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Hoop Group Summer Classic East: Part 2
Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Elijah Carter
By Brian Crownover
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Here is the remainder of the outstanding players at the Hoop Group Summer Classic East on Saturday in Neptune, New Jersey.

Sports University

Elijah Carter (2010, 6-1 PG/SG)
This guard was among the best players on the day and without question saw his stock rise.  Elijah fueled Sports University with an explosive eight three pointers.  They were of both the catch and shoot variety and off the dribble.  The lead guard has a super quick handle and he glides through the lane with ease.  He had a number of finishes after attacking, including an old fashioned three point play as well as a scooop finish.  Elijah mixed in a few nice passes too, but scoring was his forte on this day.  He had one explosive outing.

Derrick Williams (2010, 6-6 PF)
Derrick had a fine game in his own right, even with his teammate going off.  The big bodied forward is quick on the interior and possesses good hands, soft touch and nimble footwork.  He had a couple finishes inside.  He mixed in a beautiful one handed tip in and also made a long outlet pass on the break.  Derrick put together a nice outing.

New Heights

Malik Thomas (2010, 6-6 160 SG/SF)
In our first few viewing, this rail thin wing show some skills, but never really had a great game.  That wasn't the case it this one.  Malik shot the ball very well from deep, including a pair of three pointers and another pull up jumper.  The bouncy wing got into the lane too and made a few plays, although he didn't always finish.  Not only can he score, but he's unselfish too and he is typically good for a few nice passes a contest.  Malik put it all together in this one.

Xavier Pollard (2010, 6-2 PG/SG)
Xavier isn't a household name, but he seems to produce every time out.  The lefty is explosive off the dribble and can really attack.  He often used a crossover move to free himself up.  He banked in a runner among his finishes around the goal.  Xavier is very unselfish and dished out several assists too while attacking.  He mixed in a pull up jumpers just for good measure.  He sure helped himself out with some fine play this weekend.

Javae King-Gilchrist (2010, 6-1 PG)
This New Heights club is loaded with quick wing players who can attack.  Much like Thomas and Pollard, Javae fits that mold.  He was very efficient finishing around the rim and ran the floor well.  He had a nice drive and dish play and he kicked it out to a teammate after another drive.  Javae hit a jumper, but did also airball a three pointer. 

Kerry Weldon (2010, 6-4 SG/SF)
Kerry gets it done from the wing too.  The lefty displayed a good handle and nice size to go along with it.  He banked in a shot after one drive.  He is very smooth and changes directions in a hurry.  Kerry grabbed several rebounds too in this contest.  He was quiet from the perimeter though.  He still showed plenty in this one.

NJ Elite

Tyrone Johnson (2011, 5-11 PG)
Tyrone can really create off the bounce.  He's a quick change of direction ball handler with good hesitation moves.  He finished several times after attacking and also ran the floor well.  Tyrone didn't distribute much and he had trouble finding his jumper.  It was still solid in this outing though.

Ramon Johnson (2011, 6-8 PF/C)
Ramon is a big bodied post player who stood out because of some nice skills too.  He banked in several shots around the rim.  He hit a hook shot on the inside too.  Ramon can make plays facing the basket as well.  He had a short drive and hit a runner in the lane and hit a deep jumper too.  Despite being big, he moves very well.  Ramon is tough to guard with his size and ability.

Kelvin Amayo (2010, 6-2 PG/SG)
Kelvin did a fine job scoring the ball.  He hit several impressive shots while attacking, including a highly difficult scoop finish.  He made a nice adjustment in traffic on another scoop shot.  He possesses good size and a fine handle.  Kelvin showed his athletic ability after a steal and high flying dunk too.

Derrick Gordan (2011, 6-3 SG)  committed to Western Kentucky
Derrick got himself involved often in the action. He attacked off the dribble and finished several times.  He was blocked on a pair of shots though and could do a better job of converting.  He ended the game strong as he first followed up his own miss.  After that he hit a three pointer and a pull up jumper.  Derrick showed he can do a little of everything too as he scored in transition and also dished off in that stretch.  He didn't play that well when we saw him in camp earlier in the week, but Derrick sure played well in this one.

Matt Rista (2010, 6-1 SG)
Matt is a perimeter sharpshooter.  He's very good at his craft and hit several three pointers throughout the contest.  He can handle the ball a little too, but doesn't create his own shot very often in doing so.  Matt is an aggressive defender and he took a charge on that end in this one.

East Coast Elite

Joel Brokenbrough (2010, 6-6 SF/PF)
Joel didn't have his best game.  Even though he's a wing player, he actually worked well inside.  He had several putbacks and finishes around the rim.  He rebounded well at both ends.  Joel can handle the ball too.  He struggled with turnovers in this one though and didn't do much damage with his jumper either.  Joel has certainly played better.

Peter Prinsloo (2010, 6-10 PF/C)
This big man is very intriguing.  Peter first gets your attention with his size.  He's far from a dominant force, but he's able to mix in some skills too.  He isn't going to blow you away with quickness, but he has decent footwork and moves pretty well.  He rebounded very well in the contest.  What really caught our attention though was when Peter buried two three pointers with a smooth stroke.  He'll play with his back to the basket, but doesn't score much in the post.  He has the body to add strength too.  Peter's game is still in the developmental stage, but the potential is clearly there. 

Elijah Bonsignore (2010, 6-4 SG)
Elijah is another guard on this squad who shot the ball well pretty well.  He's bigger than Corey and has much better size as a wing player.  He hit several shots from deep throughout the day.  Where he stood out though was with his athletic ability.  Elijah showed his leaping ability on a dunk on the offensive end and a blocked shot defensively.  He can handle the ball some too.  He made several good passes along the way too.  Elijah was definitely a surprise player on this day.

Corey Crawford (2010, 5-11 SG)
Corey showed himself to be a very good shooter throughout the day.  The undersized shooting guard hit jumper after jumper in the first game.  He was even fouled on one of those shots.  Another one of the shots was of the pull up variety.  Corey did have a nice drive and kick out, but he didn't attack much.  He looks to be strictly a shooter, but he performed that craft very well.

Westchester Hawks

Dejuan Coleman (2012, 6-8 260 PF/C)
Dejuan may have just completed his freshman year, but the wide bodied big man sure doesn't play like it.  He had the play of the week during this contest.  He grabbed a rebound, went coast to coast and then used an ankle breaking crossover which resulted in the defender laying on the ground while Dejuan put down an athletic jam.  Anytime there's a rebound anywhere near his area, he swipes it up.  We lost count long ago, but he probably pulled down over 20 boards in this one.  Dejuan has a terrific set of hands and is very athletic.  He finished at a high rate on the inside and also ran the floor.  It was easy to see why he's one of the most highly regarded players in the Class of 2012.

Chris Manhertz (2010, 6-6 SF/PF)
Although he doesn't make a lot of plays, Chris sure stands out physically.  The big forward is very strong and athletic.  He finished inside a couple times and blocked a shot too.

Brian Voelkel (2010, 6-5 SG/SF)
Brian made several nice passes in the game.  The skilled forward struggled to convert around the rim though.

Jabarie Hinds (2011, 6-0 PG)
After a few nice games at the Reebok All American Camp, Jabarie played well here too.  He has a quick handle and can really create off the dribble.  In this game, he buried a three pointer too.


Russell Smith (2010, 5-11 PG/SG)
New York City's best scorer did it again.  The diminutive guard just gets it done every time we see him.  He was unguarable in this one as he attacked in half court sets and also ran the floor.  Russ is a blur in the open court and can change directions in the blink of an eye.  On one play, he drove left, then used a behind the back dribble before being fouled.  He can drive and finish with either hand.  Even though he isn't strong, he can still finish well with contact and will often convert on old fashioned three point plays.  Russ didn't shoot much in this one, as he couldn't be stopped off the bounce.

Dave Coley (2010, 6-2 SG)
Dave was quiet when we saw him the Reebok camp, but he played well on this day.  He's a very quick slashing guard.  He attacked the hoop often and can change directions well.  Because of his speed, he drew a number of fouls.  Dave finished with a scoop shot and also rolled in a runner when driving left.  We didn't record him for an shot attempts from the outside, but he sure scored the ball when going at the rim.

Boston Warriors

Akeem Williams (2010, 5-10 PG)
This stalky lead guard reminds one of another talented New Englander, Derrick Wilson.  Akeem can attack with a quick handle and he changes directions well.  He can use his size to finish through contact.  He attacked in both directions.  Akeem hit a pull up three pointer off the dribble too.  He made a nice pass after one drive too.  He definitely put together a nice outing and by other accounts, he dominated throughout the day.

Positive Image

DJ Newbill (2010, 6-3 PG/SG)
Fresh off a Reebok All American Camp appearance, DJ played well.  The crafty guard was at his best distributing the ball as he made several nice passes.  He had a couple nice finishes too and ran the floor well.  DJ hit a pull up three pointer too.  We left the game early, but DJ still made plays.

Rysheen Dorn (2010, 6-4 SG)
Rysheen made some things happen too.  He finished several times using a finger roll.  The bouncy guard attacked the rim.  He was quiet from the perimeter during our viewing.  He will need to get stronger, but Rysheen can score.

Last Updated ( Monday, 24 August 2009 )
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