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Sonny Hill League Future Stars Tournament Player Evaluations (J to R)
Thursday, 24 August 2006

By Brian Crownover    
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Lamar Jackson – Bartram Beacon Blazers (Bodine, PA 2008 5-10)
This small guard can flat out score.  He drained shot after shot on Friday night.  He has a deadly pull up jumper that he can launch from anywhere on the court.  He is also very quick and can penetrate and get to the hoop with ease.

Russell Johnson – Cuttino Mobley (Chester, PA 2008 6-5)
Russell is a long, athletic forward who is good in transition.  He did a lot of damage around the hoop, but also displayed a solid jump shot from the outside.  He gives Chester a nasty one, two, three scoring punch next season.

Tracy Jones – Diamond State Titans (Cape Henlopen, DE 2008 6-3)
I continue to be surprised at how many quality players I see coming out of Delaware.  Jones had a good game when I saw him in action.  He is a good sized guard who buried multiple threes.  He is also capable of putting the ball on the floor and getting to the basket.

David Laury – Jersey Gym Rats (Riverside, NJ 2008 6-7)
Laury followed up his MVP run in the Sonny Hill with a solid performance at the Future Stars Tournament.  This big bodied forward is very effective in the low post.  He is quick down low and has good hands to go along with a soft touch on his shot.  David is a very active player.  He also has a nice ball handling skills and the ability to hit perimeter shots too.

Lemond Lee – Richmond Metro (Fork Union Military, VA 2007 6-8)
Lemond is a big bodied forward with solid skills.  He has very good hands and is quicker than you’d expect when first seeing him.  Unfortunately, he was stuck playing behind Ed Davis and Justin Harper, so his playing time was limited.  On almost any other team in the tournament, he likely would’ve been a standout performer. 

Tyrell Lynch – GC Ballers (Patterson School, NC 2007 6-9 220)
Lynch is a very athletic forward.  He made some pretty impressive plays in transition.  He had one impressive play where he drove down the lane and finished near the bucket.  He is quick, but does dribble the ball too high.  Tyrell also threw down some nasty dunks.  His biggest problem is that he isn’t very active and doesn’t always play hard, when he’s at his best though, Lynch is a pretty impressive player.  He also isn’t helped by the fact that Johnny Flynn takes a lot of shots on his team.  

Jarrett Mann
– Playaz 16s (Middletown, DE 2008 6-4 175)
Mann was solid throughout the weekend.  He does an excellent job of scoring around the bucket, particularly in transition.  He puts up some pretty good numbers because of this, but he does need to improve more of his guard skills.  He has decent form on his jumper, but really struggles to knock it down.  Jarrett could improve his ball handling as well.  He has good size and is a solid player.  He just needs to round out his game.

Josh Martin
– Team Philly (Simon Gratz, PA 2007 6-0 170)
Josh played an excellent game when I saw him on Friday night.  He was extremely aggressive attacking the hoop and finished time and time again.  He is at his best when he’s playing that style.  Too often, I have seen him play more like he did on the half I watched on Sunday.  He was relatively quiet and mostly just passes the ball around the perimeter.  He did take several perimeter shots against the zone defense, but was relatively ineffective from there.  Josh has shown me some flashes of great play throughout this summer.  If he can just do it from game to game, his stock will really rise.

Khalil McDonald
– Team Final (American Christian Academy, PA 2006 6-2)
Khalil is an impressive guard who plays with a ton of confidence.  He buried a number of threes and ran the floor well.  He is also pretty quick off the dribble.Image

Dominic Morris – Raiders (Caravel, DE 2009 6-6)
Dominic is a very skilled wide bodied forward.  He is good with his back to the basket because he possesses quick feet and soft touch on his shot.  Dominic loves to post up and spin either direction to get to the bucket.  He can score with either hand and he is also a good interior passer.  Dominic did have trouble handling a few low passes, but passer was more to blame for that.  While he has a good frame, adding a few inches would make him that much more effective.  He is still young and has room to grow though.

Marcus Morris
– Hunting Park (Prep Charter, PA 2007 6-8 195)
Marcus was a bit quieter then I’ve seen lately, but still had a solid game.  He is so smooth with the ball in his hands and plays so well with his brother Markieff.

Markieff Morris
– Hunting Park (Prep Charter, PA 2007 6-8 210)
Lately Marcus has been playing better than Markieff, but that wasn’t the case in the game I saw.  Markieff did a great job of scoring in the paint on turnaround jumper and by going at the hoop.  He knocked down a mid range jumper and passed the ball well.

Khalil Mumford
– Team Philly (Cardinal Dougherty, PA 2007 5-11)
I wasn’t able to catch a lot of Mumford in action. However, within just a few minutes of one of his games, he hit several threes and scored in a few other ways.  He hit a few shots from mid range and also passed well.  It might’ve been the best I’ve seen out of Khalil with Team Philly.

Andrew Randall – Cuttino Mobley (Communications Tech, PA 2008 6-5)
Randall was among the most impressive players all weekend.  He is so smooth around the basket.  He is one of the best finishers around and can do it in a variety of ways.  His long wingspan and soft touch are huge reasons why he is so good in that area.  Andrew is so smooth and fluid with the ball in his hands too.  He also has a very sweet shot from the perimeter.  He just needs to improve the consistency on it a little more.  Andrew is becoming a big time player.

Jeff Robinson
– Team Final (St. Patrick’s, NJ 2007 6-5 195)
Memphis commit Jeff Robinson was one of the best players in the tournament.  He was un-guardable against Sam Rines as he buried three pointer after three pointer and finished well around the basket.  Jeff is a big time athlete, who makes plays that almost no one else is capable of.  He compliments that with good size and a soft touch to make himself one of the most dynamic players around.

Nasir Robinson
– Team Final (Chester, PA 2008 6-4 210)
Nasir was his usual aggressive self when I caught him in action.  He gets to the hoop with such ease and rarely misses in that area.  He can go either direction and finish with either hand.  Because of his attacking nature, he spends a ton of time at the foul line.  Nasir does need to improve his shot as well as his passing skills, but he is a great player nonetheless.  He should form a deadly tandem with Karon Burton (who I have yet to see) at Chester next year.

Travis Robinson
- Raiders
This rising freshman played very well for the Raiders.  He already has the size of a much older player.  He an exceptional finisher for such a young play and he can knock down jumpers as well.  Travis has a bright future ahead of him.

Terrance Roderick
– Sam Rines (Northeast Prep, PA 2007 6-5)
Terrance had an up and down weekend when I caught him in action.  He is very good when he drives to the basket because he can use his long arms to score around defenders.  Terrance is also a very impressive passer for a forward.  He made a beautiful bounce pass during one game that most good point guards couldn’t even make.  Because of the way he releases, the ball he is often able to make a pass when it looks like he’s is going to shoot.  When Terrance’s shot is on, he’s a dominant player.  The problem is that he’s just too streaky from the perimeter.  He doesn’t have very good form, so it’s tough to say whether or not it’ll become more consistent with repetition.  Terrance is quite effect at hitting pull up jumpers when he’s on.  Too often this weekend, he was bringing the ball up the court and firing away, rather than running the offense.  The fact that he was bringing the ball up court in the first place, shows how good his skills are.

Mike Rosario
– Playaz 16s (St. Anthony’s, NJ 2008 6-1 160)
Rosario is an excellent three point shooter.  He exploded on Saturday and pretty much single-handedly won a game for his team by dominating in overtime.  He has a very smooth shot but he is mostly a spot up shooter.  Mike can also put the ball on the floor and get to the basket.  He is definitely at his best from the perimeter though.  Mike doesn’t have ideal size for a shooting guard and isn’t really a point guard, so he probably won’t go as high as he would if he was 2 or 3 inches taller.  He did seem more hesitant to attempt shots over the long-armed players from Richmond Metro.  Mike can definitely play and will be a nice pickup for some program.

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Last Updated ( Friday, 25 August 2006 )
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