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Home arrow Recruiting News arrow Donofrio Week 2 (Part 2)
Donofrio Week 2 (Part 2)
Monday, 07 April 2008

by Brian Crownover
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Action continued in the second week of the Donofrio Classic in Conshocken, Pennsylvania. Some of the top teams that had byes took the court for the first time. Here are the standout players.

George Harper

Roadrunners 94 Just Clean It! 88
Sonny Hill Juniors 116 Hunting Park II 102 
Team Philly 85 Don-Len 71 

Sonny Hill Juniors 

George Harper (2010, 6-7 PF)

George is certainly making up for his lack of playing time in the high school season.  He has been dominant in both games thus far.  Heís big and physical, but also can handle the ball.  He loves to drive from the mid range area and often got all the way to the hoop.  George is very athletic and finished with a few dunks.  He has good hands and touch which helped him finish well throughout the game.  He finished with a beautiful overhead tip in on one play.  George crashed the boards.  He made several nice passes too, including out of the post.  He still does need to work on developing a jumper.  He also is a pretty good ball handler in the half court game, but he did get himself in trouble when he tried to handle it too much in the open court.  George finished with an outstanding 26 points.

Ligah Thompson (2009, 6-7 PF)
He has had some of the more impressive thunderous throw downs thus far in this event.  He had a drive and beautiful up and under move for the conversion.  He has developed the ability to drive, but like George he also still needs to work some on developing a jumper.  Ligah scored 18 points, including no fewer than three dunks in the game.

Cameron Ayers (2010, 6-4 SF)

Cameron opened with a bank shot inside.  He followed his own miss on one occasion.  He can attack off the dribble in either direction.  He scored on an old fashioned three point play.  Cameron hit a foul line jumper and threw a nice pass too.  Speaking of the foul line, Cameron did a lot of his damage from there en route to 26 points. 


Justin Crosgile (2009, 5-11 SG)
Justin put together a strong outing.  Heís quick off the dribble and gets his shot off in a hurry.  He wasnít red hot from the outside, but still buried some jumpers.  He had a beautiful step jumper after a crossover and another drive left before a quick pull up jumper.  These two shots were virtually unguardable and will translate the same at the next level.  Justin converted well from the free throw line.  He can get into the lane some, but will often pull up and shoot the jumper.  He did have a coast to coast drive though.  Justin is also undersized and probably more suited at the point guard slot at the next level.  To get to that point, he needs to develop some more as a distributor.  

Paris Bennett (2009, 6-6 SF)
Paris played a good game.  The talented wing with the smooth stroke buried several three pointers.  He banked home a shot after a short drive.  He also hit a pull up jumper.  On the defensive end Paris had a steal and blocked a shot.  He ended with 20 points to lead the Roadrunners. 

Kyrie Irving (2010, 5-11 PG)

Kyrie is a solid young point guard.  He can handle the ball and get into the lane.  He had a nice runner and was fouled.  He can change directions quickly off the bounce.  Kyrie hit a tough pull up jumper.  He also distributed the ball fairly well.  He was able to convert a lot from the line down the stretch.  The small guard even grabbed a couple offensive rebounds.

Mike McFadden (2009, 6-6 PF)
Mike is a big man who is quick and active inside.  He was found crashing the boards time and time again.  He had a number of offensive rebound follow-ups and finished pretty well.

Ken Ortiz (2009, 5-11 PG)
Ortiz opened up with a couple three pointers.  The small guard loves to get up and down the court and does so very quickly.  He had a bank inside and converted an old fashioned three point play.  Heís a quick ball handler, who actually played too quick at times on the break.  This caused him some trouble finishing.  He hit a tough step back jumper as well as those above mentioned three pointers.  Ken is a solid lead guard.

Khalil Murphy (2009, 6-6 SF)
Khalil is a good sized forward who can handle the ball.  He does dribble a little high, but is still effective.  He had a tip in and a nice drive.  He didnít do much else though.

Ron Spencer (2009, 6-7 PF)
Ron is a forward with some good size.  He didnít play much because he injured his ankle early on, but he did show his versatility.  He had an offensive rebound put back on the inside and stepped outside and knocked down a three pointer.

Team Philly 

Rashad Savage (2008, 6-5 PF)
Simply put, Rashad is a workhorse.  The undersized forward was all over the boards and had numerous put backs.  He had a few athletic dunks and blocked a shot.  Rashad had a couple nice short drives, including a left handed finish.  Heís strong and tough to keep in check in the paint.  Rashad had 21 points in the win. 

Bryan Cohen (2008, 6-4 SG) Committed to Bucknell
Bryan is a wing with good size.  He has the ability to hit from the outside or drive to the basket.  Heís a solid ball handler who will often use fakes to get by his man.  He hit several three pointers throughout the contest.  His shot was a bit inconsistent though.  Bryan used his size to pull down several boards as well.  He scored 18 points in the contest.  

Jamal Wilson (2008, 6-5 190 SG/SF) Committed to Rhode Island
Jamal didnít have a big game, but had several nice plays.  He scored several times in transition, including a high flying alley oop.  He also battled in the post some which is something we arenít accoustomed to seeing.  He hit a hook shot and used a spin move to free himself on another occasion.  Jamal continued to struggle with his jumper.  He had a solid 10 point outing. 

Velton Jones (2008, 5-10 160 PG) Committed to Robert Morris
Velton did most of his damage on the break.  He scored several transition lay-ups.  He had a nice pass and hit a pair of free throws.  He ended with 9 points.

Jake Cohen (2009, 6-10 C)
Jake had a very quiet game.  The big man struggled to convert on the few touches he had.  He missed on a hook shot and several others on the inside.  He does pass well out of the post.  He needs to get stronger to be more effective inside.  Jake grabbed a few rebounds and blocked a shot.  He moves alright and looks like he has some skills.  He could use some work though. 

Just Clean It! 

Jermaine Marshall (2009, 6-4 SF/PF)
Jermaine is a big guard who has already developed a strong mid range pull up game.  He hit several of those throughout the contest.  He pushed the ball quite often and scored some transition baskets.  Heís a solid ball handler.  Jermaine also can pass the ball.  He did miss a key free throw down the stretch, but overall was pretty good. 

Jordan Burdine (2008, 6-1 SG)

Jordan hit a couple three pointers in this one.  The smooth shooter wasnít at his best though as he had quite a few misses.  He didnít light it up quite like he did in last yearís surprise run to the finals.  Jordan ran the floor and had a couple lay-ups too. 

Trenity Burdine (2010, 6-5 SG/SF)
Trenity had a quiet game.  The younger Burdine is already bigger than his older brother.  He is a smooth shooter too.  He hit a three pointer and lay-up, but didnít do much else.  He does have the potential to be a pretty good player though.

Josh Proctor (2008, 6-8 PF)
Josh is a big man who can play inside and outside.  He hit a turnaround post jumper.  He later step outside and hit a deep two pointer.  He extended his range beyond the arc on another shot.  Josh moves pretty well and crashed the boards in this contest. 

Hunting Park II 

Marcus Kennedy (2011, 6-8 PF)
Marcus had an up and down game.  He made several nice plays, including a few put backs around the rim as well as hitting a couple jumpers.  He also had some bad misses though, including a three pointer and a dunk.  Marcus has range out to the foul line and will use his size to battle inside.  He pulled down quite a few rebounds, but he could definitely benefit by catching the ball cleaner off the rim.  He lost several boards because of his inability to control the ball.  His combination of size and skill are nice for this young player, but Marcus needs to play more steady and within himself. 

Octavious Booker (2010, 6-6 PF)
Octavious made most of his impact on the boards.  He pulled down several rebounds.  In the scoring department, he had a nice drive and bank as well as a floater through the lane.  He struggled to convert on his jumper and was awful from the free throw line as well. 

Koron Reed (2009, 6-5 SF)
Koron didnít play as well as he did the other day.  He had a couple offensive rebound put backs and an athletic dunk.  He also scored on a steal and short jumper.  Koron had a pair of athletic blocks as well.  He finished with 8 points.

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 08 April 2008 )
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