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Philly Jam Fest 2012 Player Evals - Part III
Thursday, 03 May 2012

By Bill Martin
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Two weekends ago we headed over to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania for the Philly Hoop Group Jam Fest.

It was an excellent event with a lot of talented teams. With two of us at the event we were able to double up the games we watched and saw a lot of different teams.  We posted the first half of our coverage last week and this is the third article in our four part coverage.

For part 3 of our coverage we have evaluations from the 17U players on Sam Rines/Rise, Baltimore's Finest, New Jersey Elite, JBHoops, Mid Atlantic Select and the New Jersey Roadrunners.

Sam Rines/Rise

Wesley Rines (2012, 6-4 PG/SG)
Wesley is a combo guard, but ran mostly point in this game.  While he is not particularly quick or elusive, he was still able to get into the lane and score on a couple tough buckets.  He hit a runner in the lane right over a defender and a layup with plenty of contact.  Wesley struggled with his jump shot, as he missed a number of shots from right around three point range.  On one occasion he made a behind the back pass but it was completely unnecessary.

Danny Rodriguez (2012, 6-5 SF)
Where Danny was at his best was from behind the three point line.  He buried a trio of three pointers including one with a hand right in his face.  Other than his shooting he also had a pretty reverse that he banked in with a lot of spin.  He did however miss a few easy layup attempts inside.

Taylor Bessick (2012, 6-8 PF/C)
Taylor flashed some athleticism in this game when he caught a pass and immediately proceeded to throw down a one handed dunk.  He attempted another dunk later in the game but was fouled, and did hit both of his free throws.  Defensively his leaping ability helped him to block a couple shots.  Taylor was also able to score on a couple one handed shots from varying distances.  One he hit from out of the post inside and another he made after a short drive to the foul line.

Baltimore's Finest

Anton Waters (2013, 6-5 SG/SF)
What stood out most about Anton in this contest was his willingness to mix it up inside.  He fought hard for rebounds and blocked a couple shots.  His leaping ability was also on display as he flushed a two hand alley-oop and had another two hand slam in transition.  His teammates were obviously very confident in his leaping ability as they threw him a couple more lob passes.  One he was able to grab and lay in but the other he could not haul in.  While he did not show much in terms of a perimeter game, Anton did knock down a short jumper after grabbing an offensive rebound.

Darius Walker (2013, 6-3 SG)
Darius drained a three but his main contributions came on the defensive end.  He got his hands on a number of balls.  On one play he made a steal and went the length of the court for an attempted dunk but he didn't quite get enough lift and ended up blowing the resulting layup.  Darius did however grab his own board and scored on the putback.

Myrek Lee-Fowlkes (2013, 6-4 SG)
Myrek is a very confident shooter and was deadly when left open.  He knocked down a couple shots from behind the arc and was fouled on another.  Myrek hit another shot from just inside the three point line and drained a couple mid range jumpers as well, including two where he put up the shots coming right off of screens.  While Myrek did not show much off the dribble, he did move well without the ball in his hands.  Besides his shooting he also demonstrated his athleticism when he slammed home a two handed alley-oop.  He had another tough finish inside right over a defender.  This was an impressive performance from Myrek, but we would like to see more of him creating his own shot.

Isaiah Tripp (2013, 6-2 PG)
Isaiah scored on a couple tough buckets attacking the hoop.  On one such play he got to the hoop and hit a layup despite being fouled pretty hard, and hit the ensuing free throw.  He did not take a lot of jump shots, but he was able to hit one from about 17 feet out and missed a three pointer.

Aquille Carr (2013, 5-6 PG) committed to Seton Hall
Aquille is a diminutive guard but he is lightning quick and has a lot of moves off the dribble, which makes him very hard to stay in front of.  He also possesses quick, explosive leaping ability which allows him to score over taller defenders.  Early on Aquille was able to get to the hoop but missed a few tough finishes in traffic.  As the game went on though he was able to have more success.  After penetrating he kicked the ball out for open three point attempts.  He also threw a pretty lob pass that was dunked.  Aquille made a few highlight worthy layups as well.  On one he was facing away from the hoop and threw it up over his head, going over top of a defender and banked it in.  There was another drive where he beat his man to the hoop and scored right in between him and another man who came over to try and block him. 

Aquille showed off his leaping ability on a drive where he blew by his man and went up high for a finger roll right at the rim.  While his skills are pretty impressive Aquille needs to have the ball in his hands to be effective and is a very one on one type of player.  He also played very lazy defense and had a couple cheap maneuvers in this game.  He gave a pretty good shove to a defenseless player while said player was in the air attempting a layup, and a separate occasion he was putting his hands up in the air intentionally pushing his elbow into his opponents face.  Aquille is very small but he is quick enough and athletic enough to makeup for that.  We would have liked to have seen more of his mid range game because the defenders will be taller and faster at the next level.

New Jersey Elite

Amir Bell (2014, 5-11 PG/SG)
Amir was able to score in a couple different ways.  He hit a runner off the dribble and a short jumper over two defenders.  He also hit a layup even though he was fouled on the play.  His two most highlight worthy plays though were a two hand slam to just beat the halftime buzzer and he also had a tough putback where he was facing away from the hoop and layed it in between two defenders.  Amir also had a couple strong boards and had a block on defense.

Galen Smith (2012, 5-10 PG)
Offensively Galen did not do much else besides bury three pointers, but he did that very well.  By our count he drilled four shots from behind the arc, including one from around NBA range and another with a defender all over him.  He has a smooth stroke and shoots with a high arc.  Galen did make a few plays defensively though as was adept at jumping passing lanes.

Jordan Arthur (2013, 6-8 PF/C)
Jordan runs the floor well and on the defensive end of the court he was a shot blocking threat.  He was also able to score in a couple different ways.  After catching the ball in the post he faced up and took a couple dribbles towards the basket before knocking down a jump shot.  He also scored on a putback after pulling down an offensive rebound.

Rob Ukawuba (2013, 6-3 SG/SF)
Rob demonstrated that he could score inside with contact and converted a couple old fashioned three point plays by making his free throws.  Rob rebounded the ball well from the wing, but did not show many perimeter skills.


Josh Kosin (2013, 6-6 PF)
Josh may be a little undersized to play inside, but he plays tough and smart.  He did an excellent job of positioning himself in the post and when his man fronted him he made the defense pay.  His teammates threw the passes up over his defender and Jost did a great job of going up and getting the ball.  These plays resulted in a number of easy layups for him.  Josh has good hands, which was evidenced by his pass catching and rebounding ability.  He was particularly strong rebounding the ball offensively.  His solid leaping ability also helped him on the boards and was on full display when he flushed a two handed slam.  Josh also finished well around the hoop, even when fouled and converted at least two old fashioned three point plays.  From the post Josh did not show all that many moves, but on one possession he had a short drive, then spun back in the opposite direction.  This did not create any space for him, but he still managed to bank in a tough one handed shot over the defender.  Josh did attempt a couple short jump shots, but was actually blocked on both of these attempts.

Ryan Krawczeniuk (2013, 5-11 PG)
Ryan ran point for this his squad when he was on the floor but he did more damage shooting then facilitating for his teammates.  He hit a pull up jumper from the foul line and pulled up again successfully from three point land.  He did have one pass that was slightly off the mark on a pick and roll play.

Andrew Moran (2013, 6-3 SG)
Andrew showed off an effective crossover and was able to score by attacking the hoop.  He did a nice job of using his body to shield the ball from defenders in order to get his layup attempts up.  Andrew also knocked down a mid range jump shot.

Rasheed Moore (2013, 6-5 PF)
Rasheed is an undersized power forward but he has solid leaping ability and can knock down the mid range jump shot.  In this contest he did a nice job cleaning the glass, especially on the offensive side of the court.  He did have some trouble finishing on a couple tough buckets from the post, but did throw down a two hand slam when he found himself open underneath the hoop.

JC Show (2014, 6-2 PG/SG)
JC is a combo guard with a smooth stroke.  In this contest he drained an open three and also sank a pull up mid range jumper.  His game was not all jump shooting though as he demonstrated the ability to beat his man off the dribble and finish around the hoop.

Mid Atlantic Select

Lavon Long (2013, 6-6 SF/PF)
Lavon started off well draining a three and followed that up by hitting a one handed shot which he was also fouled on.  Other than that he struggled somewhat.  He lost his handle trying to crossover on two separate occasions and failed to convert on a pair of mid range jumpers.  Even when he got closer to the hoop he struggled to finish in traffic.  Defensively he was able to block a pair of shots.

Garland Owens (2012, 6-5 SF)
What stood out about Garland was his leaping ability, which was apparent right off the bat.  He flew in for an early finger roll and slammed home an alley-oop inbounds pass.  Besides his athleticism, Garland was able to hit a mid range jump shot but missed when he shot it from beyond the arc.

Daquan Sampson (2013, 6-7 SF/PF)
Defensively Daquan proved to be a shot blocking threat but for the most part just got called for a couple fouls.  While he did not have a huge game offensively he did show some versatility in the way he scored the ball.  He hit a one handed shot on the move from in the lane and also scored on a putback after grabbing an offensive rebound.  Daquan also hit a floater from the baseline and even stepped out beyond the arc and drained a three pointer.

Mike Wolfe (2013, 6-8 SF/PF)
Mike did not show the ability to do much besides cut to the hoop and throw down athletic two hand slams, but he did not get all that many touches.  On one drive he pump faked and went by his man, but was called for a travel due to taking a step before dribbling.

Doug Chappell (2013, 6-2 PG/SG)
Doug did his damage from three point range, including one shot that he drained with a defender right in his face.


Scott Toresco (2013, 6-6 PF)
Scott is a tough but undersized interior player.  He battled inside on both ends of the court and committed a couple hard fouls, to prevent easy buckets.  In this contest he rebounded well despite him not having much lift.  Offensively he had a couple tough buckets.  After catching the ball on the move he put up a one handed shot while still in motion and banked it in.  He banked in another short shot in traffic as well.  Scott demonstrated that he could put the ball on the floor some, when he head faked and then drove to the hoop before getting fouled.  He also showed decent court vision when he made a quality pass to a cutting teammate.

Norman Hobbie (2013, 6-2 SG)
Norman shot the ball and shot it well, as he buried four shots from behind the three point line.  One of these he was also fouled on and hit the free throw to complete the four point play.  When he tried to pull up for three he did not make the shot, but was more successful with the catch and shoot.  Late in the game he missed a pair of wide open threes but he appeared to be somewhat tired so his legs might have been effected.  Other than his three point shooting though, Norman did not show much at all.

Hakim Saintil (2013, 5-11 PG)
This was not a great game for Hakim as he had some trouble finishing off his drives among the trees.  What you had to like about his game though was his hustle and his willingness to take a charge.  Hakim did hit a three pointer as well though.

Tyler Robeson (2013, 6-8 SF)
This was not a great game for Tyler and he struggled especially early on.  He couldn't get his mid range jump shot to fall and couldn't convert from the post either.  Despite his struggles though his physical gifts were still apparent.  He is long, athletic, runs the floor well and has a great hands.  Throughout the contest he rebounded well, but he began to find his offense later in the contest.  He was able to score out in transition and utilized an effective head fake to gain a step on his man when driving.  Off the dribble he was able to get to the hoop and convert.  There was a couple times where he forced the drive with a man too close to him and ended up turning the ball over.  Tyler even knocked down a couple jump shots, one from mid range and another closer to the hoop.
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