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Digging through the Archives: Capitol Invitational
Monday, 31 July 2006
Team NJ Elite (Orange)

Idris Hillard – The Hun School (6-6 205 2007)
Idris is a solid wing player who finishes well around the hoop.  He is an effective dribbler and scorer, but need to show more of a perimeter game.  He also needs to add some weight to be a more complete player.

Rashawn Dwight – Bloomfield Tech (2007)
Dwight displayed solid slashing ability and was especially effective in transition.  He is a solid ball handler.  He took very few outside jumpers and needs to improve his perimeter skills to continue his development.

Paris Horne – Middletown DE (6-3 2007)
Paris a long and athletic guard who finishes well.  He showed good ball handling skills although he was doing a lot of unnecessary dribbling in the half court offense.  Much like his other teammates, Paris scored mostly around the basket and didn’t shoot too many jumpers.

Team NJ Elite (Blue)

Wesley Jenkins – Bloomfield Tech (6-1 2007)
It’s really too bad Wesley didn’t play on the stronger NJ Elite Orange team.  It would’ve been interested to see how he would stack up against the more publicized players on that squad.  He looked better than any of them while playing against different competition.  Wesley displayed an excellent all around game.  He has such a smooth natural jumper which he knocked down with regularity.  The most impressive part of his game might have been his decision making.  He always seemed to know where to go with the ball and was able to setup his teammates in good spots.  He is also deceptively good off the dribble.  Wesley did a very good job of adjusting his shot in mid air in order to finish around the hoop.  He was the 6th man on his high school team and known largely for his shooting, but should play a bigger role next season with the graduation of several key players.  Wesley is a very good shooting guard, but perhaps a bit undersized to play at a high level.

Florida Elite

Dominique Jones – Lake Wales (6-4 175 2007)
This big Florida guard was easily the best player that I saw in the tournament.  He is 6-4 and extremely strong for a shooting guard.  Dominique was stellar in the open court; he was able to use his large frame very well to finish around the basket.  He also displayed a good mid range jumper.  Not surprisingly, he was a very good rebounder.  He was also solid defensively as he gathered up quite a few steals.  The one weak area of his game appeared to consistency handling the ball.  At times he could blow by his man and then other times he’d lose the ball and turn it over.  It appeared that he dribbled the ball too high and far away from his body from time to time and that’s where he got in trouble.  Dominique was an excellent guard who I got a rare opportunity to see in person.

South Jersey Express

Eugene Teague – St. Augustine (6-7 2008)
Eugene is a wide-bodied forward who is very good near the bucket.  He has a soft touch and surprisingly quick feet for a man of his size. He also runs the floor well.  Eugene was an absolute force in the paint in this tournament.  He is a bit undersized and overweight right now and that might limit him to playing at the mid major level.  He’s very reminiscent of Final Four participant Jai Lewis of George Mason.

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