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Home arrow Recruiting News arrow Donofrio Week 3
Donofrio Week 3
Thursday, 10 April 2008

by Brian Crownover
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Action continued in the third week of the Donofrio Classic in Conshocken, Pennsylvania. Here are the standout players.


Mainstreet 108 Positive Image I 97
Waterview Phoenix 92 I-3 All-Stars 87
Sonny Hill Seniors 78 Bucks County 57
Team Philly 108 Huting Park I 93 

Sonny Hill Seniors

Sammy Givens (2008, 6-5 SG/SF) committed to Drexel
After a bit of a rough season for himself this high school season, Sammy looks a lot like the player we first saw suit up at this event two years ago. Heís such a unique player that can do things a lot of other players canít. He quick with everything he does, whether itís posting up or driving to the hoop.  Sammy was most effective posting up in this one. He has a great feel for how to get by defenders in the post and his body control is terrific. He had a beautiful spin move and bank shot down low. Sammy used another spin move and banked home a shot after another drive. He did a very good job of driving too. He drove right and finished with a left handed floater. The lefty had several floaters in the game. Sammy is such an aggressive rebounder. Heíll often use one hand to engulf the ball and push the play up court.  Heíll need to rebound more with both hands at the next level. Not to be overlooked is Sammyís strong defensive play. Heís very aggressive and will play in your face defense. He was able to slow down the talented Dalton Pepper when he guarded him and he forced Pepper into some tough outside shots. Sammy did have some trouble getting through screens though, perhaps because his teammates didnít call them out. While he had some trouble finishing this season, the one area that had really concerned us was his outside game. Sammy took more from the perimeter in this one than weíve seen in awhile and he really struggled, missing time and time again. This is an area that heíll definitely have to work on to be successful at the next level. Sammy sure has some talent as he showed in this 20 point outing, itís just a matter of how well he can adapt his game to fit in at the next level. A lot of things he does well now wonít work quite as well in college.

Chris Edwards (2008, 6-7 SF)
Chris saw little court time this season at American Christian.  He is making up for it at this event though. He has a very smooth perimeter game and hit a couple pull up jumpers. Chris was aggressive attacking off the dribble too. He had a quick drive and floater in the lane on one occasion. He also scored on an old fashioned three point play in transition. Chris pulled down a few rebounds too. He ended with 15 points and 7 boards.

Lenny Young (2008, 6-1 SG) Committed to Coppin State
Lenny had a decent, but not great game. He made most of his plays on the break and usually finished with lay-ups. Lenny did have a nice drive and dish play. He struggled to convert from three point land.

Larry Loughery (2008, 6-6 SF/PF)
Larry played a decent game. He was active around the basket and scored on a difficult overhead lay-up among his baskets. He also had a nice drive left and conversion as well as a reverse lay-up. Larry grabbed some rebounds too and finished with 11 points on the evening.

Waterview Phoenix

Eric Brennan (2008, 6-6 SF) Committed to Lock Haven (D-II)
Weíve seen this skilled combo forward lefty several times and heís made some nice plays. We have yet to see him put it all together like in this contest though. Eric can handle the ball and uses long strides to get to the hoop pretty quickly. He has long arms and his size allows him to finish well around the goal. Eric stepped outside and hit several jumpers too. He opened with a 3 pointer, and later on hit a mid range jumper as well as another from 3. Eric battled inside too on the boards and scored in the paint. He finished with a solid 14 points.

Novar Gadsen (2008, 6-5 SF) committed to Rider
This smooth lefty can certainly score. He does so many different things. He can attack off the dribble, shoot from the perimeter or battle inside. Novar has real knack for finishing in traffic. In this game, he ran the floor often and scored in transition. He also hit a mid range jumper and scored around the hoop a couple times. He rebounded well with his impressive length and also blocked a shot. Novar was inconsistent from the perimeter and thatís an area of his game heíll have to shore up. He missed a few short lay-ins on one sequence at the end of the half. He had a strong 19 point showing though. 

Devon White (2008, 6-7 PF)
Devon didnít have a big game, but he made several athletic plays. He had a monster dunk and a high flying block. He had an offensive rebound and lay-in as well as another easy put back. Devon grabbed a few boards. He was in foul trouble during a good stretch of this victory. The plays that this kid can make are amazing; weíd just like to see him string together more of them. 

Russell Johnson (2008, 6-6 SF)
Russell played a solid game. Early on, he had a nice pass on the break. Defensively he played a strong game. He had a block and several steals. He did run the floor some including a rebound where he pushed the ball and finished on the other end with a scoop shot. Russell did pull down a few boards. He also hit a three pointer, but missed a couple more on the outside. He had a poor sequence where he turned the ball over and then committed a foul plus gave up the basket on the other end. Overall he put together a decent outing though.

Andrew ďScootieĒ Randall (2008, 6-6 SF/PF) committed to Temple
It wasnít one of Scootieís bigger games, but he was solid in the victory. He hit a three pointer, scored several in transition and was fouled on a couple other plays. He has great hands a pulled down a number of rebounds.  Scootie wasnít as aggressive as weíre used to seeing him play.

Miguel Bocachica (2008, 6-5 SF) committed to Long Island
Miguel hit a pair of three pointers in this one. He also had a nice block.


Ron Giplaye (2010, 6-5 PF)
Ron is a workhorse for this Mainstreet squad. The cleanup man had numerous offensive rebound putbacks. He had several athletic dunks; some coming after strong feeds from teamates. Ron does a good job of moving without the ball and always seems to be in a position where his teammates can find him. He showed he can put the ball on the floor and attack from the perimeter a little too. He does need to transition his game to the perimeter some more before he gets to the next level. Ron can really plays and he works hard.  He scored 22 points and grabbed 14 rebounds.

Kevin Green-Germany (2008, 6-0 PG/SG)
The Chester duo of Karon Burton and Kevin Green-Germany is the best unsigned pair around. Kevin struggled early as did much of his Mainstreet teammates. Kevin picked it up in the second half though, including some clutch three pointers to break the game wide open. He can really shoot the ball, whether itís catch and shoot or off of the dribble. He gets his shot off rather quickly and has nearly unlimited range. Kevin does have a solid handle too, but itís the shooting ability that crushes defenses.  He scored 26 points in this one.

Karon Burton (2008, 5-8 PG)
Karon showed up late and couldnít buy a basket early on. It didnít take long for this showman to make his presence felt though in the second half. Even with strong defense on him, Karon stepped back and buried two very difficult three pointers. He then got going on the attack as well. He hit a couple runners and just for good measure knocked down another three pointer. It wasnít his best game, but Karon can sure light it up like few others and that ability took center stage in the second half of this one.  He still scored 23 points though.

Duane Johnson (2009, 6-4 SF)
Duane made several athletic plays in this one. He had a transition dunk and got up and down the court. He put together a pair of potential three point plays, but missed the free throw on one of them. Duane had a strong game on the offensive glass too, including several put backs. His game has to drift towards the wing more, but we like his athleticism, effort and energy.

Tyree Johnson (2010, 5-8 PG)
Tyree really struggled in this one. He made quite a few nice passes, but really struggled to convert. He missed often from the perimeter and while driving to the hoop.

Team Philly

Velton Jones (2008, 5-10 160 PG) Committed to Robert Morris
Velton had several aggressive plays. He attacked off the bounce and was fouled several times. He converted after one foul, but couldnít hit the free throw. He did hit two after an earlier foul though. Velton had some steals defensively and several nice passes.

Positive Image I

Will Adams (2009, 6-3 SG)
Will has really put together a strong tournament. He carried his squad in this game. He has developed into a fantastic outside shooter with a very smooth stroke. By our count, he had 4 three pointers in the contest, including some tough pull up ones. Will grabbed a few steals and got up and down the court too. Heís quite athletic and he threw down several dunks. Heís a decent ball handler. We would like to see Will attack more in half court sets. He can sure light it up from the outside though.  He finished with 27 points.

Sam Prescott (2009, 6-3 PG/SG)
Sam was the second Imhotep player to come up big for Positive Image. The active wing ran the floor and scored frequently in transition. He showed an array of different ways to score though. He drove to the hoop and drew a foul. He followed that up with a tough post bank shot. Sam then went back to the perimeter and hit a three pointer and mid range jumper. He pulled down a few rebounds too. He plays solid defense too. Sam will be an interesting player to track over the next year and will attract some interest if he continues to play like this.  He chipped in with 19 points.

Courtney Stanley (2008, 6-1 PG) Committed to Loyola-Chicago
Courtney played another solid game. He ran point and distributed the ball. He got up and down the floor and scored in transition. Courtney also hit a three pointer, although he missed a few others as well.  He ended with 18 points and 6 assists.

Hunting Park I

Ferguson Myrick (2009, 6-5 SF/PF)
Ferguson had a solid game, but wasnít quite as dominant as in the earlier round. He worked hard on the interior and pulled down quite a few offensive rebounds. He also used a spin move and banked home a shot. The athletic forward had a pair of blocks. He did hit a deep jumper, but Ferguson was rather quiet from the outside.

Lamar Trice (2008, 6-0 PG) committed to Mount St. Maryís
Lamar struggled some in this one. The super quick point guard had a couple nice passes, but had several turnovers as well. He also really struggled to convert with his jump shot. He played a bit out of control and at too fast of a tempo.

I-3 All-Stars

Rakeem Brookins (2010, 5-10 PG)
Rakeem opened up on fire. He buried three from beyond the arc early on. He then went on the attack. He scored some in transition as well as the half court game. Rakeem had a beautiful drive left then a right handed finish. He drove and banked home another shot and had a pair of old fashioned three point plays. He had a nice drive and dish play as well.

Travis Robinson (2010, 6-4 SG/SF)
Travis started off the game strong. He hit a three pointer and then flew through the air for an electrifying dunk. He scored on an old fashioned three point play after a nice crossover move. Travis had a lay-in and another bank shot inside. He pulled down a few boards as well. He scored 14 points and grabbed 8 rebounds.

Kasheef Festus (2009, 6-6 PF)   
Kasheef is a wide bodied, but undersized forward. He showed some solid skills around the basket. He scored within close range quite often, including on a reverse. He pulled down rebounds on both ends. He put the ball on the floor a little. Kasheef sank a few free throws as well. He didnít do much from the outside. He does need to work on finishing with his left hand. Kasheef was solid though with 12 points and 9 rebounds. 

Bucks County

Jeff Holton (2009, 6-7 PF)
Jeff put together another strong game. Heís quite the skilled forward. He hit a three pointer early on. He understands how to utilize his size and quickness around defenders in the paint. He had a beautiful up and under move and another crafty finish. Jeff grabbed some rebounds as well. Jeff did airball a three pointer and miss another from deep. He doesnít do anything to standout right away, but it doesn't take long to realize that Jeff can play.

Will Barrett (2009, 6-8 SF/PF)
Itís a love/hate relationship for us with Willís game. On one hand he can drive and shoot like few players his size. He had several nice drives and buried a three pointer too. He can drive in either direction and went left several times in this one. On the other side, of it though he needs to learn to be more aggressive within 5 feet of the hoop. Will had several opportunities to throw down a jam, but instead he took the ball up softly. Even if he never develops a back to the basket game, he still needs to learn to utilize his size around the rim against small defenders. Will grabbed a couple boards and blocked a shot too. He ended with a solid outing. If he ever develops a more aggressive style around the hoop, these will turn into great games.  Will is certainly someone to track closely during this summer.

Last Updated ( Friday, 11 April 2008 )
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