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Prime Time Shootout Kean Sunday Games 1, 2 & 3
Sunday, 17 April 2011

By Bill Martin
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The Prime Time Shootout at Kean University took place back in mid February and Recruit Recon was on hand for the first five games of Sunday's action.

In game one Rice commit Jarelle Reischel and Point Pleasant Beach defeated future Manhattan Jasper Ryan McCoy and Montgomery 63-57.

The second game of the day pit NY powerhouses St. Raymond's and Lincoln against each other.  Lincoln came out victorious by the score of 63-52.

Game three was a lopsided affair with Findlay Prep defeating Newark Eastside 76-50.  Findlay's immense talent and pressure defense was simply too much for Newark Eastside.

The following are player evaluations from games one, two and three on Sunday.

Point Pleasant Beach

Jarrell Reischel (2011, 6-7 SG/SF) committed to Rice
Rice University has landed themselves a steal in Jarelle Reischel.  He can get buckets off the dribble, score inside or step out and drain jump shots out to beyond the three point line.  With his size and skill set he is a match up nightmare and no one in this game could stop him.  On a couple of occasions he drove and effectively utilized a hop step.  One of which he finished with a pull up jumper in the lane, and the other he got closer to the hoop and hit a baseline hook while being fouled.  When left open from outside he made the defense pay by burying at least two shots from beyond the arc.  He was also able to score off offensive rebounds and was a beast on the glass for the entire game.  Jarelle did a nice job of drawing contact as well and once he went to the free throw line he converted a high percentage of his attempts.  With all the defensive attention he was drawing that left his teammates open and Jarelle did a nice job of finding his open teammates.  Not to the surprise of anyone, Jarelle was named MVP of the game with 27 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists, in an overall dominating performance.


Ryan McCoy (2011, 6-7 SF/PF) committed to Manhattan
This Manhattan commit can play inside or outside and did a little bit of both in this game.  It seems that he likes to play out on the wing more but has the ability to score in the paint.  Ryan struggled with his jump shot in this game and probably settled for a couple too many threes.  He did manage to bury one shot from behind the arc and another mid range jumper from along the baseline later in the game.  He does not elevate much when shooting but his long arms and high release make up for that some.  Ryan didn't just settle for jump shots though and showed that he could put the ball on the floor as well.  While he doesn't have many moves off the dribble he can handle the ball with both hands and looks comfortable with the rock in his hands in open space.  As soon as he pulled down a defensive rebound he would immediately put the ball on the floor and start up the break. 

Where Ryan utilized his handle in the half court was after he got his man in the air using a head fake.  On two separate occasions though Ryan got a little out of control and ended up getting called for a charge.  Ryan also showed some court vision by making a beautiful pass over the defense to his teammate wide open under the hoop.  Despite his penchant for hanging out on the wing, Ryan was definitely more effective inside.  He put himself in position to get open looks under the hoop and also scored out of the post.  On two separate occasions he made a beautiful drop step around his defender and both resulted in layups.  He also rebounded the ball pretty well, but could have grabbed even more had he played inside more.  This was a solid game for Ryan but he could have done more damage if he played more inside.  It will be interesting to see how he is utilized at Manhattan.

Matt Mignon (2011, 6-1 SG)
This senior shooting guard first caught our attention by draining a trio of three pointers but he demonstrated that he could do more than just hit outside shots.  In transition Matt hit a runner in the lane and also an open layup.  On another play he gave his man a pump fake from three, then drove in before pulling up and knocking down a mid range jumper.  He also displayed good court vision when he drew the defense and then found his teammate  open underneath the hoop.  His strong performance earned him MVP honors for his team as he finished with 18 points.

St. Raymond's

Larry Graves (2012, 5-10 PG)
Larry is a stocky guard who was named MVP for his team by scoring 15 points.  While his quickness is limited he still managed to make plays attacking the hoop.  He got out in transition and converted, including one on a reverse layup to avoid a block.  Larry also scored by cutting to the hoop without the ball and getting a pass for a layup.  He also hit a runner in the lane while being fouled and hit the ensuing free throw as well.  Where he struggled was with his outside shot.  Early in the contest he was firing up quite a few three pointers and did not get any to fall.  Finally later in the game he did manage to get one shot from behind the arc to fall.  Larry would definitely benefit from getting a little slimmer to improve his quickness and also from further developing his lead guard skills.

Nkereuwen Okoro (2012, 6-5 SG/SF)
Okoro is an interesting prospect because he is a wing player but is also pretty big and bulky.  He showed his ability to put the ball on the floor but didn't really show much in terms of a jumper.  Off the bounce he utilized a crossover to get by his man and then passed over top of the D to his teammate for an open layup.  When he got the ball close to the hoop he converted on some tough layups in traffic even when fouled.

Franklin Garcia (2011, 6-1 SG)
Franklin scored on a series of layups including one that he put up between two defenders.  Other than the layups, he also buried a long two point jump shot.

Shane Rector (2012, 6-1 SG)
Most of Shane's points came from the free throw line but he did hit one very difficult layup over the much taller Kamari Murphy and was fouled.

Daniel Dingle (2012, 6-7 SF)
Much like Nkereuwen Okoro, Daniel is a big bulky wing player, but Daniel is taller and also handles the rock a little better.  At times during the game Daniel was even running point although he is definitely not quick enough to play point at the next level.  He was able to dribble in traffic and make his way to the hoop.  Once he got to the hoop he did struggle converting some due to the height and length of Lincoln's interior players.  On one drive he missed a reverse but got his own board and was able to bank in a shot over two defenders.  When driving though he did not look to create for his teammates and on one play he made a no look pass just as his teammate moved and the pass sailed out of bounds.  While he struggled offensively Daniel was strong on the boards throughout the game and had a couple blocks.


Jordan Dickerson (2012, 6-11 C)
This was not a great game from Jordan but there in no denying his potential with his height and length.  He moves well but is also very skinny so hopefully next year at prep school he will be able to add some muscle to his frame.  Offensively he basically didn't do anything, as he missed a dunk and was blocked from behind on a layup attempt.  He was also fouled on a putback attempt but missed both of the free throws.  Defensively though Jordan did have an impact.  He blocked and redirected a few shots without even having to leave his feet.  Jordan also rebounded fairly well and did a nice job of keeping the ball high after grabbing the boards.  A year of Prep School is the right move for Jordan as he has big time height and length but his skill set and strength vastly need improvement.

Isaiah Whitehead (2014, 6-4 SG)
Isaiah was extremely impressive and has to be one of the most talented players in the class of 2014.  He was definitely one of the best players, if not the best player, in this game, as he finished with 18 points and was named Co-MVP with teammate Kamari Murphy.  Isaiah managed to score in variety of ways.  From the outside he buried a pair of threes and hit another jumper from just inside the arc.  He attacked along the baseline and hit a beautiful reverse.  In the paint he dropped a short one handed shot over a defender and also tipped in a couple of his teammates misses.  Besides his scoring Isaiah had a couple blocks on defense and threw a number of quality passes.  His most spectacular pass was a no look behind the back dish.  If Isaiah continues to progress then he should be able to pick pretty much any school he wants when the time comes for him to make a decision.

Mike White (2011, 6-6 PF)
Mike scored on a hook shot after pulling down an offensive rebound and also hit a mid range jumper along the baseline.

Kamari Murphy (2012, 6-8 PF)
Much like Jordan Dickerson, Kamari is also headed to prep school, but Kamari is further along in his skill development at this point.  Kamari is long, has good hands and is an excellent leaper.  One of his first buckets of the game was a transition layup where he converted despite being pushed from behind and he hit the follow up free throw as well.  Throughout the game he seemed to draw contact and make his way to the free throw line.  By our count he went 7 for 10 from the charity stripe.  His other buckets were scored right around the hoop as he hit a number of layups, including one off of a lob pass, and also threw down a big time two hand slam over a defender who fouled him.  A couple of his layups were a result of him pulling down offensive rebounds. 

Throughout the game Kamari was strong on the glass as he went up high to grab the ball and kept it high when he came down to prevent smaller defenders from poking it away.  On a couple of his defensive rebounds he started dribbling the ball up the court starting up the break.  Kamari also cut to the hoop without the ball on two separate occasions, one of which he hit a layup on the move and on the other he just barely missed a finger roll.  Defensively Kamari blocked a number of shots and in general made it tough for the opposition to score inside.  With another year of basketball under his belt Kamari should be able to improve his game, but even if he stayed in the class of 2011 he would be a highly sought after big man at this point in the process.

Shaquille Stokes (2011, 5-10 PG)
Shaquille demonstrated some effective moves off the dribble and decent court vision, but for the most part struggled in this contest.  On a few different occasions he got caught in double teams which resulted in poor passes.  He also had a very difficult time converting around the hoop.  His best play of the day was a step back three pointer but his only other field goal was an open layup.  Shaquille's only other points came from the free throw line where he went 4 for 4.

Newark East Side

Tariq Carey (2012, 6-1 PG/SG)
At times in this game Tariq tried to do too much, but with his team over-matched and falling behind quickly it was understandable.  Even though he was forcing things a bit he still put together a solid performance, finishing with 22 points and was named MVP for his team.  Tariq was constantly going to the hoop whether it was in transition or attacking in the half court.  His spin move was deadly and he also crossed up defenders also going through his legs.  Tariq got some very difficult shots to  fall.  Coming right out of a spin move he hit a one hand shot while falling out of bounds.  On two other occasions he lowered his shoulder, knocking his man back before hitting runners in the lane.  He got to the hoop on another drive but this time he adjusted midair to avoid getting blocked by the 6-7 athletic Winston Sheppard.  There were a few occasions where Tariq got to the hoop and couldn't convert in traffic.  While he didn't take many outside shots he did manage to knock down a shot from three point land.

Aaron Bodie (2012, 6-6 PF)
Aaron is an undersized forward but he plays with toughness and is a decent athlete.  He held his own on the boards despite being much smaller than the Findlay front line.  Aaron was able to get a couple buckets on layups after grabbing offensive rebounds and by scooping up a loose ball underneath the hoop.  He was able to get a couple other close range buckets using a one handed shot and showed he could still finish even when fouled.  On a pair of these short one handed shots he did miss very badly when he tried to bank it in way too high off the glass.  Aaron showed off his leaping ability on an alley-oop attempt but his timing was a little off and the dunk rattled out.  Aaron did have two plays that were highlight worthy.  On an inbounds play he cut to the hoop and caught a pass right under the hoop and in one fluid motion he went up and hit a reverse.  The other was a fadeaway jumper in the lane over a much taller defender.  Aaron showed that he could be productive inside despite a severe size disadvantage.

Omar Martinez (2012, 5-7 PG)
This diminutive guard put his outside shooting on display in his limited looks.  He drained a pair of shots from beyond the three point line and another from just inside the arc.

Kasim Chandler (2012, 5-8 PG)
Kasim is a small guard who is quick off the dribble.  In this game he utilized a behind the back dribble and a crossover to beat the defense or break the press himself.  Once he got into the lane he was able to draw the defense and create open looks for his teammates around the hoop or out on the perimeter.  When he took it all the way himself he struggled to convert.  Kasim also launched up a high number of threes but only got two of them to fall.


Anthony Bennett (2012, 6-8 PF)
This game got out of hand early and with the big lead some of Findlay's starters played less leaving Anthony to really showcase his abilities.  Anthony has very broad shoulders and is built like a football player.  At his size he moves extremely well and is an explosive athlete.  Although he looks like he should be playing on the interior Anthony has the ability to step out and play on the perimeter.  He proved to be a three point threat as he buried a pair of shots from beyond the arc.  Anthony's leaping ability was on full display on a pair of dunks.  One was a high flying alley-oop and on the other he threw down a rim rocking two hand slam.  On the defensive end of the court he blocked a couple shots.  With his strength, skill and athleticism Anthony appears to be a big time prospect.

Landen Lucas (2012, 6-9 PF/C)
Another player that benefited from the early lead was Landen Lucas who probably got a few more touches in the post as a result.  Once he got the ball in the post he showed a couple strong moves.  He was able to simply back his man down until he got in position to hit layups and he also used an effective drop step to get around his defender.  Landen hit a tough short shot in traffic and also drew a couple fouls inside.  He hit all 4 of his free throws on his two trips to the line.  Besides his post skills Landen also rebounded the ball well and on defense he blocked a couple shots.  Landen is another impressive prospect on this loaded Findlay Prep team.


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