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Reebok Showdown Series Championship Evals
Wednesday, 15 August 2012

by Alex Schwartz

PHILADELPHIA -- The Reebok Showdown Series Championship was one of many big-time tournaments across the nation during the month of July.

Based out of Philadelphia University, the tournament featured three different brackets and numerous teams from all over America and into Canada.

Recruit Recon was on hand for most of the event and put together evaluations of 16 prospects who we saw in action.

Thomas Alexander is a 6-foot-4 small forward out of North Little Rock (AR). The class of 2013 prospect helped lead his Arkansas Hawks to the championship game of the Showdown bracket. Although undersized at the three spot, Alexander is a productive player, especially at the offensive end of the court. He has a good frame that helps him make up for his lack of height and he also can score in a few different ways. Alexander has a nice shooting stoke and he can knock it down from long range. He is also capable of attacking the rim a bit though, and thus a cannot completely play up on him on the perimeter.  

Josh Brown of St. Anthony's (NJ) and Sports U is a former Temple commit in the class of 2013, but he reopened his recruitment not long before July began. A big point guard at 6-foot-3, Brown also has a great frame and is a very impressive prospect from a physical standpoint for his position. In addition to his physical tools, Brown is also a talented player who makes plays. He is a true floor general who possesses nice court vision and he does a superb job of distributing the basketball. Brown has a good feel for the game and he is adept at handling the rock. Additionally, he is more than capable of attacking the basket off the bounce and scoring for himself.

Brandon Chauca of Christian Faith Center (NC) and Grassroots Elite is a quality point guard in the class of 2014. Although he is undersized at 5-foot-9, that does not limit Chauca's ability to run an offense and make plays by distributing the ball. Chauca, who hails from Canada, possesses nice court vision and he is usually on the lookout for open teammates to pass to. Chauca also handles the basketball well and is a quick kid. He did not do so that much in this game, but those factors should enable him to beat defenders off the bounce and get to the rim. The main question that Chauca left unanswered during this viewing is whether or not he can score the ball himself.

Kasim Chandler is an undersized point guard at 5-foot-9 and he also has a slight build, but he can flat out play. Despite his physical limitations, Chandler just makes plays and simply gets the job done. A reclassified 2013 prospect at Imani Christian (PA), Chandler is a native of Newark, N.J. and runs with Sports U. He is a good enough athlete who possesses quality body control and can really handle the orange. Chandler is adept at driving to the basket and the dishing the ball out to a teammate. He needs to show he can shoot it on a consistent basis, but Chandler is indeed capable of connecting from 3-point range. He did not get huge playing time behind Josh Brown, but he was on the court enough to show that he is continuing to improve as a player and a prospect. 

Hallice Cooke is another player who attends St. Anthony's (NJ) and plays for the loaded Sports U team. A class of 2013 recruit, Cooke's game is based around his ability to shoot the basketball from long range. The rising senior is a 6-foot-3 shooting guard who can really stroke it from 3-point land. Cooke is particularly adept when shooting off the catch and his stroke looks very good. Although he might be a touch undersized at the two spot for some, Cooke has long arms that help him to play a bit bigger. The next step for Cooke is to round out his overall game and find ways to help his team when his shot is not falling.

Isaiah Davis of Elizabeth (NJ) is truly a combo forward, but he is only 6-foot-4. Clearly the class of 2013 prospect is undersized, but he is a kid who produces nonetheless. A member of the NJ Roadrunners, Davis has a really good motor and plays hard, so that is part of what allows him to counter his lack of size. He is fairly long, too. Davis does need to improve his shooting ability so that he can be more of a three at the offensive end. The first step in doing that will likely be tweaking his shooting motion, which is a bit off right now. Although he may not have elite size or skills, Davis gets the job done with his activity and cannot be overlooked on the floor.

Donte Demungia is a 6-foot-9 center who is evidently transferring from Atlantic City (NJ) to St. Patrick's (NJ) for his senior year of high school. An imposing presence around the basket due to his height and big build, Demungia is still a bit raw. The Sports U big man clearly has some upside and at the very least can be an effective defender/rebounder at the next level due to his frame. However, the class of 2013 recruit is not overly skilled at the offensive end and is not great athletically. If Demungia gets in a bit better shape and develops some post moves, he has a chance to really make some noise in college.

Anthony Firkser of Manalapan (NJ) helped lead his New Jersey Cyclones squad to a championship in the U17 bracket of the tournament. A 6-foot-3 shooting guard, Firkser is a dual-sport standout in the 2013 class, as he is also a quality football player. The rising senior has a really good, strong frame, so it makes sense that he is shines on the gridiron too. On the basketball court, the main aspect of Firkser's game is his 3-point shooting ability. Much of what he does is off the catch, so he needs to work on shooting off the bounce. Additionally, when his shot is not falling, Firkser needs to find other ways to aid his team.

Kyle Green of Camden Catholic (NJ) and the Jersey Shore Warriors just recently made a commitment to attend Temple University. A 6-foot-5 small forward in the class of 2013, Green could become the consumate role player for the Owls. He is a kid who simply goes out and produces each time he takes the floor and that the type of guy who you win games with. Green is quite adept at scoring from inside the painted area and has quality midrange game. He does need to work on improving his shot from beyond the 3-point line. Green has a pretty solid frame and also possesses a pretty good knack for making plays.

Amadi Hamdi is a native of Egypt who now attends Trent Internationale (TX). A member of the elite Houston Defenders squad, Hamdi is a 6-foot-8 power forward in the class of 2013. There is no question that Hamdi needs to work on his skills package, but he gets things done anyway. The rising senior relies on his toughness and strength to make plays around the rim and he does so quite well. Hamdi is not a big-time athlete, but he plays hard and does a lot of the little things around the rim. What he lacks in pure skill and athleticism, he maks up for with his effort level. Although not one of the team's high-major prospects, Hamdi is an integral part of the Defenders' success.

Matt Husek of the New Jersey Cyclones immediately stands out on the court due to his 6-foot-10 size. A class of 2013 center out of Bethlehem Catholic (PA), Husek is still a work in progress, but there is quite a bit to work with. He has a body that can fill out when he gets to the next level, so he should be able to add bulk to his frame. Husek is not very quick and is not going to wow with his athleticism, but his superb height helps to counter that. The big man actually does do a pretty nice job of getting up and down the floor, though. At the defensive end, Husek is a capable shot blocker. Offensively, he passes wel from the high post. 

Tom Lacey was the stir that stirred the drink for the New Jersey Cyclons in the game that Recruit Recon saw, which was a comeback win in the semifinals. Lacey, a 6-foot-6 power forward from Seton Hall Prep (NJ), has a solid frame and he puts forth great effort on the court. He has a nice up and under move that he can use to score in the post. Lacey is a productive player who can really put points on the board. He is capable of sliding over to the three spot if necessary, though the four is certainly a better fit for him. Lacey is a smart player and the more you see him, the more you appreciate his game. 

MiKyle McIntosh of Christian Faith Center (NC) is one of the top Canadian players in the class of 2013. McIntosh is a quality 6-foot-6 small forward who runs with Grassroots Elite on the AAU circuit. The wing prospect possesses a really good build and is a strong kid. McIntosh handles the basketball quite well, too. Those factors allow him to do a very nice job of getting to the basket off the dribble. Although it is clear that McIntosh can attack the rim, he needs to demonstrate the abiliy to consistently shoot the ball. Otherwise, hewill see defenders just sag off of him and make him shoot it.

Jahleem Montague is the final member of the Sports U squad on this list. A bouncy 6-foot-7 power forward out of Atlantic City (NJ), Montague is a fairly intriguing player. The 2013 prospect is a quality athlete with impressive physical tools and he has some major flashes on the court that catch your eye. The biggest thing for Montague is turning those flashes into consistent play over the course of a game. He has nice length and can make plays around the the rim. Montague does need to add bulk to his thin frame, but that is something that will come with time and will be much easier when he gets into a college strength program.

Greg Noack of Liberty (PA) is a skilled face-up power forward for the Jersey Shore Warriors. The 6-foot-8 class of 2013 recruit is at his best when operating from the high post and he can get things done from that spot. One thing that Noack can do quite well is knock down shots from midrange and at his height that makes him a mismatch for many opposing defenses. Noack does need to add a bit of strength and become more comfortable down low, but he is a nice player right now regardless. The rising senior does a pretty good job of getting up and the floor, too. He can develop into a nice player in college at the right level.

Dominique Reid of Timber Creek (NJ) is a 6'7 power forward in the class of 2013. A member of Team Philly, Reid is a strong kid with a great body that he can use around the basket. Additionally, he possesses pretty good length for someone with his type of build. Reid needs to work on not traveling with the ball, but he is a quality offensive player. He is adept at grabbing offensive rebounds and can really put the ball in the cup when working from the low blocks. Reid also has a nice spin move that he is able to utilize in order to get past his defender. Overall, Reid is a rugged interior presence who will go out and produce for his team. 

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 15 August 2012 )
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