor used his strong hands to pick up several rebounds and threw a fine outlet pass down the court after one of them.  He was quiet from downtown as he was unable to convert on a few three pointers.  Victor had a solid performance nonetheless. 

Jerian Grant (2010, 6-4 180 SG)
Jerian is another of the dynamic wing players on this DeMatha squad.  He opened the contest by showing off the smooth stroke he possesses as he buried a three pointer.  He's quick off the dribble and changes directions in the blink of an eye.  As was evident by the few one handed rebounds he had, Jerian was born with good hands.  In addition to pulling down some rebounds, he blocked a shot.  It wasn't a standout performance because the Stags are so loaded and they rotated personnel in the blowout win, but Jerian still played well.

James Robinson (2012, 6-1 180 PG)
James appears to be a steady young point guard.  He didn't make a lot of plays, but did a fine job of running the DeMatha offense.  He looked to get his teammates involved first.  James had a one handed tip in and hit a pull up jumper from the free throw line.  He has good size and a steady hand to guide the Stags.

Mikael Hopkins (2011, 6-8 210 PF/C)
This lanky big man had a solid outing.  Mikael is a capable interior player.  He took advantage of the defense fronting him early on.  He converted around the rim several times, including a couple dunks after passes from his teammates.  He hit a post turnaround jumper too.  Mikael has a decent build and is pretty athletic.  He moves well and has good hands and footwoork too.  He is a solid back to the basket player.  He had a nice pass from the high post and showed that he can handle the ball a little too.  Mikael looks to have a bright future. 

Paint Branch

Rycourt MacAuley (2010, 6-7 PF)
This lanky big really stood out on account of his outstanding defensive presence.  By our count, Rycourt blocked five shots throughout the contest.  He's very athletic and displayed good timing.  On the offensive end, he also used that athletic ability on several dunks.  One was after a nice drive from the foul line.  Rycourt handles the ball pretty well.  He had a good duck under move after a few dribbles on another occasion.

He converted several baskets on the interior, including a pair of bank shots.  Rycourt doesn't play a lot with his back to the basket, opting to do more from the wing.  He had a nice high post pass from there. Because of his size and athletic ability, he cleared a lot of rebounds.  He doesn't have the greatest hands though and could pull down even more rebounds if he could hold onto the ball.  Rycourt appears to be just scratching the surface right now.  He has some upside and real potential for the future.

Devin Gallman (2010, 6-4 SG/SF)
Devin put together a fine game from Paint Branch.  Blessed with good size, the lefty can put the ball in the hoop.  He finishes well in traffic, including a bank shot and foul that ended in an old fashioned three point play.  In addition to his size, Devin is fairly strong.  It helps him on the glass too, where he rebounds the ball well.  He showed a smooth shot from the outside, but didn't convert consistently.  Perhaps most impressive was his unselfish dimeanor.  He often found his teammates when they were open.  Even though Paint Branch lost, Devin had a nice outing.


Jerrium Beale (2010, 6-2 SG)
Jerrium is a talented shooter with decent size.  Georgetown Prep played zone defense and he took full advantage of it.  He hit a number of three pointers in the game, including one in which he was fouled (he missed the free throw).  It's not the smoothest stroke around, but Jerrium's shot is still effective.  He had a standout first half, but his shot didn't fall at as high of a rate in the second half.  He continued to shoot it though and didn't attack enough.  Instead, he opted only to make plays off of cuts or from beyond the arc.  Jerrium does move well without the ball.  He is a long strider who can get into the lane some.  His handle could improve though.  Jerrium showed that he is a talented wing player. 


Ryan Wright (2010, 5-9 PG)
Ryan is a small lead guard with a quick handle.  He can get into the lane off the bounce with ease.  Because of his size, he did often struggle to convert.  He was blocked on several occasions.  Ryan did have a couple nice finishes though.  He hit a jumper from the outside as well in this contest.  He also mixed in a nice drive and dish play.  He would benefit by showing more of those type of plays.

Andre Hodo (2010, 6-4 SG/SF)
Andre is a wing player with good size.  He's fairly strong and was able to use that along with some solid ball handling to draw several fouls.  He converted from the free throw line when he arrived there.  Andre hit a jumper in the contest too.

St. John's College

Chris Martin (2011, 6-2 SG)
Shooters are always a desired commodity when it comes to the game of basketball.  Chris Martin is a guard who can certainly stroke it from the outside.  He's smooth and comfortable shooting off the dribble or playing a catch and shoot style.  He hit several three pointers in the game, including a few that were of the pull up variety.  He did start better than he finished from the outside on this day.  Chris appears to be stronger than we recall.  That would certainly be an asset when he does attack.  Although he prefers to shoot, Chris can put it on the floor and get to the rim as well.  He's a good ball handler.  In the lane, he converted a floater and banked in another shot.  He also drew a foul while attacking.  Despite the loss, it was a fine outing for Chris.

Denzel Primus (2010, 5-10 PG)
Denzel is a speedy guard who puts a lot of pressure on the defense.  He gets into the lane whenever he wants to.  He runs the floor or attacks in halfcourt sets.  He finished on a tough bank shot with contact on one occasion.  He converted on a reverse as well.  Denzel is small though and that size could be a problem at the next level.  He did a good job of finding his teammates and playing unselfish basketball in this one too.  Perhaps his most impressive play was one that he failed to make.  Denzel just missed on a follow up dunk attempt.  It displayed some surprising leaping ability though.  All in all, it was a good day for this playmaking guard.

Georgetown Prep

Markel Starks (2010, 6-1 160 PG) committed to Georgetown
The Georgetown bound guard was huge in Prep's overtime victory.  Markel can pull up and shoot off the dribble like few others.  The lead guard hit those type of shots from everywhere on the court, including one from NBA three point range.

Markel is equally adept at getting into the lane and scoring in that fashion.  He's a terrific ball handler with the ability to change directions in a hurry.  He possesses a good feel around the rim as was evident when he banked in several difficult scoop shots through the teeth of the defense.  Markel got to the line often because of his quickness.  He does have to add some strength when he gets to the next level.  He carried this Georgetown Prep squad to a win on Tuesday though.


Sherrod Baltimore (2011, 6-0 PG)
Sherrod is a straight line ball handler who attacks the rim.  He doesn't wastes dribbles and he does a good job of picking his spots.  Whenever there's an opening, he turns it up and goes into another gear.  Sherrod does a fine job of mixing up driving and passing when going at the hoop.  He found his teammates for assists quite often.  He's comfortable driving in either direction.  Because of his size, he does have trouble finishing at times.  Sherrod is a good shooter from deep too.  He nailed at least three shots from beyond the arc in this contest.  The talented guard was key to the Friendly victory. 


Durand Johnson (2010, 6-5 SG/SF)
Durand didn't have one of his better games.  He struggled with a few turnovers and was inconsistent from the outside, although he did hit a three pointer.  It's hard not too love how fluid he is with the ball in his hands.  He seems to just glide through the lane.  Durand was able to make a few plays while driving to the basket, but he didn't attack too often.  He did play an unselfish game though as he found open teammates with fine passes on several separate occasions. 

Lakeem Duncan (2010, 6-5 SF)
This long lefty made some plays.  From the outside, he hit a three pointer (although struggled to convert a couple others).  Lakeem had a couple nice drives from the perimeter too, but had difficulty converting.  He missed on a few tip in attempts as well.  It wasn't the best outing for this combo forward.

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