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Donofrio Classic: Day 3
Tuesday, 06 April 2010

By Bill Martin
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Day three of Donofrio did not bring very competitive games, as both contests were complete blowouts.

In the first game Philly Assault put up an extremely impressive 126 points with their run and gun style of play.  Their opponent Pizza Time put 92 points on the board but obviously that was only good enough for a 34 point loss.

The second game of the evening was somewhat closer but there was still a wide margin of victory, as Old School beat Don-Len by the score of 83-61.

Here are the player evaluations from these two contests.

Philly Assault

Scott Slade (2011, 6-5 SF)
Leading the way for the Assault, Scott had a game high 28 points.  He utilized his athletic ability to score around the rim, which is where he scored most of his points.  Scott hit a number of layups over defenders and also had a pair of reverses, one of which he was fouled on.  His leaping ability really got put on display on a trio of thunderous two hand slams.  One of these dunks was right on top of a smaller defender.  Scott was thrown lob passes on two different occasions, neither of which he was able to dunk but he laid them both in.  While he did not step out very far from the hoop, Scott did knock down a short jumper from along the baseline.  Defensively he was able to block a couple shots, again utilizing his leaping ability.

Aquil Younger (2011, 6-0 PG)
What stands out most about Aquil's game is his quickness.  On the defensive end of the court his speed caused havoc.  Guards had trouble handling the ball around him and he got numerous steals, which he instantly turned into fast break scoring opportunities.  When he was on offense his quickness, paired with his ability to change direction on a dime, allowed him to get into the lane at will.  None of the defenders were able to stay in front of him.  Aquil beat the defenders to the hoop in transition and in the half court for layups.  He hit one double clutch layup and hit another layup off of a lob pass.  Not only did Aquil show that he could score off the dribble but he also showed his ability to pass while driving.  He made a number of dishes that resulted in easy buckets for his teammates.  A couple of his passes were slightly off target and a little too hot to handle for his teammates that did result in turnovers.  Because of his quickness the defense gave Aquil some space out on the perimeter and when they did he showed that his jump shot needs to be guarded as well, as he buried two shots from three point land.  Scoring 26 points this was an outstanding performance from Aquil and he really set the pace for this high scoring affair.

Erik Raleigh (2011, 6-8 PF)
Offensively this was not a big game for Erik as he only scored six points.  He had a pair of layups, one of which he scored after cutting down the lane.  His other basket was scored on a jumper from the foul line corner.  Despite his low offensive output Erik still made his presence felt in the paint with his length.  He blocked quite a few shots and did not even have to jump on a couple blocks.  Erik also dominated the smaller opponents on the glass.

Eddie Mitchell (2011, 6-1 PG/SG)
Much like Aquil Younger, Eddie could not be stopped off the dribble either.  He is quick, strong and athletic which made him difficult to stop from getting to the hoop.  Eddie utilized a number of moves off the dribble to get to the hoop, including a spin and dribble hesitation.  The move he used the most however was a deadly crossover.  On more than one occasion he completely left his man standing still after crossing them up.  He always seemed to be taking the ball strong to the hoop and was able to finish in traffic.  Eddie demonstrated his leaping ability by throwing down a two hand slam out on the break and by dunking the ball from under the hoop without getting any kind of running start.  He did not show much from the outside but he missed the one three pointer he did take.  With his 3-5 performance from the free throw line Eddie ended up scoring 21 points.

Joe Getz (2011, 6-0 PG)
With all the other offensive options on his squad, Joe did not have a huge offensive game.  He still managed to impress with his ability to get into the lane and make plays.  Once in the lane he did a nice job of finding his teammates for open looks.  He did take it all the way to the hoop on two separate occasions and converted layups both times.  On one of these he was fouled as well and did hit the follow up free throw.  Joe's only other bucket of the game came on a double clutch layup that he got as a result of getting a steal.

Tyreek Duren (2010, 5-11 PG) committed to La Salle
Tyreek was able to score in transition, and on more than one occasion he simply beat the defense to the hoop for easy layups.  He got himself another open layup after making a beautiful spin move to get by his defender.  Tyreek also stepped out and knocked down a couple shots from beyond the three point line.  He did however struggle from the free throw line as he missed all four of his attempts.

Kewan Chavis (2011, 5-10 PG)
Kwan really showed off his shooting abilities in this contest.  From beyond the arc he buried three shots and he hit another jumper from along the baseline as well.  Besides his shooting Kwan also scored out on the break.  One of these transition buckets was a result of him picking off a pass.  He stole another pass later in the game, but on this occasion it was an inbounds pass.  He got another bucket on a put back after pulling down an offensive rebound.

Pizza Time

Malcolm Richardson (2012, 5-11 PG/SG)
This talented young guard showed that he could hit from outside or get to the hoop.  From out beyond the arc he buried a trio of shots, and shot the ball smoothly and with a high arc.  When driving he utilized a crossover and a dribble hesitation move to gain a step on his man to get to the hoop for layups.


Sam Pygatt (2011, 6-1 SG)
Sam made a number of impressive plays in this game.  After taking the ball strong to the hoop he hit a layup while being fouled and he hit the ensuing free throw.  On another drive he hit a one hand shot right over a defender.  His most impressive play of the game came on a lob pass.  He caught the pass but could not dunk it, and he had to switch hands midair in order to lay it in.  Sam also hit a 15 foot jumper along the baseline and scored on a layup in transition.

CJ Aiken (2010, 6-9 PF/C) committed to St. Joe's
This future St. Joe's Hawk jumps out of the gym and runs like a gazelle.  His athletic ability was on full display in this game as he scored on a flurry of dunks, including numerous alley-oops.  Other than his dunks though, CJ showed very little offensive ability.  He barely spent any time in the post and spent way too much time out on the perimeter.  In fact he launched up at least five shots from behind the arc, none of which he hit, and barely any of them were even close.  He was solid on the defensive boards but he could have been more of a help on the offensive boards if he played inside more.  Defensively CJ blocked a ton of shots and really made it difficult for the opposition to score around the hoop.  CJ has an extremely high ceiling but he needs to bulk up some and spend more time in the paint.

Brandon Dixon (2011, 5-10 PG)
Brandon attacked the hoop throughout this game and proved he could finish in traffic.  He even hit one layup while being fouled and successfully converted the old fashioned three point play by hitting the free throw as well.  Brandon was also able to keep the defense honest by knocking down a couple mid range jumpers.

Old School Cavs

Al Blount (2010, 5-8 PG)
Al hit a couple of deep three pointers early in the game, but played very unselfishly for the rest of the contest.  He went up for another three pointer but instead he passed to an open teammate on the perimeter for an open look.  Al also distributed after getting into the lane.  He used dribble hesitation moves to get into the lane before dumping the ball off to teammates for easy layups.  On defense Al did a fine job of staying in front of his man.

Kyheim Hall (2010, 6-3 PG/SG) committed to St. Francis (PA)
Kyheim scored on a couple tough layups around the hoop.  He scored both off the dribble and after pulling down an offensive rebound.  His best play of the game was a finger roll layup after using a spin move to get across the lane.  He did have some struggles though, as he missed an open dunk out on the break and also bricked an alley-oop layup.  Kyheim sank a mid range jumper but could not get the three ball to fall on his couple attempts.

Matt Hankerson (2010, 6-3 SG)
Most of Matt's buckets came from around the hoop but he was able to finish in traffic.  He did however step out and knock down a three pointer as well.  On the defensive end of the court he blocked a shot or two.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 17 June 2010 )
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