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National Prep Showcase Day 2 Part 1
Wednesday, 09 December 2009

By Bill Martin
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The National Prep Showcase is an annual event that kicks off the prep basketball season and features some of the top prep schools in the country. 

This three day event was loaded with talent as pretty much every school involved will most likely send multiple kids to play D-I basketball.

We missed the first day of the event but were on hand for the final two days of action.  Most of the teams played twice so we still managed to see all but 4 teams that participated.

Here is part 1 of our player analysis from day 2 of the event.

Winchendon (79) – Evelyn Mack Academy (77)

Evelyn Mack Academy

Calvin Newell (2010, 6-1 PG/SG)
Calvin put on a show against Winchendon, in what was probably the top performance of the National Prep Showcase.  He dropped 37 points, had 4 steals and handed out 5 assists while only turning the ball over once.  He was even good from the free throw line where he hit 6 of his 7 attempts.  Calvin scored taking the ball to the hoop, stopping and popping for a mid range jumper and also on a put back after grabbing an offensive rebound.  Where he really did his damage though was from behind the 3 point line.  Calvin hit 5 of his 9 attempts and these were not easy shots.  He usually had a hand in his face or he shot from very deep.  One of these makes he fired up from 5 or 6 feet beyond the arc to beat the shot clock.

At 1 point later in the second half Calvin just started to take over the entire game.  He played physical D on Anthony Ireland who was trying to bring the ball up the court, but Calvin picked his pocket on more than 1 occasion which resulted in a couple of open layups and a two handed slam.  This really frustrated Ireland and really just took him out of his game.  Calvin pretty much put his team on his back and almost carried them to a victory but Evelyn Mack Academy just came up a bit short.  In this 1 game performance Calvin looked like the best player at the showcase and that is saying something with the amazing amount of talent that was at this event.

Alex Lubsey (2010, 6-6 PF)
Alex did not make a ton of plays in this game but his incredible athleticism was hard to ignore.  His only 2 buckets came off dunks.  One he plucked an offensive board out of the air and threw it back down.  The other he took flight from a large step inside the free throw line and slammed it home while leaning forward significantly.  Alex did make a poor pass at 1 of his teammate’s feet and also threw a pointless behind the back pass.

Manny Dias (2010, 6-6 SF/PF)
Manny rebounded well in this contest, pulling down a team high 5 boards.  He scored on a short to mid range jumper over Markus Kennedy and also on a put back after grabbing an offensive rebound. On another strong put back attempt he was fouled and hit 1 of his 2 free throws.  Manny was fouled again on a hook shot attempt and just like the first trip to the line he only hit one of his 2 attempts.

Will Bond (2010, 6-3 SG)
Will drained a very difficult 3 pointer with a hand in his face.  He also knocked down both of his free throw attempts.

Will Bunton (2010, 6-2 SG)
Will did not do all that much offensively in this game but his 3 offensive boards were worthy of note.  The one play he made that really impressed us was when he leaped up to grab a rebound and immediately threw down a dunk.  This one play demonstrated his outstanding leaping ability.

Aishon White (2010, 6-2 SG)
Aishon did not have a great day shooting the ball as he missed all 3 of his shots from behind the arc but he did manage to knock down a pull up jumper from 15 feet out.


Devon Saddler (2010, 6-2 SG) committed to Delaware
The biggest strength of Devon’s game is his ability to muscle his way to the hoop and convert or draw fouls.  This was on full display in this game as no one could stop Devon from getting to the hoop.  After a strong take he was able to hit a layup right over a defender.  Devon also had a great baseline drive where he was fouled hard but still hit the layup seemingly unfazed by the contact.   When Devon did make his way to the charity stripe he managed to hit all 5 of his free throws. In transition Devon beat the defense to the hoop for an easy layup, but he also got hung on a dunk attempt while out all alone on another break.  Devon did not show much of his jump shot and did not even attempt a shot from behind the arc.  He did miss one mid range jumper and another short with 1 hand but he ended up tipping his own miss back in on that one.  On the defensive end of the court Devon did a solid job on Calvin Newell, and was really the only one to slow him down at all.  Devon also blocked a shot.  With 15 points in the game Devon tied for the leading scorer on his team with Khem Birch, but I would have liked to see more of his perimeter game.  Hard to complain though when his team won the games and he played to his strengths.

Khem Birch (2012, 6-9 PF/C)
Khem was simply outstanding in this game as he scored 15 points on 6 for 8 shooting and went 3-3 from the free throw line.  He also pulled down 9 rebounds, had 3 blocks and altered countless other shot attempts, due mostly to his length and leaping ability.  There was one instance where he goal tended spiking the shot attempt off the backboard.  7 of his rebounds were on the offensive end of the court and he scored on a trio of put backs off these offensive boards.  One of which he was fouled on as well.  Khem also ran the floor very well and had a beautiful double clutch layup in transition to avoid a shot block.  He had another layup as a result of him cutting down the lane without the ball and catching a nice pass from 1 of his teammates.  Khem would be a big time talent in the class of 2010 so it is even more impressive that he is only a 2012 prospect.

Markus Kennedy (2010, 6-9 PF/C) committed to Villanova
This was not a huge offensive game from Markus but he still showed off some good moves in the post.  He made good use of his pivot foot to clear some space from his defender before banking in a hook shot.  On another possession Markus pump faked getting his man up in the air, he then ducked under the defender and drew a foul.  He only hit 1 of the following 2 free throws.

Eric Ferguson (2010, 6-7 SF/PF) committed to Georgia Southern
Georgia Southern looks to have gotten themselves a steal in forward Eric Ferguson.  At 6’7” Eric can run the floor and looks smooth handling the ball in space.  On one fast break he caught a pass out ahead of the pack.  He then proceeded to take a couple dribbles before throwing down a dunk which demonstrated his leaping ability.  After pulling down one defensive rebound he instantly started dribbling up the court initiating the break and ended up throwing a fantastic bounce pass to a man further up the court.  Eric also showed that he had some range on his jump shot by burying a shot from a step inside the three point line.  He did however miss his lone 3 point attempt.  Perhaps Eric’s most impressive play of the day was when he made a spin move to get by his man and coming right out of the spin hit a 1 handed shot over a defender. 

Marvin Dominique
(2010, 6-7 SF/PF) committed to Hofstra
Marvin looks to be comfortable playing inside or out on the perimeter, and while most of his points were scored right around the hoop, he did take a pair of shots from behind the arc and knocked down 1 of them.  Besides the 3 pointer he put his other points on the board by hitting a variety of layups.  He grabbed an offensive rebound and laid it back in as well as tipping in a teammates miss.  He also caught a pair of passes underneath the hoop and hit tough layups.  One of these he was too far under the hoop and had to leap outward in order to position himself where he could hit the layup.  Marvin also rebounded the ball well pulling down 6 boards and defensively he blocked a shot.

Akeem Williams (2010, 5-10 PG/SG)
Akeem had a very efficient shooting game as he went 4-5 from the field, including hitting both of his shots from behind the arc.  Besides his 3 point shots, Akeem also hit a pull up jumper from 15 feet out and a 1 hand short shot off the glass.  His lone miss of the game was a mid range pull up jump shot.  Akeem also dished out 4 assists, but did have 5 turnovers as well.

Anthony Ireland (2010, 5-10 PG) committed to Loyola (Marymount)
In the first half of the game Anthony played very well.  He buried a shot from just inside the arc, drove into traffic hitting a tough layup and on another dive into the lane he hit a teardrop after drastically changing directions.  In the second half he hit a pulll up jumper but as the game wore on Calvin Newell turned up the pressure on Anthony which caused him to turn the ball over a few times and force shots that he was not taking earlier in the game.  Throughout the contest Anthony did display a very effective crossover that left his man standing still on more than 1 occasion.  At least once he was able to get by Calvin using this move.  With 13 seconds remaining and up 2 Anthony had a chance to close out the game with free throws but he missed both of his attempts. 

Angel Nunez (2011, 6-7 SF)
Angel only played a couple minutes but he showed he could shoot the 3 pointer by hitting his only attempt from that distance.  He did however miss a 15 foot jumper.

St. Thomas More (78) – Fork Union (67)

St. Thomas More

Dominique Langston (2010, 6-3 SG/SF) committed to Quinnipiac
Dominique is a physical and athletic wing player who did most of his damage in transition in this contest.  After picking off a pass he got out on the break against two defenders and he proceeded to take it right at them both and hit a layup right over them.  He picked off another pass later in the game and took it all the way to the hoop for a dunk while being fouled and hit the resulting free throw.  On yet another good transition play, Dominique grabbed a rebound and rushed the ball up the court, slicing between two defenders for a finger roll.  Besides actually scoring in transition, Dominique also did a nice job of keeping his head up and making passes to start the break.  Where he did struggle some was with his jump shot.  He went 1-4 from behind the arc and also missed a couple other mid range jump shots.  Dominique did handle the ball pretty well and even brought ball up for his team on occasion.  He had one great baseline drive where he went by his man and went up for a two hand tap but just missed.  Dominique also showed some versatility by posting up a smaller guard and drew a foul on the play.

Andre Drummond (2012, 6-11 C)
Andre is an elite prospect in the class of 2012 and it is easy to see why, as he is already 6-11, has a solid build and moves extremely well for a player his size.  His offensive skills still need to be honed but he can already score around the hoop.  In this game he hit a hook shot from out of the post and also hit a reverse after dribbling under the hoop.  He did miss a couple mid to short range jumpers and failed to convert on one layup over his defender. Defensively Andre is a constant shot blocking threat and caused many shots to be altered.  He was also a force on the boards.

Trahson Burrell (2011, 6-6 SF)
Trahson scored a very efficient 15 points in this contest going 6-9 from the field including hitting 2 out of his 3 attempts from beyond the three point line.  He did however only go 1-4 from the charity stripe.  Besides his outside shooting Trahson was also able to score around the hoop by moving without the ball and making hustle plays.  For instance he deflected a pass, then ran the loose ball down under the hoop and hit a layup while being fouled.  On another defensive play Trahson got a steal and then got out alone on the break for a dunk.  There was another play where Trayson cut down the lane without the ball, caught a pass and converted a layup.  Trahson ran the floor very well and even showed he could put the ball on the floor some, but he did try to dribble into too much traffic on one occasion and ended up having the ball tipped away from him.

Bryon Allen (2010, 6-3 PG)
Bryon is a strong, thickly built point guard.  He made his living in this game by attacking the hoop and getting himself to the free throw line.  Once he got to the line he sunk 8 out of his 10 free throws.  On a pair of separate drives Bryon got by his defender and put up a floater in the lane.  He hit on 1 but missed on the other.  Bryon only took two shots from beyond the arc but missed them both.

Tre Bowman (2010, 6-4 SG)
This was not a great game for Tre as he struggled to find his jump shot.  In fact he only scored 5 points, 3 of which came from the foul line.  His only other bucket of the game was a transition layup that he got as a result of running the length of the court after blocking a shot on the defensive end of the court.  He even had some trouble handling the rock as he dropped a pass out of bounds and he also lost control while dribbling the ball but did regain possession.  An overall tough outing for Tre.

Fork Union

Tom Rogers (2010, 6-6 SF)
Tom displayed a lot of confidence shooting the ball from anywhere on the court and he hit 3 shots from behind the arc including 1 from well beyond NBA range.  Although he displayed confidence in his shooting he did not shoot the ball very well as it took him 15 shots to hit those 3 pointers. 

Michael Fortune (2010, 6-3 PG)
In limited action Michael scored 5 points including 1 shot from beyond the arc.

Eddie Johnson (2010, 6-4 SG/SF)
Eddie was the leading scored for his team with 15 points, with most of those points coming off 3 pointers.  He went 4 for 8 from behind the arc including one step back shot off an inbounds pass.  His lone other bucket of the game was a break away dunk.

Julian Ramirez (2010, 5-10 PG)
Julian had a rough game shooting the ball as he went 2-9 but 1 of those shots was from beyond the arc.  Although he has trouble scoring Julian did hand out 4 assists.

Allen Dickerson (2010, 6-4 SG/SF)
Allen scored 12 points in this game, all of which were scored on three point buckets.  He went 4-6 from beyond the arc but went 0-6 from the field otherwise.

Rico Saldana (2010, 6-7 SF/PF)
While only playing 12 minutes in this game, Rico still managed to score 6 points.  He scored on a dunk, 2 free throws and a high arcing shot from just inside the three point line.

Hargrave (80) – Bridgton (57)


Alexander Harris (2010, 6-1 PG/SG)
Alexander hit a beautiful floater in the lane and buried an NBA range 3 pointer, although he did miss his 3 other attempts from 3 point land.  On one play Alexander drove in and could have taken an easy layup but instead tried to take a very difficult reverse layup and ended up missing badly.  Alexander did rebound the ball very well from the guard spot and led his team in rebounding by pulling down 5 boards.

TeAndre Hubbard (2010, 6-2 SG)
TeAndre had one really impressive play where he drove into the lane and went up for a short shot.  While going up he absorbed contact from a defender hit the shot with 1 hand off the glass.  A foul was called and he hit the ensuing free throw.

Ron Blossomgame (2010, 6-9 C)
This big bulky forward did not get many offensive touches but he was able to pull down a pair of offensive rebounds and then attempted layups.  He converted on 1 of these put backs and was fouled on the other.  Ron hit 1 of the following 2 free throw attempts.  He did get himself into foul trouble in this game limiting his minutes and he could also benefit from dropping some weight.

Chance Jones (2010, 6-2 SG)
Chance had a very strong take to the hoop, where he hit a layup while being fouled and he hit his free throw as well.  While he did hit a 3 pointer in this game he only went 1-4 from behind the arc.

Thierno Niang (2010, 6-0 PG)
When Thierno came into the game he started off strong by hitting a tough layup while being fouled and drained his free throw as well.  Thierno handles the ball well and dribbles low to the ground but he had a few turnovers.  He has a tendency to leave his feet and then try to decide what he was going to do with the ball, which resulted in a few poor passes.  He was also whistled for a 5 second call when trying to hold the ball for the final shot.


Jarvis Davis (2010, 6-1 PG)
Hargrave is absolutely loaded with talent with players already committed to NC State, Arkansas, Pittsburgh, Florida International, Belmont, Tulane, Rice and Auburn.  The one uncommitted player that really stood out for Hargrave was Jarvis Davis.  The most impressive aspect of his game was his ability to power his way to the hoop and muscle through contact in order to get his shot off.  On multiple occasions he was either fouled hard or a defender got his hand on the ball and he still managed to get the shot up and in.  With his strong takes Jarvis drew a number of fouls and got himself to the free throw line.  Once at the line he hit 7 of his 10 free throw attempts.  Jarvis also excelled in transition as he scored a pair of buckets while out on the break.  On one of these breaks he simply beat the defense to the bucket, but on the other, he split 2 defenders before hitting a layup.  Jarvis also scored on a beautiful layup where he left his feet, then brought the ball down to avoid a shot block before bringing the ball back up for the lay in.  Where Jarvis could have improved was his passing.  He seemed to telegraph his passes which resulted in a few too many turnovers.  Defensively he might have made up for the turnovers however by picking up 7 steals.

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