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Donofrio Classic: More 2nd Round Games
Sunday, 16 May 2010

By Bill Martin
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Second round action continued at Donofrio with a pair of more competitive games than the previous games in round two.

Hunting Park I went up against Sam Rines in the night's first game.  This was a hard fought battle but when the final buzzer sounded, Hunting Park I came out on top 91-84.

The second contest of the night looked like it was going to be a blowout with the Roadrunners jumping out to a large lead at halftime over Waterview Triple Threat.  The Roadrunners ran into foul trouble though and with a limited roster they ended up playing the final two minutes of the game with only three players.  The Roadrunners still managed to hold on 126-119.

The following are player evaluation from the evening’s games.

Road Runners

Elijah Carter (2011, 6-1 PG/SG)
The Roadrunners were without Duke commit Kyrie Irving so Elijah really stepped up his game, scoring an impressive 55 points.  When Elijah’s outside jumper is falling it is bad news for the opposition and that was the case in this contest.  He reigned down threes, including a couple of the pull up variety.  At one point he hit three shots from behind the arc on three consecutive possessions.  He was also able to hit shots from inside the three point line as well. 

Elijah also excelled in transition in this game.  He beat defenders to the hoop utilizing his quickness and a crossover.  Once he got to the hoop he finished extremely well.  On one transition play he switched the ball to his off hand in midair, in order to get his layup attempt off around the defender.  While Elijah looked to score first he did make a few nice passes.  On the move he threw a perfect pass to a baseline cutter for an easy layup.  Elijah de-committing from St. Bonaventure is devastating news for the Bonnies as he was sure to be an impact player in the A10.

Kelvin Amayo (2011, 6-2 PG/SG)
Kelvin used a combination of athletic ability and hustle in this game.  On more than one occasion he missed a short shot but followed it up, got his own rebound and then was able to score.  His leaping ability was put on display when he beat the defense to the hoop and threw down a monster two hand jam. 

Daveon Boardingham (2010, 6-6 PF) committed to Marshall
Daveon recently decided to head to Marshall as a non-qualifier and he should be able to have an impact there in 2011 when he becomes eligible.  He might be undersized to play in the post but he plays with a lot of energy and athleticism.  In this game he scored on tough buckets around the hoop and was very strong on the glass.  On one play he gave a pump fake to get his man up in the air, and despite the defender basically landing on top of Daveon, he still hit the layup and the ensuing free throw.

Kasim Chandler (2012, 5-7 PG)
Kasim is small in stature but definitely has some skills.  From out beyond the three point line he drained a couple jumpers and he was also able to get to the hoop and score.  On one of his drive he faked a pass to gain a step on his defender, and then got all the way to the hoop for a layup.  Not only did he score the ball but he also demonstrated his passing ability.  In transition he made unselfish passes that turned into easy layup.  He also had a great pass from the perimeter to a teammate under the hoop for another easy layup.  Kasim is only a rising junior so he still has some time to grow.  His stock would rise if he sprouted up a couple inches but he definitely is talented.

Waterview Triple Threat

Carl Wallace (2010, 6-3 SG/SF)
A lot of Carl’s points were scored around the hoop but he did step out and show he could knock down the threes as well.  Throughout the contest Carl took the ball strong to the hoop and was able to finish in traffic.  On one such finish he actually tossed the ball up over his shoulder in order to avoid being blocked.  Carl showed off some athleticism as well when he threw down a dunk out in transition.  He finished as the leading scorer for Waterview Triple Threat with 34 points.

Hunting Park I

Jerrell Wright (2011, 6-8 PF/C) committed to La Salle
Jerrell was again virtually unstoppable as he scored 33 points and even more impressively he pulled down 21 boards.  It seemed like every time the ball came off the rim he was grabbing the rebound.  Pretty much all of Jerrell’s points came from around the hoop as he spent a lot of time in the paint and just went to work.  He was able to score with both his back to the basket or by facing up and taking his man off the dribble.  He handled the ball well, utilizing a solid cross over to get by his man, and even brought the ball up the court himself after pulling down a rebound. 

Jerrell finished extremely well around the hoop and was able to convert in a variety of ways.  First of all he can finish on either side of the hoop and can do so with both hands.  Some of his more impressive finishes were reverses.  One of which he put a ton of spin on in order to bank it in and another the ball was knocked loose from his hands but he still managed to get it up and in.  Jerrell also showed a good sense of when to go to the opposite side of the hoop in order to avoid shot blockers.  Besides the reverses he scored on a couple hook shots out of the post, put backs off offensive rebounds and a number of dunks.  To top this all off, Jerrell also displayed pretty good court vision and made some great passes.  The Explorers have to be excited about this early 2011 commitment.

Earl Brown (2011, 6-5 SF)
Earl was able to put the ball in the basket in a variety of ways.  He scored out of the post, took his man off the dribble and even buried a jump shot from outside the three point line.  Earl showed the ability to finish around the hoop in traffic.  He also threw down a dunk out alone in transition.

Ky Howard (2011, 6-3 SG)
Ky did a fine job of getting out in transition and scoring.  One of his breakaways was a result of him picking off a pass.  Other than his points in transition he also hit a three pointer and had a couple close range buckets.  After scooping up a loose ball he hit a short shot with one hand.

Sam Rines

Trenity Burdine (2010, 6-6 SF) committed to Siena
Trenity is long and athletic with a high release point on his smooth jump shot, although he struggled from three point land in this particular game.  He did hit a pair of three pointers but didn’t shoot the highest percentage.  Where he was more successful with his jumper was from mid range.  His most impressive jumper was from the foul line, where a defender came from behind and forced him to double clutch, but he still hit nothing but the bottom of the net.  Later in the game he again demonstrated his ability to adjust midair on a runner in the lane.  Trenity was very active and showed a lot of hustle.  A couple of his misses he followed and ended up getting buckets as a result.  In transition Trenity really showed off his leaping ability and speed in the open court.  He jetted up the court and threw down a surprisingly powerful dunk.  Trenity also utilized his leaping ability and length on defense, when he flew in from behind to block a layup attempt off the glass.  Siena has to be pleased to retain Trenity in their recruiting class as he surely would have been in high demand had he decided to open things up.

Pablo Bertone (2010, 6-2 PG) committed to Floria Atlantic
Pablo is an intriguing combo guard prospect with some international flair to his game.  He possesses good size for the point and has springy leaping ability.  Pablo first caught our attention with his no look passes and court vision, but he also showed that he could attack the hoop and shoot from mid range.  On one of his drives he faked a behind the back pass, which the defender bit on, and then proceeded to hit a tough layup over another defender.  One of the jumpers he hit fading out of bounds from along the baseline.  When Pablo stepped out to three point range he failed to convert on those attempts.  This looks like a quality under the radar pickup for Florida Atlantic.

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