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Hoop Group Elite Camp: Part 1
Tuesday, 07 July 2009

By Brian Crownover
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Frantz Massenat
The July live period kicked off with a bang following the holiday weekend.  One of the top annual events, the Hoop Group Elite Camp got underway on Sunday.  Recruit Recon was on hand on Monday along with many college coaches at Albright College in Reading Pennsylvania.  Here is a look at some of the top players from Monday's action.

Frantz Massenat (2010, 6-3 PG/SG)
So many players come into this camp with the mindset that they have to show off in front of the college coaches.  That often leads to many players that are unwilling to share the ball.  Frantz came in and played his usual style which consisted of finding his teammates early and often.  He has good vision and an excellent feel for the point guard spot.  It's one thing to make plays with familiar players around you and a system that you know.  It's more impressive to be able to adapt to different surrounding and still get others involved. 

Frantz made a number of long and crisp passes.  You can't let his unselfish nature fool you though or he'll find his way to the rim.  The lefty did that several times and scored once on a floater in the lane.  He had a nice duck under move in traffic too and then he converted with his off hand.  Frantz was quiet from the outside and would benefit by showing more in that area.  It's hard to argue with the way this pass first guard runs the show though.

Melsahn Basabe (2010, 6-7 PF)
Melsahn stood out at the Rumble in the Bronx and continued to impress on Monday.  The forward opened with a short post turnaround jumper.  He followed that up with a spin move and a foul.  He moves very well and ran the floor often.  Melsahn finished with an athletic jam.  On the inside, he nailed a hook shot after an offensive rebound.  He was good on the glass at both ends, using his strength to corral rebounds.  He had several good drives to the rim as well.  Even though he failed to convert on one, Melsahn froze the defense with a crossover move.  His ball handling could tighten up a bit.  He was also quiet from the perimeter.  Melsahn was a disruptive force on the defensive end too.  He's already and good player now with the potential to be a lot better down the road.

Lionel Gomis (2011, 6-8 PF)
This big man really impressed in the morning session.  He's a combo forward who is comfortable attacking off the dribble or working down on the low block.  Lionel was at his best using his good hands and long arms to clear rebound after rebound.  He moves very well without the ball and can handle it in the open court some too.  He scored in transition as well and converting after a duck under move.  Lionel hit a deep pull up jumper too.  He wasn't dominant in the scoring column, but his natural abilities were evident.    

Jamir Hanner (2010, 6-7 SF/PF)
Jamir put together a nice outing.  His freakish athletic ability and high flying dunks are what get this face up forward notice.  It was his other plays that impressed though.  He had several nice drives and showed the ability to take it at the rim.  On one occasion, Jamir banked home a very difficult shot in traffic.  He showed a fine crossover move and drove left and drew a foul on another play.  Of course Jamir got up and down the court too and finished a few times with those patented dunks.  His jumper will need some work if he plans to shift his game more towards the wing.  His best days are probably still ahead of him.

Deshon Minnis (2010, 6-2 PG)
After a pedestrian start, this penetrating guard turned it up a notch in the second segment.  When on the attack, Deshon is difficult to contain.  He got to the rim with ease.  Despite his smallish frame, he's able to use his body control to adjust well and finish in traffic.  He loves to freeze defenders with a crossover move.  Often, he'll start by going left and then finish with his right hand.  Deshon struggled to find his jumper in this one and that's an area that could improve.  There's no denying his ability to score off the dribble though.

Vaughn Allen (2010, 6-7 SF/PF)
Vaughn had most of his impact because of his high flying act.  He's very athletic and threw down several vicious dunks.  He runs the floor well and converted several of those on the break.  He can handle the ball too, although he didn't attack much.  Vaughn grabbed several rebounds as well in this fine outing.

Leroy Isler (2010, 6-5 SF)
Leroy had a fine outing.  He's a slashing wing player who can get into the paint.  He hit a runner in the lane and banked home another shot.  He also dished off the ball after another drive.  Leroy stepped outside and buried a jumper as well.  He has a fine skill set which was on display on this day.

Malik Thomas (2010, 6-6 160 SG/SF)
This lanky forward possesses a fine all around skill set.  Malik will do whatever he deems necessary to help his team out.  He has long strides and glides to the rim with ease off the dribble.  He's comfortable pulling up off the dribble and shooting it out to three point range.  Equally as impressive was his willingness to distribute the ball.  Malik looked for teammates often throughout the contest.  Because of his size, he's capable of pulling down rebounds too and he snatched one out of the air with one hand.  He's rail thin and does have to get stronger.  His length is impressive though and Malik has the skills to match.

Al Azulphar (2011, 6-9 240 C)
Al is a big bodied post player with some skills.  He loves the hook shot and went to that move to convert often in the low block.  Because of his size, he seals well and gets good positioning.  Al has soft touch, good hands and is also nimble.  He's a rebounding machine in the low post too.    In addition to grabbing rebounds on both ends, he blocked a shot.  He's not very athletic though.  Al could benefit by showing more moves in the block, but it's also hard to argue when the defense had trouble stopping his hook shot.  He had a strong game and looks to have a bright future.

Kazembe Abif (2010, 6-6 PF)
Kazembe is a smooth left handed wing player who possesses some nice size.  He displayed a fluid shot from the perimeter as he buried several jumpers.  He can attack off the bounce too and converted with a finger roll on one occasion.  Kazembe rebounded the ball well to and scored on several putbacks.  He was quite impressive on this day.

Wayne Newsom (2010, 6-7 SF/PF)
Wayne made a few plays.  He was fouled several times around the rim.  He hit a couple free throws.  He also mixed in several good passes as well.  He didn't touch the ball a lot though.

Pendarvis Williams (2010, 6-4 SG/SF)
Pendarvis is a long armed wing player who pieced together a nice game.  He opened with a pull up jumper from the outside.  That was followed by a few unselfish passes.  He had another drive and dish play as well.  Pendarvis displayed the ability to beat his man off the dribble too.  He converted when given the opportunity from the free throw line too.

Tim Crawford (2010, 6-5 SF/PF)
Tim is a skilled forward who knows how to play the game.  He moves well without the ball.  He found a cutter with a pass too.  From the perimeter he nailed a jumper.  Tim drew a foul around the rim and scored on a follow up too.  He was very active in the contest.  He has a solid all around game.

Patrick Holloway (2012, PG/SG)
This young guard caught our attention at the Southern Jam Fest.  He played well again during this event.  Patrick is mature beyond his years.  He can run an offense and find teammates.  He's quick off the bounce to and capable of taking it into the lane.  He possesses a fine crossover move and also frequently freezes the defense with ball fakes.  Patrick can shoot the rock too.  He hit from beyond the arc as well as a pull up jumper.  Although he's small and thin, it doesn't stop him from making plays.  Patrick has a bright future ahead of him.

Nicolas Christensen (2010, 6-2 SG)
This kid from Denmark showed some deadly shooting ability.  Nicholas caught our attention early by burying three shots from beyond the arc.  He converted in a variety of ways, including a pull up jumper off the dribble.  Another shot came from beyond NBA range.  He cooled off a bit as the contest wore on.  Nicholas did hit another pair of threes though.  He showed decent ball handling skills too, but clearly prefers to shoot the rock.

Malcolm Covington (2011, 5-9 PG)
In the mold of a typical New York City guard, Malcolm is a quick ball hander with a good crossover move.  He loves to attack off the dribble.  Even though he's small in stature, Malcolm finished well in traffic.  He converted once with the left hand and banked in another shot too.

Lamin Fulton (2011, 5-9 PG)
This speedy young guard ran the floor and converted several opportunities in transition.  Lamin mixed in a nice drive and dish play too.  When his shot is on, he can be deadly.  On this day, he was rather quiet from the perimeter though.  He did hit a jumper, but missed on a few others.

Denzel Dulin (2011, 6-3 SG)
This slashing guard was very aggressive from the get go.  He attacked off the dribble quite often.  Denzel converted a runner in the lane and drew a foul when attacking on another play.  He ran the floor well and scored several times in transition.  He also hit a pull up jumper, although he missed several other times from the outside.

James Griffiths (2010, 6-3 SG)
James is a well built wing player.  He used that size to finish well around the bucket.  He converted with a foul on one occasion and used a spin move before another basket.  He is solid off the dribble, but could tighten his handle a bit.

Enzo Tsonga (2010, 6-5 SF)
Enzo is another wing player with good size.  He used the glass several times after attacking off the dribble.  He played the passing lanes well and picked up a few steals.  Enzo flashed his athletic ability on a blocked shot.  He struggled with his jumper and his form isn't the smoothest.  He had a solid outing though.

JacQuan Jones (2010, 5-11 PG)
JacQuan showed a good handle and the ability to create off the bounce.  He was unselfish and made several good passes to his teammates as well.

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