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Philly Jam Fest 2012 Player Evals - Part IV
Wednesday, 23 May 2012

By Bill Martin
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A few weekends ago we headed over to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania for the Philly Hoop Group Jam Fest.

It was an excellent event with a lot of talented teams. With two of us at the event we were able to double up the games we watched and saw a lot of different teams, hence the four parts of coverage.  This is the fourth and final article of our coverage.

For part 4 of our coverage we have evaluations from the 17U players on the Brooklyn Rens White, Jersey Shore Warriors, Hunting Part Warriors, New Rens, KC Run GMC and Team Takeover.

Brooklyn Rens White

Gabriel Agorioge (2013, 6-3 SF)
This was a rough game for the Rens as they took the most lopsided loss that we saw at this event, and we actually left before the game was over due to the one sided nature of the game.  The whole team struggled but Gabriel did manage to hit a one handed shot from in the lane and also had a tough finish inside.  He did however airball a mid range jumper.

Iran Duncan (2013, 5-10 PG)
Iran shot the ball decently as he hit a three pointer and a shot from around the foul line, but didn't do much else in our viewing.

Julileon Boney (2013, 6-2 PG/SG)
Julieon ran point but was somewhat sloppy with the ball and forced things on a number of occasions.  He did hit a three and scored on a layup off of a drive, but on that drive he went up and came down still holding the ball that a defender got his hands on.  It probably should have been either a walk or a jump ball but nothing was called.

Jersey Shore Warriors

Stephen Vasturia (2013, 6-4 SG) committed to Notre Dame
The Jersey shore Warriors built up a big lead behind a very balanced attack, so while no one had a huge game, a lot of players mad big contributions.  The most well known of the Jersey Shore Warriors is Notre Dame commit Stephen Vasturia and he showed some of the skills that made him a Big East level talent.  His shooting ability is the first thing that stands out about his game, and he did hit a pair of threes in this contest, but that is not all he can do.  On one occasion he took the ball the length of the court, beating his man to the hoop for a layup.  In general he looked comfortable putting the ball on the floor in space.  At one point Stephen threw a dangerous crosscourt pass, but it got to it's intended target unimpeded.   

Justin McFadden (2014, 6-3 SG/SF)
Justin showed he could knock down jump shots from both mid range and from beyond the arc.  Besides his shooting he also mad a couple plays off the dribble.  After getting into the lane and drawing the defense he made a pretty no look pass.  Justin also scored by tipping in a teammate's miss.

Stephen Smith (2013, 6-7 SF)
Stephen hit a pair of threes in this contest but at one point he missed three consecutive attempts from behind the arc.  He did not do much besides take threes, but he did attempt two runners both of which he received contact on and hit one of them.

Amar Stukes (2013, 6-2 PG)
It seemed like everyone on the Jersey Shore Warriors could knock down the perimeter J and Amar was no exception.  He buried a pair of threes and also had a beautiful one handed pass from the perimeter into the post.

Greg Noack
(2013, 6-6 PF)
While Greg was the closest thing the Jersey Shore Warriors had to an interior player, even he stepped out and drained a three pointer.  His best work around the hoop came when he was cutting without the ball in his hands.  He made a nice cut on an inbounds play and caught the pass for an easy layup.  He also did a nice job of sliding off a pick past his man where he got the ball again and hit the layup despite being fouled.  He knocked down the ensuing free throw as well.  Greg could have finished better around the hoop though as he missed a reverse and also missed a pair of dunks although he was fouled on one.  He also could have been stronger on the boards.

Merdic Green (2013, 6-3 PG/SG)
Merdic was at his best attacking the hoop and was able to convert layups in traffic, even with contact.  He was also able to convert on a short one handed shot after he ran down a loose ball underneath the hoop.  Unlike most of the rest of his teammates, Merdic did not show much of his jump shot at all.

Michael Greenman (2013, 5-8 PG)
Michael was one of the few players on his team that struggled some from three point range, as he took two attempts but neither fell.  Off the dribble Michael was able to get to get by his man relatively easy and get to the hoop for open layups.  He did not even need to make much of a move, so his easy path to the basket was mainly due to poor defense.  Michael was able to avoid a shot block on one occasion with a quick release of a layup to put it up before the defender had a chance to react.  He showed a glimpse of his passing ability by hitting a teammate who was cutting to the hoop with a well placed pass.

Hunting Park Warriors

Nafis Walker (2012, 6-2 PG)
Nafis was at his best going at the hoop and using his athleticism to finish.  Early on he sliced down the lane and glided in for a pretty finger roll.  He converted another drive with a finger roll as well.  Nafis was also able to score in transition and got a transition layup after picking his man's pocket.  He also showed a great change of direction with his crossover.  Nafis did not take many outside shots but the one three that he did take he did not get it to fall.

Khyree Wooten (2012, 6-2 SG)
Khyree is a player who at times has a poor shot selection but also has the ability to knock down difficult shots.  In this contest though he forced up more bad shots then he did hit difficult ones.  One perfect example of this was when he badly airballed a well defended fade away mid range jumper.  He did however knock down a mid range jumper off the dribble earlier in the game and also hit a double clutch layup in transition.  He showed the ability to get his shot off from close range with one hand at a variety of angles to avoid shot blockers.  He didn't always take bad shots and when left open he was able to knock down a three pointer and another shot from just inside the arc.

Hakeem Baxter (2013, 6-2 PG/SG)
Hakeem did his damage in this contest in transition but otherwise was quiet.  Although his points came in transition they were not easy looks but he still finished.

Anthony Durham (2013, 6-3 SG)
Anthony flashed his jump shooting ability by hitting a pull up jumper and by knocking down a three.  He also hit a tough double clutch layup in transition.

David George (2013, 6-8 PF)
Early in the game David rebounded the ball well, but as the game wore on he started to miss out on more boards he could have grabbed.  As was in our last viewing it was again apparent that David needs to increase his strength.  It was not only a factor on the boards but he also had the ball knocked out of his hands on more than one occasion.  He didn't put the ball on the floor as much in this game but he still showed that he could on a short drive where he banked in a tough layup.  On one of his earlier offensive rebounds he was able to score on a putback and also made a nice kick out on another offensive board.  David was not much of a factor especially later in the game, and that had a lot to do with the talent and size of the front court of the New Rens who he went up against.  His team did not have any other players near his height to help him battle inside.

New Rens

Shamiek Sheppard (2013 6-6 SF)
Shamiek is a player with a lot of potential due to his god given abilities, but his skill set does not match up with length and athletic ability yet.  As far as wing skills go, Shamiek can put the ball on the floor some, but does not have a lot of moves off the dribble and showed no signs of a jump shot.  He did attack the hoop aggressively and got himself to the free throw line a decent amount of times, but he was below 50% on the attempts we saw in this game. 

Shamiek was able to finish well around the hoop and also showcased his leaping ability.  On one baseline drive he just overpowered his man and slammed right on him.  He also had another baseline take where he banked in a layup.  On another possession he hit a double clutch layup while being fouled.  Shamiek also flashed his athleticism by flushing a teammates miss that came off the rim.  He also went up very high for a lob pass but it was even a little too high for him and he couldn't pull it in.  There was one occasion where he went into the post to exploit the matchup of a smaller guard on him, but was fouled before he could do anything with it.  Shamiek has a ways to go with his skills, but his athleticism is hard to ignore.

Wayne Martin (2012, 6-6 PF)
Wayne did his best work on the glass and was able to score after pulling down offensive rebounds.  He showed off some of his leaping ability when he went up high to catch a lob pass, but the pass was off the mark so he smartly brought it down and passed it back out.

Kentan Facey (2013, 6-9 PF)
Kentan is a long, bouncy forward who moves very well.  His leaping ability was on full display as he had multiple athletic dunks and went up high for rebounds.  On one play he hustled down a long rebound and then quickly drove baseline and threw down a one hand slam.  Besides his dunking Kentan was also able to score out of the post.  He hit a pair on one handed shots over defenders in the post.

Jermaine Lawrence
(2013, 6-9 SF/PF)
This was a coming out party for Jermaine as he showcased his skill set and vast potential.  While he can play both inside or outside, he seems to be developing his skills to be more of a wing player.  Jermaine is a very smooth player with great athleticism.  He threw down multiple dunks in this game including a two hand slam off of a lob pass.  In this contest he showed that he could put the ball on the floor some and shoot off the dribble although he could tighten up his handle some.  There were a pair of occasions where he had his pocket picked trying to dribble around too much. 

While he was not deadly accurate with his shot, he was able to hit from a variety of ranges.  He hit a short jumper, mid range shots right off the dribble and stepping back, and even knocked down an open three pointer.  Jermaine was also able to score off the bounce though.  On one play he grabbed a board, then took it the length of the court himself beating the defense to the hoop for a finger roll.  Defensively he played more inside and did a nice job on the boards and also blocked a couple shots due to his length and leaping ability.  Jermaine saw his stock soar after this event and deservedly so.


Travis Jorgenson (2013, 5-10 PG)
Right off the bat Travis crossed up his man, leaving him open for a mid range jumper, but he couldn't knock it down.  On the next possession however, he injured his ankle and had to go to the bench.  His coach did not seem too comfortable with Travis out of the game, so he sent him right back in, but he was somewhat slowed by the injury throughout the rest of game.  Travis showed a lot of confidence shooting from mid range off the dribble in this game, but for the most part struggled, only getting one of these shots to fall.  In fact he struggled with his jump shot all together as he also airballed his lone three point attempt. 

What travis did well, was take his man off the dribble and get into the lane.  Other than his cross over, he also utilized a spin move which he showed excellent change of direction on.  Once in the lane he was able to kick out and find open teammates, but a couple of his passes were slightly off the mark.  In warmups Travis showed some impressive leaping ability in throwing down some dunks, but with the injury he didn't show much of that in the game.

Dom Collier (2014, 6-1 PG)
Dom is a springy leaper who can run point, although he wasn't called upon to do much of that in this game.  In transition he made plays on both sides of the ball.  While trailing a play he flew in to block what would have been an otherwise easy layup.  Offensively out on the break he got up the court quickly, beating the defense back for layups.  Dom did show some point guard skills as he penetrated a couple times and kicked out to teammates for open looks.  He also drained a three pointer. 

Tory Miller (2013, 6-7 PF)
Tory is a well built forward but needs to learn to use his body better to back his man down and to create space to get his shots off inside.  Only on one occasion did he back his man down, and when he did he drew a foul.  For the most part he was going up against a taller but much thinner player in Tim Higgins.  Tory settled for trying to shoot hook shots over him, but with little success.  He should have muscled the defender back to clear space and get an easier look.  It doesn't help that he doesn't appear to have a lot of lift.  He did attempt to dunk the ball once, but was fouled.  If he had gotten up higher he might have been able to throw it down still.  Tory was able to score by converting all of four of his free throw attempts and he did get one of his hook shots to fall.

George Funtarov (2012, 6-6 SF)
George rebounded the ball well and showed some solid court vision making a pretty pass over top of the defense.  He was able to score on a tough layup, but airballed his lone three point attempt and couldn't get a mid range jumper to fall either.

Connor Frankamp
(2013, 6-0 PG/SG) committed to Kansas
This future Jayhawk was ridiculous from three point range and almost single handily shot his team back from a double digit deficit.  Connor knocked down at least six shots from behind the arc including one from beyond NBA range, a couple with the defense right on him and another coming right off of a screen.  What was most impressive though, was that late in the game the other team was blatantly trying to not even let him get a shot off but he still managed to by launching up shots from deeper than expected or with multiple defenders on him.  Besides his shooting he also picked off a crucial pass late in the game and converted it into a layup.  This was a high scoring and impressive shooting performance from Connor, but we would have liked to see more of what he could do off the dribble.  For the most part he settled for outside shots, but I guess that will happen when a player is knocking them down like he was.

Team Takeover

Stephon Jiggets (2013, 6-1 PG/SG)
Stephon probably had the best game of anyone on Team Takeover.  He showed that he could pull up off the dribble from mid range or step out behind the arc and knock down a three.  It wasn't just his jump shooting though, as he was able to get out and score in transition and off the bounce.  On one drive he beat his man to the cup and hit a scoop layup under the help defenders attempted block.

Skye Johnson (2013, 6-6 PF)
Skye did not get a whole lot of offensive touches in the game, but when he dd he made the most of them.  On a pair of drives he was able to produce points.  The first he drew a foul and hit both free throws.  The second drive he got to the hoop pump faked to get his man in the air, and then hit a layup.  He also showed that he could step out to about 15 feet and knock down an open jumper.

Marquis Wright (2013, 6-0 PG)
Defensively Marquis was able to pick his man's pocket on multiple occasions.  On the other side of the ball he showed he could get to the hoop quickly and convert on very difficult layup attempts.  His most spectacular finish was a reverse that he somehow got off despite having three defenders right around him.  Off the dribble he showed a series of dribble hesitation moves which allowed him to clear space from his defender.  On one of these moves it left his wide open for a short runner which he banked in.

Jamall Robinson (2013, 6-5 SF)
The last couple times we saw Jamall he impressed, but somewhat struggled in this contest.  He forced a couple drives and ended up turning the ball over a couple times but also drew a few fouls.  By my count he hit all but one of his seven free throw attempts, but that one attempt was the front ed of a one and one later in the game.  Besides getting himself to the free throw line, Jamall was pretty quiet.  He did however hit one step back foul line jumper. 

Tim Higgins (2013, 6-10 C)
Tim didn't show much more than he did the last couple times we saw him, but as always you have to like his height and length.  While he needs to get stronger his length causes problems around the hoop as he blocked a shot, tipped another and redirected a good few.  Offensively he does a nice job of keeping the ball high and has a high release point on his shot.  He was able to hit a short one handed shot while being fouled and converted the old fashioned three point play.  His hands are not bad, but on one occasion he didn't look ready for a pass and couldn't hold onto it, resulting in a turnover.  Tim's top priority should be hitting the weight room and bulking up to go along with developing his post up game.

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