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Home arrow Recruiting News arrow Public League All-Star Classic Main Event
Public League All-Star Classic Main Event
Wednesday, 09 April 2008

by Bill Martin
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The main event of the Public League All-Star game brought together some of the top talent in Philadelphia.  While the outcome of the game seemed irrelevant there were some great individual performances.  The following are player evaluations from the game.

Novar Gadsen (2008, 6-5 SF) committed to Rider
This Rider commit started the game off very strong and played well throughout.  The opening tip went right to Novar and he took it in for a break away lay up.  Most of Novar’s points came around the hoop, either on put backs after offensive rebounds or out in transition.  A couple of his finishes were very impressive.  On one play he caught the ball in the post then went under the hoop and banked in a lay up on the other side of the glass.  Novar also converted a lay up after catching the pass of the backboard and he showed off some of his athleticism on a fast break dunk.  Later in the game Novar displayed another impressive facet of his game, by making a few outstanding passes.  He created easy scoring opportunities for his teammates.  Novar made nearly identical passes back to back from outside of the three point line to a baseline cutter, with the only difference being one was a bounce pass and the other was not.  Both passes hit the cutter in stride resulting in an easy lay up.  After driving into the lane from the baseline, Novar made a no look pass to future Rider teammate Brandon Penn who finished with a big time slam.  Novar did show he can handle the ball some and even displayed a nice crossover.  He did not however show much of an outside game.  He only attempted one outside jump shot and it was an air ball.

Dwayne Davis (2008, 6-4 SG/SF) committed to Morehead State
Dwayne played more unselfishly in this game then during some of the other times we have seen him, but he still had some very impressive offensive plays.  Dwayne shot pretty well from behind the arc and even hit a shot from NBA range and one of the step back variety.  While Dwayne is not super quick he does a great job of getting into the lane with his strength and ball handling.  He finishes well around the hoop and converted a few very difficult shots in traffic in this game.  Dwayne made some nice passes but he did however try to make a couple overly flashy passes that resulted in turnovers.

Alibaba Odd (2008, 6-2 SG)
Odd did a nice job attacking the hoop and scoring in transition in this contest, but struggled with his outside jump shot.  He had a pair of reverse lay ups and also hit one right over a defender.  Odd had a lay up in traffic where he was fouled and converted on the free throw to complete the three point play.  There was one fast beak that Odd failed to convert on.  He had a wide-open break away and attempted to dunk, but did not appear to time it correctly and missed the lay up after adjusting midair.  Odd also had a couple nice passes in transition. 

Andrew “Scootie” Randall (2008, 6-6 SF/PF) committed to Temple
Randall struggled to find his jump shot in this game, but he did a number of other things well.  He did a great job of getting to the hoop and finishing.  While he is not the quickest he can get into the lane fast, going right by his man using his long strides.  His ball handling is good and he has a nice crossover but he did have the ball stolen off him a couple times when trying to dribble too much in traffic.  After getting by his man he finished a few times with an underhand scoop lay up.  Randall showed he can pass the ball as well and played unselfishly throughout the game.  He made the right passes in transition that usually resulted in easy buckets.  While his rebounding was not bad in this game, Rashad Savage out worked him on the glass.  The lowlight of the game for Randall came on a fast break when he attempted to dunk but tried tucking the ball between his hand and his arm and ended up getting hung on the rim.

Devon White (2008, 6-7 PF)
Devon had a relatively quiet game but he did have some highlight worthy plays.  He started the game with a couple one handed shots right around the hoop.  On one of these, his defender moved out of the way to avoid being dunked on.  Devon blocked a couple shots, sending one right out of bounds.  His most impressive contributions to the game came on a pair of monster dunks.  The first one he was wide open and received a pass and threw down the dunk.  On the second one he got the defensive rebound, dribbled up the length of the court going around a very lackadaisical defense and hammered home another exciting dunk.  Devon tried handling the ball a couple other times in this game but turned it over when trying to dribble in a congested area.  Besides the dunk and blocks Devon showed off his athleticism by picking off a pair of attempted alley oops.  Devon did attempt a three pointer in the game but it was an air ball. 

Eddie Frazier (2008, 6-4 SG/SF)
Eddie is a very versatile player.  At 6-5 he ran the point at times and other times played on the inside.  He can take the ball to the hoop and does an excellent job of shielding the ball with his body.  Once he gets to the hoop Eddie can finish over or around defenders using his length, but could finish a bit more consistently in traffic.  Eddie really turned it on late in the game and hit 4 consecutive three pointers, which hit nothing but the bottom of the net.  One of these three was a pull up shot, off the dribble, from NBA range.  Eddie even showed off some athleticism when he dunked the ball from a standing position.  Eddie did miss an attempted alley oop to himself when he bounced the ball too high off the backboard.

Miguel Bocachica (2008, 6-5 SF) committed to Long Island
Miguel did not do all that much in this game.  By our count he was 1 for 2 from behind the arc and did not attempt another shot.  He did make a nice pass to a baseline cutter off the dribble.

Jarrod Denard (2008, 6-3 SG)
Jarrod got off to a tough start but finished the game well.  He started off by missing a pair of three pointers and getting blocked on a take inside.  After that he had a wide-open look on the outside but decided instead to take advantage of the open lane and took it to the hoop.  He scored after adjusting his shot to avoid a block right under the basket.  After missing another jumper, Jarrod knocked down a mid range shot off the dribble, followed by a reverse baseline lay up off the glass.  Later in the game Jarrod exhibited some point guard passing skills.  Jarrod drove into the lane and leapt into the air going up and under two defenders outstretched arms.  While still in the air he made an underhand pass to Rashad Savage for an easy lay up.  He had another good pass where he put spin on the ball in order to get around a defender and hit his man cutting to the hoop.

Rashad Savage (2008, 6-5 PF)
Rashad was working hard on the boards as usual and was out rebounding the competition.  Most of his points came from offensive rebound put backs.  He did get fouled a few times and went 3-4 from the line.  Rashad did miss a lay up off of lob pass, but it was not the best pass.

Malik Tinsley (2008, 6-5 SF)
Tinsley hit some three’s and a pull up jumper from 15 feet in this game.  He also hit a running jumper over a defender in the lane.  Tinsley was also able to score in transition on some easy lay ups.  There were two break always where he had some trouble finishing.  On one he went up for the dunk but lost he ball on the way up but still managed to lay the ball in.  The other break away he looked like he could not decide whether to dunk it or hit a lay up and ended up botching the lay in. 

Brandon Penn (2008, 6-6 SF/PF) committed to Rider
This was a quiet game for Brandon with most of his points coming via lay ups.  Brandon had a break away and the crowd really wanted him to dunk the ball, he looked like he was going to but then decided to lay it in at the last second.  The crowd booed him so I think he looked to make up for this on the next drive down.  He caught a pass from future Rider teammate Novar Gadsen and threw down an athletic slam over a defender.  For the entire game Brandon only took a jump shot or two but missed these attempts.

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