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Interview with Loyola-Chicago commit Quinten Payne
Friday, 13 April 2012

ImageBy Jordan Kendall

In Mid-August of 2011, Loyola University Chicago picked up a nice commit from 2013 small forward, Quinten Payne.

Payne is only 6’4, which makes him smaller than most forwards, but is very athletic and long which makes him a great offensive player and an even better defender.

Coach Moser and the Loyola coaching staff may have picked up a gem in this guy; look for him to big things throughout his college career.

We caught up with Quenten to find out more about him and his recruitment.

Recruit Recon: How did Coach Moser make Loyola-Chicago seem like the right place for you to continue your basketball career?

Quinten Payne: I really liked Coach Moser’s style of play, Loyola’s coaching staff, the education at Loyola, and the chance to play with my brother. He’s a great point guard.

Recruit Recon: Did you take an official or unofficial visit to the campus?

Quinten Payne: I took an unofficial visit to the campus.

Recruit Recon: What did you do on your visit?

Quinten Payne: We toured the campus, talked to the coaches, and we went down to the business school and toured the business school.

Recruit Recon: When it came down to your final decision what other schools were you considering before committing to Loyola-Chicago?

Quinten Payne: Davidson, Colorado State, Ohio University, Miami of Ohio, Drake, and Yale.

Recruit Recon: What were the deciding factors as to why you committed to Loyola-Chicago over these other schools?

Quinten Payne: I want to be a part of something that is starting has potential to grow and be extremely successful. Loyola also has an excellent business school with great job opportunities after college.

Recruit Recon: What schools did you have offers from other than Loyola-Chicago?

Quinten Payne: Davidson, Colorado State, Ohio University, Miami of Ohio, Drake, and Yale.

Recruit Recon: When did the Loyola-Chicago coaching staff first see you play and when did they really start recruiting you hard?

Quinten Payne: Coach Moser first saw me play when I was a sophomore at an event at Chicago State and he was at St. Louis University. When he took the job at Loyola, he called me and offered me, and after that the coaching staff was at all of my AAU games.

Recruit Recon: What role do you see yourself playing in your first year at Loyola-Chicago?

Quinten Payne: I see myself having the opportunity to come in and contribute right away.

Recruit Recon: As you prepare for your senior season throughout the off season, what goals do you have set for next year?

Quinten Payne: I want to get better at my game individually, so I have the chance to help my team to my full capability.

Recruit Recon: What are the strengths of your game?

Quinten Payne: I’m good at getting to the basket, playing off the dribble and getting by guys, making my teammates better by creating shots for them, rebounding and defending on the ball, as well as catching and shooting and moving well off the ball. I’m also very athletic and long for only being 6’4.

Recruit Recon: What areas of your game do you need to work on the most?

Quinten Payne: I need to improve on shooting the ball more consistently, my ball skills, offensive rebounding, and getting stronger.

Recruit Recon: What was the best game you have ever played in your basketball career, at any level?

Quinten Payne: I would probably say last summer in AAU at Speice. We played some great teams and I played very well there.

Recruit Recon: Who was the best player you have ever matched up against?

Quinten Payne: I played against Anthony Davis his senior year.

Recruit Recon: How did you play matched up against him?

Quinten Payne:
That was one of my best high school games. I had a triple-double and we beat them.

Recruit Recon: Who has had the greatest influence on your basketball career?

Quinten Payne: My family has had the greatest influence on my basketball career.

Recruit Recon: What do you like to do in your free time when you are not on the basketball court?

Quinten Payne: In my free time, I like to hang out with my family and friends.

Recruit Recon: Thanks for your time.

Quinten Payne: You’re welcome.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 08 November 2012 )
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