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Prime Time Shootout Plymouth Whitemarsh
Monday, 04 April 2011

By Bill Martin
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Back at the end of January we headed over to Plymouth Whitemarsh High School for Prime Time Shootout.  At this event we caught the final three games of the day.  

In game one The Hun School took on Academy of the New Church.  Both teams are talented but ANC's front line of Rakeem Christmas (Syracuse) and Malcolm Gilbert (Pitt) proved to be too much for Hun.  The final score was 63-59 and Christmas was named game MVP.

Game two was a match up between Roman Catholic and Reading Central Catholic.  Roman Catholic is a very young team but they still managed to pull out a victory by the score of 58-47.

The final game of the evening pitted Sanford High School against the event host Plymouth Whitemarsh High School.  This was the best game of the night and went right down to the last shot but PW escaped with the win 53-52.

The following are player evaluations from the Prime Time Shootout.

Hun School

Will Wise (2011, 6-8 PF) committed to UMBC
Will made a living in this game knocking down jump shots from inside the arc.  He looked very confident shooting the ball and hit a high percentage of his shots that he took from around the foul line.  A couple times he fired up shots from three point range but could not get those shots to fall.  With all his jump shooting Will did not spend much time in the post.  On one of the few times he did post up his footwork looked awkward and after failing to bump his defender back he ended up missing a shot over him.  It was difficult to score inside with Christmas and Gilbert roaming the paint though, so Will was taking advantage of what the defense was giving him.  He also demonstrated the ability to put the ball on the floor in open space and defensively he blocked a shot or two.  Will was named MVP for his team finishing with 11 points.

Myles Melville (2012, 6-3 SG)
Myles scored in a variety of ways in this contest.  He got out in transition and scored over a defender.  In the half court he took his man off the dribble, shielded the ball with his body and then hit a runner.  He even posted up at one point and made a great spin move out of it, but was fouled on his layup attempt.

Grant Fiorentinos (2011, 6-10 C) committed to Tulane
Grant played entirely too far from the hoop in this contest.  He banked in an early jumper from just inside the arc but otherwise struggled with his jump shot, missing on a number of mid range jumpers.  On one particularly bad shot he was moving toward the hoop and fired it up on the move missing very badly.  Grant may have drifted more outside due to the intimidating ANC front court.

Fergus Duke (2013, 6-3 PG/SG)
Fergus ran the point for Hun when he was in the game .  He handles the ball well but is not overly quick and dribbled into too much traffic at times.  Fergus utilized an effective crossover to get by his man and to the hoop but he was fouled.

Academy of the New Church

Daniel Pittman (2012, 6-3 SG)
Daniel drained a three pointer and was fouled on another three point attempt.  He hit all three of those free throw attempts but only hit one of two on another trip to the line.  Daniel also hit a short runner over a taller defender.

Savon Loyd-Goodman (2012, 6-6 SF) committed to Villanova
Savon is a freak athletically and can just overpower his opposition.  In this game he excelled in transition and finishing around the hoop.  He was able to finish around the basket despite contact.  Savon only took one outside shot in the game and on that one shot he threw up an airball.  Savon did foul out later in the contest as well.

Jonathan Riles (2011, 6-0 PG)
Jonathan is pretty quick off the bounce and displayed a crossover and dribble hesitation moves.  He did not do a lot offensively but did drain a three and defensively he picked his man's pocket.

Dinjiyl Walker (2012, 6-2 SG)
Dinjiyl displayed his jump shot by burying a three pointer and followed that up with a jumper from the foul line.  He did however airball a running shot from the foul line later in the game.  Dinijiyl also scored on a transition layup.

Marcus Gilbert (2012, 6-5 SG/SF)
Marcus had a nice baseline cut and scored, but was pretty quiet otherwise.

Roman Catholic

Junior Fortunat (2011, 6-8 PF)
Junior is an athletic post player, but his offensive skills are still pretty raw.  At this point though he can score on putbacks and has a hook shot that he can knock down fairly consistently.  In this contest he scored using the close range hook shot on three occasions.  One of the times he was on the move and despite the shot looking awkward it still went in.  He did put one shot up over his head that was way off the mark and hit high off the backboard.  On another possession Junior pinned his defender far under the hoop, caught an entry pass and attempted to throw down a dunk.  He was a little too far under the hoop though and could not slam it home but the ball still rattled in.  Later in the game he did impress by throwing down a big time two hand slam.  Junior was strong on the boards throughout the game and scored on a couple put backs after pulling down offensive rebounds.  Another aspect of his game that he needs to work on is protecting the ball.  He needs to do a better job of using his body to create space and shield the ball because he was blocked on a couple occasions.  He also needs to keep the ball high as he brought it too low on one occasion and had it stolen by a guard.  Defensively he altered a few shots and had a block or two.  While Junior's skill set is still a work in progress he does have potential due to his athleticism.

Montana Mayfield (2012, 5-11 PG)
Early in the game Montana buried a pair of three pointers, but after that he mainly stuck to creating off the dribble.  He is quick with the ball in his hand and has good enough handle to break down the defense himself.  When dribbling in traffic he kept the ball very close to the ground which made it difficult to steal.  He also demonstrated the ability to get around defenders by going between his legs, using a crossover and on one play he even made a Euro step.  After getting into the lane and drawing the defense to him he was able to kick out for open threes or find his teammates around the hoop.  Montana was also able to simply beat his man to the hoop to score himself.

Britton Lee (2013, 5-11 PG)
Britton demonstrated his outside shooting ability by burying a pair of three pointers.  He also had a fantastic baseline drive where he tapped off the glass for a layup right over the much taller Donovan Jack.

Shep Garner (2014, 6-2 SG)
Shep drained a three pointer and also crossed his man over and got to the hoop for a layup.

Basil Thompson (2014, 6-4 SF/PF)
This young forward showed some athleticism with a powerful one hand slam and also on a shot block.


Marcus Dawkins (2011, 6-3 SG)
Marcus proved to have solid court vision and passing ability.  He created a number of open looks for his teammates by attacking the hoop and drawing the defense to him.  On one such play he drove along the baseline and made a beautiful no look pass to Donovan Jack for an open layup.  While Marcus was able to draw the defenders to him, he primarily attacked the hoop straight on and did not show many moves off the dribble.  When he did take it all the way to the hoop himself he struggled some to convert inside and was even blocked on a couple attempts.  Marcus also struggled shooting the ball.  He did sink one three pointer but missed on at least five other attempts, including one open shot that he airballed.  Marcus is pretty athletic and he utilized his leaping ability to grab rebounds.  A number of which were offensive boards.  He attempted to throw down a dunk after grabbing a board but was blocked.   Marcus also got to the foul line quite a few times and by our count went seven of ten from the charity stripe.  Where Marcus really made his impact felt though was on defense and scoring in transition.  He has quick hands and was able to tip quite a few balls away from the offense.  Once he recovered the ball he got out in transition and was able to convert using a finger roll and also hit a runner over a defender in the lane.  He also had a couple blocks.  While Marcus did struggle some with his offense he still managed to be productive and was named MVP for his team.

Donovan Jack (2012, 6-9 PF/C)
Donovan showed that he has a couple moves in the post.  He spun around his defender to create space for a short shot, and also utilized a head fake to get his defender to leave his feet.  Donovan had a couple easy layups but also scored on a hook shot right over his defender.  He did miss the couple other hook shots he took though.  Donovan was solid on the boards and blocked a shot defensively but he also fouled out of the game with close to four minutes remaining in the contest.

Marquis Marshall (2012, 6-4 SG/SF)
Marquis has long arms and a high release point on his jumper which allow him to shoot over defenders.    He was able to drain a series of mid range jumpers with a defender in close proximity.  One of the shots that he hit was a baseline jumper while he was on the run.  When he stepped out beyond the three point line he was unable to hit from that distance.  Besides his shooting Marquis also threw down dunk and had a nice dish off the dribble.

Nana Foulland (2014, 6-6 PF/C)
Nana did not get a lot of minutes but he did block a shot when he was in the game.


Deon Jones (2011, 6-5 SG/SF)
Deon is a powerful and athletic wing.  Despite his strength and leaping ability he still had some trouble finishing inside, with the taller Jaylen Bond guarding him.  At one point he knocked Jaylen backwards but Jaylen still managed to block Deon.  He did have a drive where he shielded the ball from Jaylen and banked in a layup while getting fouled.  He hit the follow up free throw as well.  His athleticism was really on display in this game even when he didn't convert the play.  Deon did hit a couple layups where he took off from pretty far out, but he missed a pair of high flying dunk attempts.  One dunk he was open and got plenty of height but may have tried to throw it down with too much power and the ball ended up flying off the rim.  He also missed an alley-oop attempt.  Deon did display some ability to put the ball on the floor but mostly just muscled his way to the hoop rather than dribble around defenders.  When he stayed out on the perimeter Deon was able to knock down a pair of threes including one from right around NBA range, but by our count was only two of six from three point range.

Khalid Hart (2012, 6-1 PG)
One of the most impressive performances of the day came from Khalid Hart as he scored 25 points and was named MVP for Sanford.  He hit shots from the perimeter, scored going at the hoop and on the defensive side of the ball he had a few steals.  From the outside he buried a trio of three pointers and also hit a shot from just inside the three point line.  He has a smooth stroke and excellent elevation when shooting the ball.  Khalid also proved that he could shoot the ball quickly coming off a screen.  He did miss a couple mid range jumpers though.  Khalid is also quick off the dribble and was able to take his man off the bounce and get to the cup.  Once he got to the hoop he usually scored or was able to draw the foul.  On one of his successful layups he was also fouled but ended up missing the free throw.  Other than this first missed free throw he hit all six of his other attempts.  Khalid was also able to create a couple open looks for his teammates, but he had a few turnovers as well trying to force the issue.  He lost the ball while driving into too much traffic and also had a couple passes stolen when he tried to squeeze them in between defenders.  Defensively he got a couple steals and immediately started out on the break.  After he picked off one pass he found a man up court for an open dunk.  This was a great game from Khalid but he made a very poor decision at the end of the game.  Down three he decided to drive in and hit a layup as time expired rather than attempting a three pointer to tie the game.

Plymouth Whitemarsh

Marcus Badger (2011, 6-1 PG)
Marcus started off strongly by hitting a foul line jumper and followed that up with a Euro step around a defender before baking in a runner.  After that though Marcus fired up a couple three pointers and could not get them to fall.  His stroke is not very smooth and he needs to put more enough arc on the ball.  He also missed another runner and a free throw.

Stephon Baker (2011, 6-0 SG)
Stephon is very athletic and he put this on full display when he sped past the defense in transition and threw down a thunderous dunk.  This was not his only transition bucket as he had another high flying dunk after getting a steal and also hit a double clutch layup in order to avoid getting blocked.  Stephon had another impressive layup where he drove along the baseline and hit a reverse.  While most of Stephon's points where scored around the hoop he did manage to knock down a three pointer.  Other than the one three, he failed to hit on a few other jump shot attempts from varying distances.

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