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Donofrio Classic 2007: Week 1 (Part B)
Friday, 30 March 2007

By Brian Crownover
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Waterview Phoenix 99 Sonny Hill Juniors 77

Mainstreet 108 DeStefano Electric 98

NCP 90 Lancaster-Lebanon 78

Just Clean It! 93 Sonny Hill Sophomores 62 

Waterview Phoenix

Andrew Randall (2008, 6-5 SF/PF)
Andrew looked mostly to pass in this contest. He did a good job of distributing the ball, including a nice give and go from the low post.  He is a nice post passer.  Andrew is capable of putting the ball on the floor as well and knocking down the jumper.  He just didn’t do much of either in this contest.

Devon White (2008, 6-8 PF/C)
Devon is a big, imposing presence.  He has excellent hands and very good touch around the basket.  He finished well in the contest and came up huge in the rebounding department.  He has some perimeter skills as well, but they weren’t on display in this contest.  Devon seems like he could raise his game another level and become a very dominant big man.

Russell Johnson (2008, 6-6 SF)
Russell is mostly a finisher around the basket.  The long-armed forward is a very good rebounder.  He knocked down a 17 foot jumper and he has a nice stroke, but needs to show it more often.  His ball handling is okay, but could certainly use some improve.  Russell has to display his wing skills more often.

Max Huc (2008, 6-2 PG)
Max is a quick point guard who penetrates well.  He did have some difficulty passing.

Sonny Hill Juniors

Cameron Ayers (2010, 6-1 PG)
Cameron has good size for a freshman and is a solid ball handler.  He looks to have a bright future ahead of him.


Edwin Santiago (2007, 6-2 PG) Committed to Delaware
Over the course of watching Edwin play, I’ve seen all of the many things he can do.  He had never put them altogether at once though.  He was much more active and involved than I’ve seen in the past.  In this game, Edwin hit several pull up jumpers, including one from behind the arc.  He is a very smooth ball handler and also has impressive length for a guard.  He had a couple of nice passes as well.  The thing that stood out most on this evening though was the number of athletic plays he made, including a couple nice rebounds and a dunk.  He is more athletic than I ever game him credit for.  Edwin should be able to have an impact next year on a young Delaware team.

Steve Egee (2008, 6-3 PG/SG)
Steve is a joy to watch.  He has good size for a guard and really understands how to play either position.  He usually seems to know where to go with the ball and he distributes well.  Steve’s a smooth shooter with good range.  He is a very fundamentally sound ball handler who can beat his man off the dribble.  He has a nice pull up game and used the glass on one of those shots in this game.  Steve also rebounded well for a guard.  He even showed some athletic ability that I didn’t realize he had as he tried to follow up a missed shot with a dunk attempt.  Steve is a well rounded player who is very efficient offensively.

Torrance Timothy (2007, 6-5 SG/SF)
Torrance is left handed wing forward with a very smooth stroke.  He has ideal size/length for a mid level wing player.  He is a capable shooter, including out to three.  Torrance can also put the ball on the floor and drive to the hoop.  He is also a good finisher and had a dunk in this contest.  James Madison is after Torrance and if he plays like this consistently, he’d be an excellent CAA level wing prospect.

Rhalir Jefferson (2009, 6-6 SF/PF)
Rhalir is a lanky, young forward.  He is a fairly good ball handler.  He’s athletic and a good finisher.  His hands could improve and he had some difficulty catching passes.  He also needs to develop some wing skills or a low post game.  Rhalir is a solid young prospect though.


Frank McKnight (2007, 6-1 PG/SG) Committed to Maryland - Baltimore County
McKnight buried an early 17 foot jumper.  He had several nice passes.  He didn’t have a big game offensively.


Sean Evans (2007, 6-6 SF/PF)
Sean is a fantastic mid level prospect.  He hit and early pull up 17 foot jumper.  He also knocked down a three pointer late in the game.  He is a very quick ball handler for a big man and combines that with incredible strength.  The one knock I’ve always had on him is that he doesn’t try to play big.  Early in the first half of this game, he got fouled by a guard, but took the ball up weak and gave himself no chance for a three point play.  He was much more aggressive around the hoop as the game wore on, particularly in his one on one match up against Todd O’ Brien.  He threw a dunk down over O’ Brien and took it strong at him several times.

Miguel Bocachica (2008, 6-5 SF)
This spot up three point shooter was on fire early on.  He had a very strong game from behind the arc, but didn’t do much else.  He did put the ball on the floor several times with only limited success.  His size and shooting ability are impressive, but Miguel would greatly benefit from added more to his arsenal. 


Todd O’Brien (2007, 6-9 PF/C) Committed to Bucknell
Todd had an outstanding game for Lancaster-Lebanon.  In the past he has shown a good jump shot and ball handling skills for a big man.  He played with his back to the basket a lot more in this contest.  He was great in that role too as he showed an array of moves in the post, including a nice hook shot, a turn around jumper and a head fake and short jumper.  Todd has good hands and a soft touch.  He also has a great feel for where he is and what type of shot he’ll need to use when he attempts to score in the post.  He passed well from the low block too.  Todd would definitely benefit from adding muscle, although he won’t have to play as physical as he would if he were going to a higher level league.  Todd isn’t going to make a lot of athlete plays, but his athletic ability is certainly adequate, especially for the Patriot League.  If he were a bit more athletic or a few inches taller, Todd would likely be playing at a high level.  Instead he’s headed off to Bucknell where he’ll have a very good chance of making an immediate impact.

Positive Image I

Courtney Stanley (2008, 6-1 PG)
Courtney is a point guard with good size.  He is a quick ball handler with a solid crossover move.  In this game he distributed the ball very well.  Courtney also was able to drive to the basket and score.  He hit a very nice pull up jumper as well.  Courtney has a sweet stroke on his shot.  He did struggle with a couple turnovers in the second half, but overall he played an excellent game. 

Kenny Moore (2007, 6-6 SF)
Kenny is a big bodied forward with some nice skills.  He plays mostly a face up game and is active around the basket.  He can put the ball on the floor, although his ball handling has room for improvement.  He also showed that he’s capable of knocking down the three point shot.

Kashief Edwards (2007, 6-6 PF) Committed to Niagara
Kashief is entertaining to watch as he is a dunking machine.  He is a fantastic athlete who gets off the ground in a hurry.  He showed better ball handling than I’ve seen before and he has a decent jump shot.  He just doesn’t use them often and he loves to hang around the hoop and finish.  Kashief had several monster blocks and a few boards as well.

Philly Hoops

Rob Keefer (2007, 6-3 SG) Committed to Lehigh
Keefer is an excellent shooter.  He was on fire in the first half burying a number of threes.  He is a surprisingly quick ball handler who has developed a very good pull up game.  He has good size for a shooting guard and also passes well and makes good decisions with the ball.  He looks to be a very good pick up for Lehigh.

Just Clean It!

Lamar Patterson (2009, 6-3 SG)
Lamar is a talented young guard.  He has a smooth stroke and is an excellent passer.  He hit a tough pull up jumper early, but was rather quiet in the scoring column throughout the remainder of the game.  He is a quick ball handler, but wasn’t able to take advantage all that much.  He has the potential to add muscle to his frame.

Aaric Murray (2009, 6-9 C)
This young big man is a very imposing presence.  He has long arms and good size.  He was a monster on the boards, although a lot rebounds came off of his own misses.  Aaric has decent hands, but doesn’t appear to have very good touch around the basket.  He missed several easy layups.  He also isn’t a great athlete or much of a defensive presence on the inside.  Aaric has some good natural skills, but his overall game could use some work.

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