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Nike Peach Jam Player Evals Part II
Tuesday, 21 August 2012
Britton Lee
By Alex Schwartz 
NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. -- There might not be a grassroots basketball event each year with more talent under one roof than there is at the Nike Peach Jam/EYBL Finals.
With 40 total teams in two different age groups, Peach Jam is a staple of the summer circuit and is always a great event to cover.
Recruit Recon was present for the games this year and has compiled evaluations of 30 players from the event.
Our coverage is broken down into two posts, the first one featuring players from the Midwest and Canada and then this one highlighting players from the East Coast.
Have a look below at the second half of our Peach Jam evaluations.
Douglas Brooks is a 6-foot-3 shooting guard out of Lake Wales (FL) who runs with Each 1 Teach 1. The forte of Brooks' game is undoubtedly his ability to knock down shots from beyond the 3-point line. A class of 2013 prospect, Brooks can really stroke it from long range and defenses must be aware of where he is on the floor. Despite his height, Brooks is actually quite capable of doing some work down low around the basket. One reason for that is that Brooks actually has a real good frame and is pretty strong. Thus, he can be around bigger guys and still get the job done. Additionally, Brooks has pretty good length.

Clay Byrd is one of the top shooters in the country in the class of 2013. A member of Team United who attends East Burke (NC), Byrd is a 6-foot-2 shooting guard. In the game that Recruit Recon saw, Byrd was actually struggling to connect on his long range jumper. However, despite that, he is absolutely not a kid who you want to leave open if you are an opposing player or coach. Byrd has a smooth stroke and generally is very effective. He needs to be a bit more consistent in order to avoid games like this one, but there is no doubting Byrd's shooting ablity. The rising senior does need to find ways to assist his team's efforts when his stroke is off, though.

Rene Castro is a combo guard out of Worcester Academy (MA). A class of 2013 recruit who plays for BABC, Castro checks in at 6-foot-2. One aspect of Castro's game that has really improved over the past year is his ability to distribute the ball. He is becoming much more of a facilitator in addition to being a guy who can really get buckets. Castro displayed a nice feel for the game and showed that have may have the ability to play the point if he really works at it. Scoring is still his forte though, and for good reason. Castro is a guy who can really fill it up and demonstrated some quality 3-point shooting ability. 

Andrew Chrabascz was with BABC at Peach Jam before switching teams for the final Live session. A 6-foot-6 power forward from Cushing Academy (RI), Chrabascz is not a major athlete and while he certainly has enough skills, he is no Dirk Nowitzki. The main things that allow Chrabascz to produce are his effort level and his toughness. Very few guys play harder than Chrasbascz does and that shows in the results he gets. Chrabascz did show off a nice spin move that he used to score against elite 2014 center Jahlil Okafor. In addition, he displayed strength and the ability to use is body to his advantage. Chrabascz also showed that he can attack the rim from the high post, a clear indication that his aforementioned skill set is coming along nicely. 

Reggie Dillard is a 6-foot-3 shooting guard out of Greensboro Day (NC). The class of 2013 prospect is part of a loaded backcourt for the CP3 All-Stars. Dillard has a solid frame and he has usually done a nice job of playing quality perimeter defense. One aspect of his game that seems to have improved is his ability to distribute the ball, as Dillard actually showed that he could potentially play some point guard down the road if needed. Dillard also displayed a quality shooting stroke and he was able knock down pull-up jumpers. He showed that he has range that extends to beyond the 3-point line.

Lennard Freeman of St. John's (DC) is the ultimate glue guy and energy player. A 6-foot-7 class of 2013 power forward, Freeman comes with 100% effort each and every time he steps on the court. He does not have an elite skill set, but he is a quality athlete. The bouncy frontcourt player gets the majority of his points down low around the cup. Freeman, who plays for Team Takeover, does need to work on developing his perimeter game a a bit. The rising senior has a good frame and is fairly long as well. Freeman is the type of player that all winning teams seem to have, as he brings a unique style to the court.

Sam Hunt of Dudley (NC) is a solid player in the backcourt who seems to produce pretty consistently, even if he does not necessarily wow observers with his style. Hunt is a 6-foot-1 point guard who plays for the CP3 All-Stars and he is a member of the class of 2013. The rising senior is capable of running an offense and he displayed some quality ball handling ability. However, Hunt is not simply an offensive facilitator. Rather, he can score it himself too. Hunt showed that he is more than capable of connecting from beyond the 3-point line, even by way of a pull-up J. Overall, he is a nice all-around player who can get the job done.

BJ Johnson continues to get better and better as a player in addition to continuing to grow. Over the past couple years, Johnson has developed from a combo forward into a true three man who now possesses nice size on the wing at 6-foot-7. The class of 2013 recruit from Lower Merion (PA) and Team Final is clearly on the uptick as player and prospect. Johnson can present a mismatch at the small forward spot due to his aforementioned size combined with his length, athleticism and skill. He has some nice bounce and can make plays by utilizing his athletic ability. Additionally, Johnson can shoot the ball, but he is a bit inconsistent as a scorer.

Demba Konate was not particularly well-known before Peach Jam, but he certainly made his mark in South Carolina. A 6-foot-9 center from West Oaks Academy (FL), Konate flashed some impressive traits for Each 1 Teach 1. A class of 2013 prospect, Konate is still fairly raw, but he clearly has some major tools at his disposal. Konate is tall, long and has a frame that he will be able to add bulk to. At the defensive end of the floor he is a capable shot blocker. On the other side of the court, Konate actually showed he ability to step out and knock down a 3-pointer. One thing that could hold Konate back a little bit is that he did not seem to have great hands.

Britton Lee is a steal for Robert Morris, plain and simple. He might not have ideal size at 5-foot-10, but the Team Final point guard is a flat out player. A class of 2013 recruit out of Roman Catholic (PA), Lee has a fairly well-rounded offensive game. He can facilitate things from the lead guard spot and make plays that way. However, Lee is also a knockdown 3-point shooter who can really stroke it from long range. In fact, his shot from deep is probably the strongest aspect of his game. Although he is undersized, Lee does have a strong build and that helps him counteract his lack of height to some extent.

Matthew Madigan of Mt. Tabor (NC) is yet another piece of the deep, talented backcourt for the CP3 All-Stars. A 6-foot-4 shooting guard in the class of 2013, Madigan is a big-time shooter. The lefty can really stroke it and it is shooting ability that makes him a coveted player by the colleges pursuing him. Madigan has a smooth stroke and he is pretty consistent with his shot making ability. Although shooting is clearly his forte, Madigan did show the ability to rebound the basketball in the game that Recruit Recon saw at Peach Jam. Madigan does need to work on improving additional aspects of his game, but he is a good, productive player.

Christian Owona is one half of the class of 2013 Owona brothers out of John Carroll (MD). A 6-foot-7 power forward who plays for Nike Baltimore Elite for his travel ball, the main thing that stands out about Owona is that he has a great frame. Owona has a strong physique that allows him to bang down low, even with players who might have a height advantage over him. The rising senior is a solid player who can do some dirty work around the basket, but he does not have a big-time skill set. At this point, Owona is a bit limited at the offensive end, so developing a go-to move in the low post would really benefit him.

Mike Owona is the other class of 2013 Owona brother and he is a very similar player to Christian. In the game that Recruit Recon saw, Mike was a bit more productive, but they do have quite comparable games. Also a 6-foot-7 power forward from John Carroll (MD), Owona has that same superb frame that Christian does. He is a very strong kid and he actually has some good length for a player with his type of build. There is no question that Owona looks the part of a player. The big man is a quality shot blocker who can make his mark at the defensive end. He needs to work on developing his skill package offensively, though.

Shane Rector of St. Raymond's (NY) seems to be a guy who has boosted his stock a bit this spring and summer. A 6-foot point guard for the NJ Playaz, Rector is a true floor general who does a nice job of running the show offensively. He handles the ball well and also has a good, solid frame. Those factors allow Rector to adeptly attack the basket off the bounce. The class of 2013 prospect can score the ball quite well, but very few of his points come via the jump shot. Rector needs to improve his ability to knock down jumpers so that defenders cannot simply sag off of him when he is on the perimeter. 

Tyshawn Scott is a 6-foot class of 2013 point guard who runs with Nike Baltimore Elite on the AAU circuit. The rising senior out of the McDonogh School (MD) is a tough kid in the backcourt who can really get things done. He may not have ideal height, but Scott is not small either. In fact, Scott actually does have a good, sturdy build. One of the best aspects of Scott's game is his ability to handle the basketball, which is obviously an important trait for a player at his position. Scott is not a guy who is going to wow those watching him, but he is a solid, steady player who can get the job done from the lead guard spot.

Kavon Stewart is another quality point guard for the NJ Playaz. A class of 2013 recruit who attends Hudson Catholic (NJ), Stewart checks in at 5-foot-11. Like his teammate Rector, Stewart is a pure point who facilitates things on offense. Stewart, though certainly a bit undersized, has a good, solid build. He does a nice job of changing speeds with the ball in his hands and that is a big part of why he is so capable of getting to the cup off the bounce. Stewart was so good when he was younger that it seems like he may have plateaued a bit, but there is no question that he remains a very good player in the backcourt. 
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