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Donofrio Classic: Final Games of the 1st Round
Tuesday, 04 May 2010

By Bill Martin
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The first round of the Donofrio Classic came to an end with a pair of games of which the final scores were not very close.

In the first game the Sonny Hill Seniors took out the Diamond State Titans by the score of 99-85.  The Seniors had a 20 point lead at one point but the Titans fought back to cut the lead to single digits.  Fouling at the end of the game pushed the lead back up to 14.

Game two was won by an even larger margin as Team Philly beat up on the Del Va Toros.  At the half Team Philly was up 58-29 which prompted us to leave early.  They ended up winning by the final score of 118-73.

Here are the player evaluations from these games. 

Sonny Hill Seniors

Savon Goodman (2012, 6-5 SF)
It is easy to see why Savon is such a highly regarded prospect as he has a strong build, excellent straight line speed and is an explosive athlete.  His athleticism was on full display in this one as he threw down a myriad of dunks.  His most impressive dunks were a two hand alley-oop, another two-hand slam with a man pretty much hanging on him and a reverse dunk on a break away.  Savon excelled in transition as he scored on both layups and dunks.  Once he got the ball in open space he would fly by defenders with his speed.  No one was able to catch him from behind.  

While most of his points were scored within the immediate vicinity of the hoop, Savon did step out and hit a couple of shots from beyond the arc.  On the defensive end of the court he employed his outstanding leaping ability to block shots. Where he did struggle some was with his ball handling when trying to drive into the congested lane, as the ball was tipped away from him a few times.  He was definitely better playing off the ball or in open space.  Savon finished with a game high 28 points.

Cameron Ayers (2010, 6-4 SF) committed to Bucknell
The strongest aspect of Cameron’s game is his jump shot and that was indeed the case in this contest.  He hit jumpers from all over the court, with range extending out to three point land.  One of the more difficult shots he sank though came from closer to the hoop.  He was backing his man down making his way to the hoop when he lost his balance and had to fire up a shot while falling away and without jumping.  Cameron was also able to score in transition and he hit a runner off the glass as well.  For a lot of the game his team relied on him to take to the ball up the court to avoid turnovers.  Cameron did this well but he did so somewhat slowly and was very conservative with the ball in his hands.

Mustafa Jones (2010, 6-0 PG) committed to Hartford
Mustafa demonstrated his shooting ability by burying a pair of threes as well as pull up jumper from about 15 feet out.  One of the three pointers he fired up after making a dribble hesitation move where he side stepped to gain space.  Other than his shooting Mustafa was also able to make plays off the dribble.  He proved he could drive with either hand and utilized a solid crossover.  On one play he gave a pump fake before driving along the baseline and banking in a layup.  Off the bounce he also had his best pass of the night, with a perfectly placed one handed pass to a man cutting along the baseline.

Diamond State Titans

Donovan Womack (2010, 6-1 SG)
To open up the game Donovan drained a three pointer and followed that up on the next possession with another shot beyond the arc.  After this he went a bit cold, missing on his next three attempts from long distance.  He got things back on track though as he ended up hitting five more three pointers in the game.  A couple of these shots were very deep and another he shot with two defenders in his face.  Donovan showed good elevation on his jumper and he shot the ball with a high arc.  Besides his three point shooting Donovan did not show much else.  He did attempt a pair of runners in the lane but missed both.

Andre Kirk (2011, 6-4 SG)
Andre started off shooting the ball before looking to score more around the hoop.  Early on he hit a three pointer and a fade away mid range jump shot.  On another possession he got the ball and took one dribble before hop stepping around his man for a layup.  Off a teammates miss he put up a layup and missed, but got his own board and missed another layup.  Due to effort though he again grabbed the rebound and finally converted a layup.  Throughout the game he rebounded the ball pretty well from the wing.

Darian Doleman (2010, 6-8 PF/C)
In this contest Darian scored most his points from right around the hoop.  He hit a layup after pulling down an offensive rebound and another layup with contact right over a defender.  Darian also had a tip in off a teammates miss.  His lone bucket away from the hoop was a mid range jumper from along the baseline.  On defense he blocked a shot.

AJ English (2011, 6-2 SG)
AJ showed the ability to shoot from the outside or take it to the hoop to generate points.  While he has a smooth stroke and hit at least three shots from behind the arc, AJ could have had better shot selection, and he did little to create space between him and the defender before launching up these shots.  When attacking off the dribble AJ utilized a crossover move and head fakes to get by the defense.  Early on he was struggling to convert in traffic but did draw a good number of fouls.  As the game progressed though, he started to finish better.  In transition he hit a runner in the lane despite contact and he finished off a drive by going up high for a finger roll.

Team Philly

John Johnson (2011-1 PG/SG) committed to Pittsburgh
In previous year at Donofrio we have seen some explosive scoring out of John Johnson.  This was not quite the case in the first half but he still managed to put points on the board.  Out on the break he went to the opposite side of the hoop and banked in a layup with a lot of spin to avoid a defender.  On another occasion he drove all the way to the hoop, scored and was fouled.  He topped off his scoring by burying a pair of shots from behind the three point line.

David Appolon (2011, 6-4 SG)
Most of the damage David did in this game was in transition.  He was quick to get out on the break and this resulted in some easy buckets for him.  Twice he just got out ahead of the pack and threw down one hand jams.  On another break he hit a reverses layup with his right hand on the left hand side.  Another time he was simply cherry picking and hit a very easy layup.  He did have one very tough transition bucket that he scored between both defender who jumped up trying to block him. 

Erik Copes (2011, 6-8 PF/C) committed to George Washington
Erik was really the driving force behind the big first half lead.  Not only was he the leading scored but he was also a beast on the boards and blocked a lot of shots.  Eric is a decent leaper but his shot blocking proficiency is more due to great timing.  All of his points were scored around the rim on a series of layups and dunks.  On at least three different occasions he pulled down offensive boards and scored on follow up layups.  Eric did show off his leaping ability by throwing down a pair of dunks and also hitting an alley-opp off of a lob pass.  On one play he went up strong with the ball and was fouled pretty hard but seemed unaffected by the foul as he still easily hit the layup.  Erik also runs the floor well and has a solid build.  He should prove to be an excellent pickup for George Washington.

Willis Nicholson (2010, 5-10 PG)
It was fairly quiet first half for Willis but he did make a couple stand out plays.  While playing defense he picked his man's pocket and then took it the other way for an easy transition layup.  He also had a very strong drive where he got all the way to the hoop and a defender bumped him, but the defender ended up getting bowled over.  Willis still managed to hit the layup despite this contact.

Ameen Tanksley (2011, 6-4 SF)
Ameen was really crashing the boards and after pulling down the rebounds he would immediately look for an outlet pass to start up the break.  Not only did he get a number of fast breaks started but he was also able to make plays in transition.  On one such break he was trailing the play and ended up getting a follow up layup off his teammates miss.  There was also a two on one break where Ameen had the ball and he made sure to drive in deep enough to draw the defense before dishing off to his teammate for an easy layup.  Defensively he had a couple blocks.

Del Val Toros

Harold Hicks (2010, 5-9 PG)
Harold is quick off the dribble and handles the ball well, but he had a tendency to dribble around too much and ended up turning the ball over on a couple occasions.  He did have a few impressive finishes after driving to the hoop.  After taking the ball strong to the hoop he went up for a layup and used his body to shield the defender from blocking him.  On another occasion he sliced through the defense and hit a double clutch layup.  There was another drive where he split two defender and then was fouled while he hit a layup.  Besides his scoring off the dribble, Harold was also able to knock down a couple jump shots.  He hit a mid range jumper from along the baseline and also drained a shot from a step inside the three point line.

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