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iS8 Evaluations (10/7/06)
Friday, 13 October 2006

By Brian Crownover
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Corey Fisher
– JR’s All Stars
The catch phrase at iS8 is “Bring your game, not your name.”  On Saturday, highly touted Corey Fisher showed up with both as he torched the nets for a tournament record 70 points.  The stocky guard can score in a variety of ways.  He can shoot from anywhere on the floor and loves to knock down pull up jumpers out to three point range.  Corey has a good combination of quickness and power when attacking the hoop.  He does seem like he might have gained some weight since last winter, but if he lost any quickness he makes up for it by using his bigger body to fend off the opposition around the basket.  He is very good at using his body this way and thus creates a lot of three point play opportunities for himself.  Corey is also a master at using hesitation moves to freeze defenders.  Although he is a scorer first, Corey can distribute the ball off the dribble as well.  It’s scary what he can do when he’s on and he showed that with his brilliant performance on Saturday.

David Akinyooye – Elmont Spartans (Elmont, NY 2007 6-3)
David is a lanky forward with solid skills.  He has a good, soft touch and is particularly strong around the basket.  He is active on the glass.  David has a good feel for when to pass and when to shoot.  He is a solid ball handler with a nice crossover move.  David does need to add some weight and could show more of a perimeter game.

Miles Beatty – Shooting Stars
Miles isn’t the smoothest player on the court, but the big guard is quite effective.  He has an awkward ball handling style, but still gets to the hoop.  He attacks and doesn’t waste dribbles.  He runs the floor well and can also hit the three point shot.

Melquan Bolding
– Shooting Stars
Bolding is a lanky guard who can score.  He handles the ball well and is a good athlete who runs the floor.  He has a very smooth stroke and can hit from beyond the arc.

Kammell Broughton
– NJ Trailblazers (Edison Academy, NJ 2008 6-6 230)
Kammell is a forward with a combination of strength and skills.  He plays mostly with his back to the basket and likes to use a spin move to get to the hoop from the low post.  He is good at shielding defenders off in the lane.  He has soft touch on this shot.  Kammell handles the ball well and can even play some on the wing (although he didn’t show much of a jumper).  Kammell is also a good athlete.  On this day, he struggled some to put the ball into the basket, but his strength and skills were obvious.

Kidani Brutus
– JR’s All Stars
Kidani didn’t have a big day, but was solid for his team.  He was able to hit some from the perimeter, although he could’ve been more consistent there.  The well built guard also showed his versatility by blocking a shot.

Rashon Dwight
– Bloomfield Tech
Rashon had his usual productive game.  He is such a good finisher and gets a ton of points off of steals.  He passed fairly well and showed good leadership/communication skills.  He has a nice pull up jumper around the hoop, but his range is still limited.  Rashon can drive either direction, but it appears to only dribble with his dominant hand.  Although his pull up jumper is effective, his release is slow and mechanical and could use some improvement.  Rashon definitely has some areas of his game to work on, but you have to love the effort and energy he plays with.

Andy Garcia
– JR’s All Stars (Cardinal Hayes, NY 2007 6-7)
Andy is a long, athletic forward.  He is a good ball handler for his size and quite skilled.  He was somewhat quiet offensively, but did show some of the things he can do.  Andy is very thin and does need to add some weight.

Ashton Gibbs – Shooting Stars
Ashton is a very talented guard.  He has a smooth stroke and can knock down the three point shot.  He runs the floor well and can finish.  He is a good ball handler and also displayed a nice floater in the lane.  A lot of his points came in transition, so it was somewhat tough to get a good read on Ashton.

Michael Glover
– JR’s All Stars (American Christian, PA)
It’s not often you can score 30 points (including 9 dunks) and play second fiddle to someone.  That’s exactly what happened with Michael while playing on Fisher’s team.  When I first saw Glover, he was virtually all dunks.  On this day, he displayed some more of his other skills.  He can score in the low post by using his quickness.  He finishes a ton of plays with thunderous dunks, but his touch around the basket could use improvement.  Michael isn’t very smooth and his great leaping ability is a bit of surprise the first time you seen him elevate.  He handles the ball fairly well and even showed that he can hit a three pointer.  Michael would benefit from added weight and some improvement of his perimeter skills.  He’s a solid post player who will give Seton Hall plenty of highlight reel dunks.

Dino Gregory – Unique All Stars
IS8 attracts some top players from outside the area as well.  Dino Gregory, who committed to Maryland, attended the event this weekend.  He is a skilled combo forward.  He has a great mid range game which caused Samardo Samuels a lot of trouble (see below).  Dino can hit his shot out to three point land.  He is capable of going inside and scoring in the post as well.  Dino is quick and athletic.  He is a solid pickup for Gary Williams.

Wesley Jenkins
– Bloomfield Tech
After seeing Wesley play a great all around game earlier this spring, I was surprised to see that he was mostly known as a spot up shooting.  After witnessing him in action on Saturday, I understood why.  Wesley’s shot was certainly on and he was deadly from behind the arc.  He hit four three is the first half alone and I believe added another one in the second half.  While it’s hard for me to complain of someone shooting when he’s on, it would be nice to see all of Wesley’s skills.  He is a good all around player.

RJ Hall – Bloomfield Tech (Bloomfield Tech, NJ 2008 5-11)
RJ is a small, quick guard.  He finishes well and can hit the mid range jumper.  He has good vision and distributes the ball well.  He can drive to either direction.  Like most of his teammates, RJ has very active hands defensively.  He’s a good all around guard.

Tobias Harris – Unique All Stars (Half Hallow Hill West, NY 2010 6-4)
Tobias is a solid young guard.  He’s not super quick or explosive, but still a solid ball handler.  He has good size which allows him to get off his jumper.  He can hit his shot out beyond the three point line.  Tobias is definitely a guard with some upside.

Samardo Samuels – Shooting Stars
Samardo is a highly regarded post player and it’s easy to see why.  He is a wide-bodied player who is also very skilled and athletic.  He had his greatest impact running the floor and finishing, often with monster dunks.  He handles the ball very well for a big man, although he does dribble a bit high.  His dribbling skills were on hand during one play when he drove all the way behind the arc to the hoop and then scored on a dunk.  Samardo is quick around the hoop and has a very soft touch.  He is an excellent rebounder and superb shot blocker.  He threw back nearly every shot that came his way during the action.  The only area he struggled with was guarding Dino Gregory from the mid range area.  Dino was able to hit that jump time and time again unguarded.  It is not clear whether Samardo is capable of defending out there, but he gave up that shot too many times.  Perhaps Samardo felt it was best for his team if he remained under the hoop.  Samardo is a super prospect who will be playing at a high level a few years down the road.

James Southerland – Shooting Stars (Cardozo, NY 2008 6-6)
James is a long and thin forward.  He is quite athletic and a very good shot blocker.  He combined with Samardo to wreak havoc on the interior.

Josh Spivey
– JR’s All Stars (American Christian, PA 2008 6-0)
This wide-bodied guard is a solid player.  He is quicker than he looks and has very good body control.  He passes very well and puts a lot on those passes.  Josh also hustles after a lot of loose balls.  He didn’t show much of a perimeter game.

Vince Rosario
– NJ Trailblazers (Cardinal McCarick, NJ 2007 5-11 170)
Vince is a solid guard.  He can shoot out to the three.  He is a quick ball handler with a good crossover.  He is capable of driving and dishing and his team’s offense was much more effective when he started doing this more frequently in the second half.

Erving Walker – Juice All Stars
This small guard didn’t have a big game, but was still effective.  Erving is very smooth and always under control.  He has some quick ball handling moves and doesn’t waste time dribbling in the backcourt.  He goes straight to the hoop when attacking.  Erving loves to shoot the pull up jumper from anywhere on the court, although he struggled some with it on this occasion.  He has a good release, but it isn’t super quick.  While he is a nice player, I’m still a bit surprised that Erving is so highly rated.  I’m assuming I have yet to see him at his best.  I expect a small guard like Erving to have more flair to his game than he has.  He is certainly a good player, but I have yet to see him play at the elite level.

Brandon Walters
– Juice All Stars
Brandon was quite as impressive as the first time I saw him.  He made most of his impact by blocking shots and rebounding.  He is a solid interior post player as well though.

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