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Game Set 4
Thursday, 24 January 2008

by Brian Crownover
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Kevin Green-Germany
CAA Insider continued our high school coverage with two games over the past week, including our first trip into Maryland.  Here is a look at some of the top players in those games.


Chester 82 Penn Wood 70 
Towson Catholic 57 John Carroll 42


Kevin Green-Germany (2008, 6-0 PG/SG)
Kevin played another strong game for the Clippers. On a team loaded with talent, he has really emerged and been a pleasant surprise. Heís deadly with the three point shot and very confident in his ability to hit from deep. He knocked down a couple that were well beyond the arc. Kevin also keyed some Chester fastbreaks with steals on the defensive end. He ran the floor well and even scored on an old fashioned three point play. His free throw shooting down the stretch was huge (7 of 9 by our count). Kevin can put the ball on the floor some too and is a decent passer. Heís certainly a shooter first though. If he continues playing this well on a team with this much talent, he should see his stock really rise come this spring. He led the Clippers with a team high 27 points.

Karon Burton (2008, 5-8 PG)
Karon put together another good game. The super quick guard was tough to stop on the attack. His ability to maintain control of the ball is fantastic. On a couple plays it looked like he was going to lose the ball and instead wound up doing a spin move or another move for a lay-up. He didnít distribute the ball as much in this one as he did against Glen Mills. Instead, he looked more for his offense. He did have an outstanding alley oop assist though. Whether it was the killer crossover moves or burying threes, Karon put points on the board in this one. He did struggle some with turnovers, but still played well. He ended with 21 points for the victors. 

Russell Johnson (2008, 6-6 SF)
Russell played a much quieter game than last week. He had most of his impact with some athletic dunks around the rim. He also crashed the boards as usual. Russell pushed the ball and started the break on several occasions. He didnít do much from the perimeter in this contest. 

Penn Wood

Duane Johnson (2009, 6-4 SF)
Duane is a very intriguing prospect. Apparently he has just recently starting coming around. He is a lanky forward who projects to the wing at the next level. In this game the junior did most of his damage on the interior. He was a monster on the boards as he put in offensive rebound after offensive rebound. Heís a good finisher with soft touch. Duane displayed a very nice short hook shot. The lefty is pretty athletic as he showed on a couple of dunks. He didnít handle the ball too much on the wing, but did look solid when putting it on the floor. He got to the rim on occasion off the dribble, but couldnít finish. Duane didnít show a perimeter jumper in this game. He does need to add muscle and he didnít take the ball up strong enough a couple times and thus was blocked. He does need to extend his game farther away from the basket than he did on this evening. The more he improves that, the higher his stock will rise as he moves onto the next level. Duane was very productive in the paint in this contest as he led all scorers with 29 points. 

Tyree Johnson (2010, 5-8 PG)
Playing against one of the areaís best point guards, this young sophomore showed he was up to the challenge. He can nearly match Burton is quickness and already has some nice muscle definition despite his small frame. Tyree was an absolute pest for the Chester defense. He possesses a array of dribbling moves. He gets in the lane in a hurry and can stop and change directions on a dime. Tyree can attack off the bounce in any direction and he finished fairly well, including a nice finger roll. The diminutive guard can also hit from the perimeter. He buried several threes in the game. While he did hit from the outside his shot selection wasnít always the best. He fired up three pointer after three pointer late when his team needed him to look inside more. A couple times he was off balance when shooting too. When driving, Tyree had a nice pass here and there, but he needs to look to distribute more if he wants to become a complete point guard. He played aggressively on the defense end too and picked up a number of steals in Penn Woodís furious comeback. Tyree was a huge part of that comeback, but at the same time he hurt his team some with his decision making. Hopefully it was just the heat of playing in a big game and trying to make things happen. He just needs to play more under control than he did tonight and let the game come to him. Tyree is a fantastic prospect and did finish the game with 18 points.

Shawn Oakman (2011, 6-6 PF)
Penn Wood brings some nice size to the table. We were really impressed with Shawn's length and athleticism. He rebounds the ball very well on both ends of the court and kept a lot of possessions alive. He is very active on the interior. On the perimeter his game could use some work. He missed a three and looks like his handle. That said, heís only a freshman and his effort and natural ability were quite impressive.

Towson Catholic

Brandon Greene (2008, 6-6 PF)
Brandon is such a workhorse on the inside. Despite being undersized when compared with the oppositionís frontline, Brandon was still able to score inside. He has good hands and can finish around the goal. He can put the ball on the floor some too as he displayed with a drive and bank shot. Brandon doesnít play above the rim a lot, but he did have an athletic alley oop dunk. He also clogged up the lane with blocked shot after blocked shot. By our count, he had 7 in the game (not sure what the official stats were). Brandon also had a monster game on the boards in the win. He is going to probably be one of those undersized interior guys that just really produces at the next level.

Larry Bastfield (2008, 6-0 PG) Committed to Toledo
Larry had a solid game in the Towson Catholic victory. What really stands out with him is his quickness and strength. When he uses both he is difficult to stop in the lane. He had a nice spin move and finish and scored on a finger roll on another play. Heís at his best when attacking the rim. Larry had a couple good passes including an alley oop to Greene. He did struggle with his pull up jumper and will need to develop a more consistent jumper at the next level. He wound up with 16 points.

John Carroll

Isaiah Philmore (2009, 6-7 210 SF/PF)
All around it was not a good day for the Patriots on the offensive end as they struggled to hit shots. That was true with Isaiah, but he still showed a good skill set. He is a good sized wing player with the ability to step outside and shoot or drive, but also battle on the interior. Isaiah also displayed some nice passing ability. He had a monster game on the boards at both ends of the court as well. He was at his best on the attack in this game and that included scoring on a couple of runners in the lane. Isaiah really struggled from the perimeter, missing shot after shot after shot. His stroke looked pretty smooth though despite that. He isnít a super explosive ball handler, but does possess long strides which help him get to the hole fairly quickly. Isaiah can play with his back to the basket some too. He remained active throughout the game and finished with 18 points and 18 rebounds, even with the rough shooting night.

Malcolm McMillan (2011, 5-8 PG)
This young point guard was very impressive. The lefty is super quick off the dribble. He gets into the lane very well and can change directions or use spin moves. Malcolm also has a good feel of when to release the ball before the defender gets there. He had a terrific play where he sliced through traffic and banked the shot in off the glass. He is very smooth with the ball in his hands and can drive either direction. Malcolm showed some unselfish play too with a couple of nice passes. He was quiet from the perimeter. This young guard has a bright future ahead of him. Malcolm ended with 6 points and 4 assists in the loss. 

Mike Maczko (2008, 6-5 SG) Committed to NJIT
Mike opened by hitting a three. He didnít take many shots throughout the game, but was very active. Heís a scrappy guard with some good size.

Josh Wiegand (2008, 6-8 210 PF/C) Committed to Loyola (MD)
Josh struggled some in this contest for the Patriots. He does have nice hands and showed he can put the ball on the floor some. He did crash the boards quite a bit. He struggled with converting in the post and even airballed a left handed hook shot. Josh could also benefit by getting stronger. 

Jakub Kusmieuk (2008, 7-4 C) Committed to Central Florida
Jakub is very imposing physically. He is the first player you notice when you enter the gym. In addition to his height he also has a solid frame. In this game, he had some early foul trouble and never was able to have much of an impact. He missed a short lay-in on one of his few shots attempts. His hands need to get better as well. He fumbled a couple of passes. In his defense one of them was pretty low. Jakub was solid on the boards during his limited action. He does need to move faster on the defense end. One thing we liked about him is that he seemed to have some passion and intensity. He still has a long way to go as a player, but his natural gifts make him an intriguing prospect.

Wyatt Smith (2009,  6-5 SF)
This lefty is a good sized with player. He looks very fluid with the ball in his hands. He can attack some off the dribble. His jumper looked pretty smooth, but he did struggle with consistency in that area. Wyatt also rebounded well. He had 10 points and 7 rebounds.

Raphael Jordan (2009,  6-0 170 PG/SF)
This guard showed some pretty good quickness and the ability to get to the hoop off the dribble. He did struggle some converting though and didnít hit much from the outside.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 24 January 2008 )
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