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Charm City Challenge
Tuesday, 08 April 2008

by Brian Crownover
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All of Baltimore's top players took the court on Sunday afternoon at the Towson Center for the Charm City Challenge.  CAA Insider was on hand to take in the action.  Here is a look at some of the top players.

Troy Franklin Jr.

City All-Stars 93 County All-Stars 86
Baltimore All-Stars 107 U.S. All-Stars 82 

Baltimore All-Stars

Troy Franklin Jr. (2008, 5-10 170 PG) Committed to Towson
Troy was playing this contest on his future home court. His play certainly made any of the Towson fans in the crowd happy. Troy is a lightning quick playmaking guard that is suited perfectly for a game like this. He has the ability to stop on a dime and change directions. His array of dribbling moves often froze the defense of the bigger U.S. team guards. Troy will use hesitation moves and can attack in either direction. This game was loaded with high major talent yet Troy was the fastest player on the court. He is an exceptional passer as well. He put an alley oop pass right on the money and several other passes he made were dropped because his teammates actually couldn’t believe he was passing from the position he was in. Troy showed a smooth perimeter jumper too. He converted on both of his attempts from beyond the arc. His quickness also helped him pick up 4 steals. Troy is small and will probably have some trouble in the lane against bigger defenders at the next level. He does a good job of using his quickness to avoid them though. In a game with players headed to schools such as Maryland, Georgetown, Syracuse, Missouri, Florida State, Kansas, Pittsburgh and West Virginia, Troy was name Most Valuable Player. He finished with 14 points, 4 assists (should’ve had more) and 4 steals. All of that was in a mere 14 minutes of action too. The Tigers got a player who should be able to help them next season.

Omar Strong (2008, 5-9 145 PG)
If Troy was the quickest player here, Omar would probably be a close second. His ability to handle the ball also gave the U.S. All-Stars fits. He used his speed more to hit pull up jumpers from the outside. He hit several of those throughout the game, including a pair from three point land. He was a little inconsistent from deep though and seems to have a strange release. Omar did get into the lane and make plays there too though. He had a nice drive and bank shot as well as a drive to the left and scoop finish. He had several assists and a beautiful no look pass. He is also a small guard and could have some difficulty adjusting to the bigger players at the next level. Omar put together a solid 16 point and 3 assist outing.

Brad Bald (2008, 6-8 SF/PF) Committed to UNCW
The UNCW Seahawks are known for versatile big man. Brad Bald is a player who certainly fits that mold. He made everyone in attendance aware of his perimeter skills when he knocked down a three pointer and then followed that up with another deep two. Brad can put the ball on the floor and drive too, although he was blocked on one attempt. He really did very little inside in this one and he needs to get stronger to be more effective on the interior. Brad finished with 7 points and pulled down 3 rebounds.

Marcanthony Franks (2008, 6-8 PF)
The big man really struggled in this game. He had an offensive rebound put back for his lone bucket. His teammate, Troy Franklin, gave him a pair of feeds for easy baskets, but he failed to convert. He shot a couple jumpers too and missed those. Marcanthony did grab 4 rebounds and blocked a shot in just 11 minutes. He is long and athletic and has some potential. He does need some work though. 

U.S. All-Stars

Russell Johnson (2008, 6-6 SF)
Russell was a late addition to the U.S. roster. He made several plays, but overall didn’t have a huge game. He had an offensive rebound put back for one of his baskets. He also hit from three point range, which is something he rarely did for Chester this season. Russell had a few nice passes, including an assist to high school teammate Nasir Robinson. Russell finished with 6 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists. 

County All-Stars

Josh Wiegand (2008, 6-8 210 PF/C) Committed to Loyola (MD)
Josh had a productive game for the County squad.  He had few touches inside so he made most of his impact scoring from offensive rebounds.  He worked hard inside and was pretty efficient.  He showed he can step outside and hit a jump shot too.  Where Josh needs improvement is in his quickness on both ends of the floor.  He doesn't move his feet fast enough in help defense.  While he has some decent post moves, they take too long to develop and give the opposition plenty of time to react.  Josh does have skills though.  He scored 10 points and grabbed 6 rebounds in just 16 minutes of action. 

City All-Stars

Paul Kouvaris (2008, 6-6 185 SF/PF)

Paul was a very active wing player in this game.  He has the ability to play inside or outside.  He hit a couple mid range jumpers from the perimeter.  He also ran the floor well and had a few nice finishes inside.  He is thin and does need to get stronger.  Paul crashed the boards too.  He tied for a team high with 14 points and grabbed 8 rebounds as well. 

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