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Report on Class of 2014 G Grant Sinn
Friday, 17 January 2014

Imageby Joe Click
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courtesy of (Ft.Wayne,IN): 

– One day, not too long ago, Grant Sinn dreamed of playing for Duke, being the top pick in the NBA draft and not only getting into the NBA finals but being named the MVP.

That was seven or eight years in the past, but that doesn’t mean the Canterbury senior doesn’t still have dreams and aspirations. These days, they are just tailored to his 6-foot-1, sharp-shooting frame.

“I had all that stuff written down,” Sinn said of the daydreams of a 10-year-old gym rat. “It’s good to set goals, but once you get to high school, you have to know the limitations of what you are able to do.

“When you see the men playing on television and you notice the height difference and the foot speed and the agility, that’s when you take it in as well, because you know your limitations and abilities. You see most of the players playing ACC basketball have the ability to go pro, and you know you don’t have it – that’s kind of an eye-opener.”

College basketball hopes still exist for Sinn, though. They are just more in the range of schools such as Cincinnati Christian and North Park, which have offered scholarships, and interested schools such as UNC-Wilmington, Austin Peay, Mount St. Mary’s, Campbellsville and Grace.

“Coaches have said they respect my basketball IQ along with my leadership on the floor and my shooting ability, which is what I have been known for,” Sinn said. “A lot of the coaches have told me that if I am going to be able to play, then I have to be a versatile, combo guard.”

So Sinn has set out to not only lead a young Cavaliers team (2-5) but also show what he can do – and anything that he can’t do, well, he will just work on that.

“You can control what God has given you,” Sinn said. “You can control your basketball IQ, and you can make yourself better. Playing for the school and playing for college can be difficult at times because you know you have to do certain things to be noticed.”

After averaging 6 points last year as the designated zone-buster from the outside, Sinn has stepped into a different role with some major vacancies this year.

“My sophomore and junior years, I was the surrounded one when we had great players like Austin Hatch, Trent Van Horn, Kai Foday, Davis Rao and Chase Moyle,” said Sinn, who has played point guard at times this year.

“Now those guys are gone, I have had to create for myself and my teammates. The shooting isn’t as easy because when you have those players on the court with you, the defenses are mostly attracted to them.”

Sinn, who is averaging 10.5 points, 6.5 rebounds and 3.5 assists, recently had a near-triple double against South Side with 14 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists

Last Updated ( Thursday, 13 February 2014 )
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