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Hoop Group Elite Team Camp: Part 2
Sunday, 12 July 2009

Kyheim Hall
By Brian Crownover
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Here is the remainder of the outstanding players at the Hoop Group Elite Team Camp on Thursday and Friday in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Pocono Mt. East

Kyheim Hall (2010, 6-3 PG/SG)
Kyheim had the best performance that we saw all tournament with a 34 point outburst in a win over nearby Reading High School.  The physical lead guard is very aggressive.  He has nice size and uses that to finish around the rim.  He loves contact and gets to the line at an astonishing rate.  Kyheim doesn't have an explosive burst, but is still quick with the ball in his hands and he displayed a fine crossover move as well.  His body control is stellar and he plays under control for the most part.  He's good at using hesitation moves too.  He can run the floor as well as get to the rim in halfcourt sets.

Against a more disciplined Imhotep team, things weren't as easy for Kyheim.  They doubled teamed him up top and swarmed him with multiple defenders.  He doesn't setup his teammates that well, so he couldn't make the defense pay.  He also had more trouble finishing inside against Imhotep's front line than he did against Reading.  Imhotep's slow paced style took away his transition opportunities.  Where he did have a chance to exploit the defense in that game was from the outside.  Kyheim hit a pull up jumper and his shot looked smooth, but his attempts from the perimeter were rare.  He'll play down low some too on the offensive end, but wasn't nearly as effective doing so in this contest when compared with the first outing.

It's a bit tough to see where he fits in at the next level.  With his high school team, Kyheim is a point guard.  To continue to play there, he really needs to improve as a passer.  He has ideal size for a mid major shooting guard.  The aggression and ability to create and finish is there, but jumper is still a huge question mark.  All in all though, Kyheim is a fine player and without question he boosted his stock at this tournament.

Tim Pacheco (2011, 6-0 SG)
This undersize shooting guard was solid for Pocono Mt. East.  Tim showed a fine shot as he buried a pair of three pointers from the outside.  He strung together several good drive and bank plays as well.  He's a solid ball handler, but has some room for improvement in that area.

Imhotep Charter

Ameen Tanksley (2011, 6-4 SF)
Imhotep lost some strong guard play from last year's team, but they look like they're just going to reload.  Tanksley came over from Prep Charter.  The aggressive guard is a great addition.  He loves to drive and is an excellent finisher.  The lefty isn't smooth with the ball in his hands, but he doesn't waste dribbles and still gets to the rim quickly.  He's capable of attacking in either direction.  Ameen had a nice spin move and a banked finish.  He used the spin move quite often.  He played an unselfish game too and got his teammates involved.  He hit several three pointers throughout the two days as well.  Ameen should be the go to guy next year on this talented team.

David Appolon (2011, 6-4 SG)
David really impressed at the camp.  He shot the ball extremely well, including a variety of pull up shots.  His range extends beyond the three point line.  He's a smooth ball handler who can attack and finish too.  He hit a floater on the run and finished on several scoop shots, including one that resulted in an old fashioned three point play.  David made a couple fine passes too.  He really stepped is game up at this event.

Erik Copes (2011, 6-8 PF/C)
Erik continues to show flashes.  He looks so good with the way he moves that it seems effortless.  He's quick and mobile for a big man and pretty strong as well.  He doesn't waste time getting into moves and he'll often use the glass.  Erik's hands are terrific and he catches everything thrown his way.  He does still have trouble finishing though.  It seems like he puts nice touch on a lot of his shots, but they often just roll out.  In the win over Pocono Mt. East, his athletic ability was on display.  He blocked three shots within a short period of time.  His game is still progressing and if Erik can ever put it all together watch out, because he'll be a beast down low.

Penn Wood

Aaron Brown (2011, 6-5 SF)
Aaron played well throughout the camp.  He is a strong player who continues to make the transition to the wing.  With Tyree Johnson at the Reebok camp, Aaron even ended up running some point.  The lefty has an awkward style, but he's still very effective at getting to the cup.  He had several beautiful drives and finishes.  He's quick off the dribble and his strength helps him around the rim.  He showed some ability to attack with the right hand, but Aaron needs to learn how to finish with that hand too.  It'll make things much easier for him on the right side of the floor.  His most impressive play started with a crossover move and ended with a finger roll.  Aaron even hit a three pointer and made a couple nice passes in one game.  Those are still some areas for improvement though.  It's hard not to love his aggression and production.    

Shawn Oakman (2011, 6-8 PF)
Shawn made a couple plays, but didn't stand out when we saw him.  On the inside, he banked home one shot and hit a short turnaround on the other.  He grabbed a few boards and made a nice pass too.

Darian Barnes (2011, 6-7 PF)
Darian is a lanky forward with some potential.  He plays behind Oakman, but still managed to impress us with several nice plays.  In the low block, he banked home a shot and hit a turnaround jumper.  He has decent touch, footwork and hands.  In his limited action, Darian made a pair of good passes from the high post.  He grabbed a few boards too.  He does need to get stronger.  Darian is definitely a work in progress, but he's not totally lost out on the court.  He's worth keeping an eye on.


Trenity Burdine (2010, 6-6 SF)
Trenity just has the look.  he is a very lanky wing player who glides through the lane off the dribble.  He looks almost effortless in doing so.  His shot looks pretty good too.  Trenity will make some outstanding plays that can turn heads, whether it is a drive and finish or a pull up jumper.  He hit a couple three pointers and had some nice scoop finishes in the one.  What Trenity struggles at is to consistently finish plays.  Even though he looks smooth, he'll often make shots more difficult than they have to be.  Too many times, he'll be off balance.  He does need to get stronger too.  Trenity is still a fine player and with more consistency, he could be a dominant one.

Good Counsel

Rodney Glasgow (2010, 5-9 Pg)
This small point guard really knows how to play the game.  Rodney has court awareness and was always involved in the action, making one play after another.  The lefty doesn't however display the super explosive burst that smaller point guards typically need to be effective.  His ball handling is steady though and he plays under control and with great poise.  Rodney combines hesitation moves with a good crossover.  He ran the floor well and finished often in transition.  He excelled at creating better shots for his teammates after breaking down the defense.  He did hit a few runners, but was quiet from the outside.  Rodney isn't a big scoring threat himself, but he makes everyone around him better and that was clear on this day.  

Randy Echols (2011, 6-5 PF)
Randy is an undersized forward who is very productive.  He moves well and he got himself in to positions where his teammates could find him time and time again.  Many of those opportunities ended with him finishing around the hoop.  He runs the floor well.  Randy is also an effective rebounder.  He hit a free throw line jumper.  He didn't really show anything from a ball handling standpoint.  If he develops a bit more from the wing, his stock will rise as a combo forward.

Ben Hazel (2010, 6-4 SG)
Ben is a guard with good size and a well defined muscle structure.  He really impressed us at this event last year.  He didn't play as well on this day though.  The lefty hit a pull up three pointer, but otherwise struggled from deep.  He made several nice passes.  Ben converted a dunk in transition.  He rebounds the ball well for a guard too.

St. Pat's

Chase Plummer (2010, 6-5 SF/PF)
Chase was very impressive.  He possesses a good jump shot and nailed a pair of shots from beyond the arc.  The big wing also can attack off the dribble.  He had a nice drive and dish play as well as a beautiful duck under move around the hoop.

Josh Daniel (2010, 6-7 SF/PF)
Josh was quiet on this loaded St. Pat's squad.  He showed his athletic ability on a dunk.  He also had a nice drive to the hoop and drew a foul.  


Kazembe Abif (2010, 6-6 PF)
This lefty looked good in the individual camp and again here.  Kazembe has good size and can attack off the bounce.  He had a nice drive and scoop finish.  He moves well and can use his strength to finish.  Kazembe always seems active and involved.  He made a good pass to a cutter when working in the post.  Not surprisingly, he rebounds well.  He had an athletic block too.  Kazembe looks pretty good now and he has the potential to get even better.    

Harold Spears (2010, 6-5 SF)
This long strider was very impressive when on the attack.  Harold drove and finished consistently.  He was fouled on one of those plays and converted for three points.  He ran the floor well too.  Harold was quiet from the outside.  He put together a nice outing though.

Chandler Fraser-Pauls (2011, 5-11 PG)
Chandler was solid for Pennington.  He hit on a couple three pointers, including a pull up one.  He wasn't consistent from deep though.  He has a fairly quick handle and likes to change directions.  He didn't finish well in this game either.

St. Joe's Metuchen

Steve Rennard (2010, 6-0 PG/SG) committed to Penn
Steve had a fine game playing against many of his AAU teammates.  He's an outstanding shooter who hit a three pointer and a pull up jumper.  He is also a crafty ball handler who can attack off the dribble.  He drove in both directions in this one.  Steve played an unselfish game too.  Defensively, he picked up a couple steals.


Nate Gause (2011, 6-2 SG)
We noticed Nate in the regular session camp, but he didn't quite do enough to warrant a writeup.  In the team camp though, this guard definitely stood out.  He's long and thin, but quite athletic.  Nate can handle the ball and he converted on a pair of runners.  From the perimeter, he nailed a pull up three pointer.  He scored on a putback too in this fine outing.

New Rochelle

Antoine Mason (2010, 6-4 SG/SF)
Antoine is a speedy change of direction guard.  He used a crossover move to blow by defenders time and time again.  He had a nice scoop finish on one play and kicked it out to open teammates on a couple others.  Antoine shot the ball well from the outside too.  He has a good pull up game and a quick trigger.  He hit a pair of three pointers and another jumper inside the arc.  Antoine can put the ball in the bucket.

Susquehanna Twp.

Tajh Turner (2010, 5-11 PG)
Tajh is a small, but quick lead guard.  He made several plays in the contest.  He attacks off the dribble.  On a few occasions, he kicked out to open teammates.  At other times, he finished on his own. Tajh ran the floor well and had a scoop finish and finger roll on the break.  He did struggled with a couple turnovers, but it was decent game regardless.

Flint Hill

Troy Thomas (2012, 6-2 SG)
Troy has good size and brings a quick handle to the table too.  He had a drive, bank and was fouled on one play.  He used a spin move before a pull up mid range jumper another time.  He also made a nice pass in transition too.

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